Why Handy Is Leading in Home Cleaning Services

Cleanliness is one of the fundamental human rights across the world. Many people across the world have taken cleanliness as a source of improving their livelihood. This has eventually led to the development of a free and healthy working nation. As a result, many governments across the world have upheld the principle of environmental conservation through initiating different cleanliness activities. Our living environment should be kept clean at all ties. This reduces environmental pollution and leads to improved service delivery. As such, many people have developed interest in maintaining environmental cleanliness. This has led to the development of different cleaning companies across the world that deals with environmental, residential and commercial cleaning services. Handy, Home Cleaning Services is one of the leading companies in the United States of America. The company has scaled the heights to become the most notable company in the recent times. With the emergence of internet,Handy from appstore, Home Cleaning Services has capitalized on the available platforms to develop mobile phone application used by its customers. Through the platform, the clients can chose which kind of service he desires and when to be done.
This has enabled many clients to easily access the services they need by the tap of the screen. As a result, it has subsequently improved service delivery across the entire country. The company has grown and has over 50 professional employees and over 1000 freelancer workers. This has greatly improved the output of the company making it to capitalize on the profit. The company has continued to expand and operates in over 13 cities with proposed opening of other offices in other states. The company has offered a level playing ground for majority of its employees, the freelancer workers are given the opportunity of choosing where to work and the amount to be paid before accepting the job. This has proved to be good for the company since the company is able to gauge and recruit the number of employees it deserves. Through the good leadership spirit of Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, the company has grown and acquired the West Coast Cleaning Services to expand their operations. As a result, the sales of the company rose to over 60 percent in three consecutive months. The company has also developed other methods of making sure the clients are continuously appreciated. They have allowed for refund of money for services that the customers were not satisfied with. In addition, they also refund at least 20percent of the total amount paid for the services if damages occur in the line of duty.
Due to the increased and good services offered by the company, the company has generated income and hit 1million dollars in booking per week. This has greatly facilitated service delivery to the customers. The clients are able to access their website at any given time and place their bookings. The company has expanded their services to other parts of the world. They have developed two centers on Canada with the aim of tapping into the overgrowing population. They have also developed a centre in London, Britain with the capabilities of moving to the rest of the world.