How to Use Wikipedia to Boost Your Online Reputation

Wikipedia has designed artificial intelligent editing tools that allow individuals to revise and evaluate their Wikipedia pages. The application was intended to address the issues of Wiki edits that damage the quality of information contained in the online encyclopedia and managing editors from creating false edits.

The intelligent editing tools are also used to detect all activities that may compromise the quality of information found on the website. Wikipedia editors say that the application was aimed to add up to other intelligent services that detect edits made in bad faith.

The site’s information, however, is often compromised by new editors who are not aware of the company’s best practices. For instance, demeaning information on Larry Madowo, a Kenyan News anchor was spotted recently on Wikipedia. The defacing information contained completely wrong and demeaning information regarding the news anchor.

The defaced Wikipedia post stated that Madowo is a Kenyan politician who led a political movement known as Kazi Kenya. It also insinuates that Mr. Madowo was amongst those who initiated the Second World War in Europe. The post further stated that Mr. Madowo was born in 1889 in Tororo, Uganda.

The Wikipedia revisions made to the page further indicated that Mr. Madowo used to mine copper in Uganda before he moved to Kenya in 1913. It also claimed that he served as a girl scout selling cookies during the World War I. Further, the false profile indicates that Mr. Madowo later joined the Kenyan Workers Party where he organized a coup to seize leadership of the Girl Guide Movement in Kisumu.

According to Get Your Wiki, Wikipedia can be used to enhance an individual’s online reputation or help boost the popularity of a business brand. This is because Wikipedia pages are always among the top five search results in all search engines. On the underside, demeaning information can rapidly spread if it gets its way to a Wikipedia page since it will reach the global audience.

Learning how to create a Wikipedia page can turn out to be complicated. To maintain the quality of information, Wikipedia requires any factual claim to be supported by a credible citation. Points that lack a citation are assumed to be fraud even if they may be true. For this reason, such information is often flagged and later deleted.

To make a Wikipedia page successful, it is recommended that one chooses a reputable wiki expert. Hire a Wikipedia editor from Get Your Wiki as they are known to design successful Wikipedia pages that also comply with Wikipedia’s best practices.