Oncotarget: Highlighting the Milestones of Science

Oncotarget is a publication being released twice a week that tackles everything about rare diseases and how the scientific community is doing everything that they can to discover their cure. Oncotarget primarily publishes information about cancer in the past, but the scientists have also agreed to include articles about other fatal and incurable diseases. Oncotarget can be accessed online, and it is considered as the first online medical journal that allows the community, especially a team of scientists, to review every article published making sure that it is reliable and scientifically accurate. The current editors in chief of Oncotarget are Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, two of the leading oncologists at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Follow Oncotarget on Linkedin.

For others, it seems like Oncotarget is a sophisticated website that cannot be used without advance knowledge in computer systems, but according to Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, the online medical journal is very easy to use. According to the editors in chief of Oncotarget, scientists can access the website anytime they wish, uploading all of the files that they have regarding the research on a particular disease. Before being published, the research will be forwarded to a team of reviewers who are scientists themselves, and they are the ones who would review whether the article can be published or not. Once the article made it through the panel, it would be available to be viewed on the website. Listen to an audio podcast of Oncotarget on Itunes.

Many scientists found Oncotarget to be useful, because of the unlimited amount of information that they are receiving. According to some of the leading research facilities around the world, Oncotarget helped them develop an alternative treatment for cancer and other fatal and rare diseases because of the suggestions and recommendations that they are reading from the online medical journal. One of these research facilities claimed that they had developed an apparatus which can detect cancerous tumors and cells, and the equipment can distinguish them from healthy cells. It results in the complete annihilation of the cancer cells, and it is now viewed as a possible cure in the future. Oncotarget publishes articles similar articles for the world to see.

Know more: https://www.researchgate.net/journal/1949-2553_Oncotarget

Lifeline Screening Provides Services To Help Prevent Serious Medical Conditions Before They Occur

Lifeline Screening is a service that uses preventative screenings to help patients avoid serious health issues in the future. During their time in business they have conducted in excess of eight million screenings. Their staff are board certified so the accuracy and quality of their tests is ensured. Andrew Manganaro is a cardiovascular surgeon who saw the devastating and sometimes fatal effect of heart disease. He wanted to find a way to help these individuals before it was too late.

Lifeline Screening developed to surpass the benefits of a standard physical examination. A special algorithm is used to screen patients for high risk factors. The testing accounts for a persons age and genetic disposition. The service is used by a lot of physicians and patients who appreciate the benefits they offer. Lifeline Screening uses a marketing campaign to educate communities on the benefits of screenings through publications and literature. The non-invasive procedures for testing are able to assess any risk factors for each individual and determine how likely the risk of developing specific conditions.

Lifeline Screening tests for numerous conditions including heart disease, abdominal aortas, peripheral vascular disease, atrial fibrillation, and osteoporosis. These conditions can be found before the patient experiences a single symptom. Lifeline Screening is currently developing screenings for lung function, and type 2 diabetes. Their screenings are possible due to the advances in technology and they provide patients tests designed to assure comfort and convenience while providing valuable health information.

The scientific community has become interested in the early detection and prevention of heart disease and is in agreement as to the value of screenings. Scientific journals receive the statistics and results generated by Lifeline Screenings and work with numerous prestigious universities. The early intervention offered by Lifeline Screening has the ability to save lives and educates people about the importance of making changes in their lifestyles and controlling their individual risk factors. The value of their services combined with their credibility has allowed the company to grow and make a positive impact on numerous communities. Lifeline Screenings believes the benefits they will be able to offer in the future are limitless and continues to educate on the value of prevention through risk management.

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Dr. AviWeisfogel’s Milestones in Treatment of Sleep Disorders

Dr. AviWeisfogel is a medical professional with a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in medicine, and particularly in sleep treatment and sleep-related disorders. He founded Dentist Sleep Masters located in New Jersey. He boasts of a BA from Rutgers University in biology and psychology as well as a DDS from New York University College of Dentistry. His dentist career began in 1999 when he established his first dental practice called Old Bridge Dental Care.

Dr. AviWeisfogel worked at the office for over 15 years, and it was during this time that Weisfogel began studying the world of sleep focusing on how physicians and dentists can help those suffering from sleep-related disorders. Later on, in 2010, Dr. AviWeisfogel founded Healthy Heart Sleep, an organization focusing on establishing and management of sleep labs and advising physicians around the world on sleep disorders. He founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2012 where he started lecturing dentists on ways to increase and help sleep patients. Dental Sleep Masters was then established in 2014 to further enable dentists in the sleep world through the use of oral appliances in the treatment of sleep disorders.

Through Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. AviWeisfogel has conducted in-depth study and research on sleep apnea helping other dentists to identify affected patients and offer effective treatment. Patients suffering from sleep apnea go through a lot of pain and often tend to wake up plenty of times at night. While apnea can affect people of all ages, extensive research revealed that the disease is much more prevalent among those with excess weight. Patients with narrow airways, enlarged tonsils or chronic nasal congestion are also at higher risk of getting the disease.

Dr. AviWeisfogel has partnered with an international charitable organization called Operation Smile to launch a campaign called GoFundMe. The campaign aims to get over $2000 to be used to provide health care to children across the world. He expressed his desire to help children and firmly believes that children deserve health care among other things. The organization has visited over 100 countries and has conducted more than 200,000 surgical procedures. For this reason, Dr. Weisfogel believes that the Operation Smile organization deserves support.

Respecting AviWeisfogel: frenchtribune.com/teneur/25364-avi-weisfogels-surprising-2017-french-open-predictions

NantHealth and Allscripts Partner with Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Clinical Pathways for Better-Customized Oncology Treatment

The NantHealth, Allscripts Partner, and the Cancer Treatment Centers of Americal have come together to ease the access of health records, thus facilitating better treatment. The clinical pathway program that is being introduced helps in keeping victims and physicians aware of the cancer treatment progress. This is often without interfering with the physicians’ workflow. The Nantos was built with substantial input from oncologists around the country in order to provide relevant and sufficient information as well as keep track of the evolution of the data.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers all treatment options and possibilities. This way clinicians can make their diagnosis accurately, and as a result, eliminate the chances of guesswork. According to Dr. George Daneker, the creation of an ecosystem of treatment alternatives is meant to customize standard care for every patient to review and select the one that they are most comfortable with. The idea is to offer safe and efficient treatment options to all patients.

Clinical Pathway is designed with the patient in mind. It integrates the attest research on cancer available, treatment regimens, and complementary therapies. Different offers come up when the platform is engaged. These include the following:
– Patient-specific custom treatment regimens, the specific state of disease, and their overall health.
– An analysis and comparison of treatment options inclusive of the average market delivery cost.
– Computer order entry is a simple screen tap which is safe and convenient for patients.
– Updated references and guidelines on different things such as toxicity, adverse reactions to drug as well as response rates
– Supportive clinical data
– supporting clinical data
– Functionality that is based on real-time
Clinical Pathways brings out transparency in offering care and delivery of quality service to patients. It is easier and possible to offer excellent service.

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Eric Lefkofsky Growth Plans

Running a business requires a lot of forward planning. For many people today, they think of themselves as business owners but can never really get to that next level. Over time, Eric Lefkofsky has proven that he truly cares about others. Not only that, but he is investing in many areas of his personal life to try and scale up a business more effectively. If you are ready to start investing, he is a great person to model yourself after. Over time, he has proven to have what it takes to make a business success. Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur who is going to continue to disrupt various industries that he is in. He knows the power of technology, and he is constantly trying to figure out ways to make things happen to better the lives of his customers.


Over the years, technology is one of the most important things to invest in within the business world. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are being made in business, especially when it comes to lower costs from technology. Eric Lefkofsky is the type of person who is always investing and trying to make things better and less expensive in the future. Many companies are just now catching on to the power of disruptive technology, but Eric Lefkofsky has been investing in this area for many years. If you want to learn how to scale up a business quickly, he is the perfect person to learn from. A lot of people today are excited about the changes that he is making to his overall business model to help others at a high level. If you want to learn from the best in the business, Eric Lefkofsky is a great example of that.

Helping Others

Throughout his career in business, Eric Lefkofsky has used his success to help others. There are a lot of people who look up to him in a variety of ways. Eric Lefkofsky knows what to do to help scale up a business quickly. If you want to learn how to have success out of the gate with your business, working with him is the best way to do that.


Doctor Sergio Cortes on the Zika Virus

Dr. Sergio Cortes is very concerned about the amount of misinformation being spread about the zika virus. Therefore, he has published an informative blog on the subject. He points out that news about the zika virus is in the news, it has actually existed since the 1940s in Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Uganda. From there it spread throughout Asia, especially in India and Thailand. By 2015, it was found in nine Latin American countries.
In Brazil, the number of cases in Brazil has risen dramatically. It has now been diagnosed 1,200 times across 14 states. The majority of cases are seen in the northeast part of Brazil.
The zika virus causes very few complications in most people. Most people feel like they have the flu with its accompanying fever and muscle pain. In some cases, a person also develops a rash. In these cases, a person can take painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Aspirin is not recommended as it can cause internal bleeding. In most cases, the symptoms will disappear in three to five days. In fact, most people recover even if they do not seek medical treatment. Zika is not contagious.
The problem exasperates itself if a woman is pregnant. The virus can cause microcephaly. It is vital to remember that microcephaly does not occur in all cases. Women may want to seek medical care in Brazil at Focuza or at the Evando Chagas Institute.
Doctor Cortes has posted a very informative article on microcephaly on his Facebook page. In that article, published on Globo, the author says that almost all children with microcephaly have diminished cognitive problems. They also have a higher incidence of seizures and a higher incidence of neurological problems.
Doctors are seeing a different type of microcephaly when it is caused by the zita virus. These babies are born with a higher incidence of vision and hearing problems. There is also a higher rate of joint problems.
The current situation is leaving many people frustrated. The best advice is to protect yourself when you may encounter mosquitoes. Wear long sleeves to minimize the chance of being bitten. When possible, avoid being outside at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active.
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Sanjay Shah: Founder Of Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah’s parents moved to London before he was born. They had emigrated from Kenya and were starting a new life and wanted to provide lots of opportunities for their family. Sanjay Shah took advantage of these opportunities and got an excellent education in accounting from King’s College.

Shah then went on to a successful string of jobs in the financial world for over a decade. He worked for institutions like KPMG, ING, Credit Suisse, Rabobank, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley in various capacities. However, in 2009, when the recession hit, Shah was among the countless individuals who were let go due to redundancy. Shah knew he did not have a desire for another job. He was tired of the long commute from his house to his office. He also wanted to be able to have some control over how and where he spent his time. Due to this, Shah decided to start his own investment firm, Solo Capital.

Sanjay Shah incorporated Solo Capital in 2011 with himself and a handful of other traders and graduates. It took off and has grown to have a staff of over 100 employees, with 35 traders. The firm 30 million dollars in cash flow, 67 million dollars in assets and is worth 15 million dollars. Its headquarters are in London and it is regulated by the United Kingdom. There is now an office in Dubai, where Shah and his family reside.

The firm offers services and products in the proprietary trading, boutique investment and consulting areas. Within each of these areas, the firm specializes further. Under consulting, the firm offers performance, investment and human capital. Under proprietary trading, the firm offers FX, commodities and derivatives. Under investment, the firm offers talent acquisition, commercial advisory and representation and asset and performance management in the professional sports arena.

Due to the firm’s significant success, Shah has stepped back from his role. He is still the Chief Executive Officer but he no longer oversees the firm all day every day. Instead, Shah is getting to pursue some of his passions.

Shah has always enjoy the music industry, ever since he was DJing in clubs around London during his college days. Shah took this passion and turned it into both a way to make money and a way to raise money for charity. To make money, Shah partnered with Done Events and organizes an annual jazz festival. In the charity realm, Shah decided to establish his own charity. The charity concentrates on raising money for autism research. It does this by hosting private concerts with a small audience. At the first concert hosted, they raised over 200,000 dollars.

The Future for Spinal Care: North American Spine

Dallas may be infamous for barbecue and Tex-Mex cuisine, but there is another reason Dallas is on the map and that is because of the North American Spine Company. The North American Spine Company is a state of the art medical company that specializes in minimally invasive spinal care. Nobilis Health acquired North American Spine and continues to offer treatment options to a wide variety of patients from board-certified spine surgeons. Nobilis Health is focused on providing patients with a holistic care. The experts at North American Spine specialize in orthopedic spine surgery, neurosurgery, along with interventional pain management.

What North American Spine has to Offer
North American Spine introduces innovative and modern techniques and procedures to help with patients’ back pain. This spinal medical group has used the AccuraScope procedures with a great success rate. AccuraScope procedure is nationally recognized for its positive results and minimally invasiveness. The practitioners at North American Spine pioneered the field by using CuraSpine and SecuraSpine procedures. Both of the procedures for AccuraScope and CuraSpine are minimally invasive to the patients and are used to alleviate pressure on the spinal nerves. SecuraSpine assists patients who have instability of their spine. This technique provides enhanced stabilization through tiny incisions which comes with less chance of complication as well as a faster recovery time. North American Spine reviews will tell you they offer these outpatient procedures at a low cost for patients. The company also continues to promote holistic medicine practices to assist patients with their pain.

Philanthropic Work
North Atlantic Spine has sponsored and organized community awareness and prevention programs. Earlier in 2015, the company structured a program in honor of celebrating Yoga Recess Day at Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Dallas. The organizers helped children learn about different yoga poses to help with their well-being and fitness. Yoga Recess Day promotes healthy physical activity that stimulates the brain and hand-eye coordination. North American Spine donated fifty yoga mats for the Pre-K students to take home so they could practice their yoga poses outside of school as well.

North American Spine has strived to make spinal medical procedures for patients easier and less painful. Their passion is seen through each of their experts and the satisfied patients.

Andrew Wirth, The Man Behind Squaw’s upgrade

In the world of hotel industry and mountain resorts, Andrew Wirth’s name does not fall short of receiving praises. Wirth has worked in the hotel and mountain resort industry for at least twenty five years with his career beginning at Teamboat Springs Resort back in 1986. Presently, Wirth is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings since 2010. Before joining Squaw, Wirth had worked for Intrawest, which is a company that later acquired Steamboat Springs in 2007. The CEO whose has won numerous accolades holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University. He also attended the Edinburgh University in Scotland. During the time that he worked at Steamboat, Wirth served on various marketing positions that further enriched his understanding of the business.

Another initiative that this executive boats of overseeing was the founding of Mountain Village Partnership in 2009. MVP is a business that focuses on marketing promotion for local business, a Steamboat sponsored initiative. He served as the President of the board of directors that were in charge of operations at the organization. Squaw Valley underwent various upgrades under the leadership of Wirth that totaled a cost of $70 million in the areas of infrastructure. The need to improve on infrastructure resulted from the desire to improve customer experience so as to achieve customer satisfaction. In 2010, Squaw expressed interest in acquiring Alpine Meadows ski resorts and did so making Wirth to be the CEO of both resorts. Through his efforts, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings has become one of the top tourist attraction sites in the world.

Andrew is also the chairperson at the board of the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees that runs the Reno Stead and Reno-Tahoe International Airports. In an op-ed published through the Reno Gazette-Journal,, Wirth passionately writes about the Clean Power Plan initiative. Clean power solutions is this CEO’s area of passion as he mostly speaks about why societies should take up this initiative. He applauded the Reno Tahoe board of trustees for their decision to take up the Clean Power Plan and advises other companies to do so. The desire by the Clean Power Plan is to help in reducing carbon pollution that comes from existing power plants in the US that contribute greatly to carbon emissions to the atmosphere. Wirth discourages the burning of coal for energy, but instead urges companies to take up green energy solutions that are more sustainable.

Other being a successful business executive, this CEO engages in philanthropic and community service activities that are majorly in the areas of environmental conservation. He is member of the Tahoe Fund Founder’s Circle, the Humane Society of Tahoe Truckee, and The McConkey Foundation among a list of other organizations. Despite the challenges and setbacks he has faced in life, Andy Wirth has continued to make a foot print in the areas of business and environmental preservation.

A Few Facts About Andy Wirth’s Love For A Clean Power Plan

Andy Wirth was a happy man when the Reno City Council voted in full support of the Clean Power Plan. He was happy that the vote had brought the country much nearer to access clean, renewable power and move away from coal power. According to the Reno-Gazette Journal, the council joined another not less than a dozen individually owned companies that were also in full support of the plan and Andy was optimistic that with the council joining the team, it was more likely that their plea for a better energy alternative would be heard.

He also pointed out that so as to cope up with the ever-changing times, the clean power plan was inevitable. He said that the plan was all about creating a better power alternative that was devoid of impurities as well as creating a better economy that could be easily sustained. He said that with the progress already made on the plan, it was necessary for it to be implemented immediately on to a later date in the future.

He also called on all citizens to start demanding more from their elected officials and not just empty promises. He said that leaders need to provide actual leadership and not just compliance and was optimistic that if they did, the area would make tremendous steps towards becoming the first in using the Clean Power Plan in the globe.

Andy is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and has a wealth of experience managing tourism hotels. He is also an environment conservation enthusiast who commits a lot of his time and money towards supporting organizations with the same goal.

He was born in 1963 and is a Bachelors of Science degree holder from Colorado State University. He was born in Germany and attended his high school in Scotland. Andy’s passion is not only about helping in matters environmental conservation, he has also been involved in raising funds for the Navy Seal members to use when they return home from war. He has also survived a nearly fatal sky-diving accident in the past that made him have a better and bigger focus on working hard in life.