Maggie Gill Brings Award Success To Memorial Health

The end of 2016 and the start of 2017 may prove to be one of the busiest and most successful periods in the career of Maggie Gill, who has acted as the President and CEO of the Memorial University Medical University after spending much of the previous decade working in various roles within the health system. A successful medical industry executive, Maggie Gill has recently been exploring the many different opportunities available to Memorial as she seeks new partnerships to continue developing the Memorial reputation across the southeast of the U.S.


The reputation of Maggie Gill and her team is currently at an all time high after the starring role the management group from memorial took at the George Medical Society’s 16th Annual Healthcare heroes Awards in November 2016. Seven awards were won by executives from Memorial as a range of programs and individuals were honored for their roles at the hospital and in the community; an award was provided for the Teen Driver’s program that has been developed at Memorial in a bid to keep all teens safe during their first years of driving. The overall reputation of Memorial and Maggie Gill’s leadership were improved when a Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Memorial’s former trauma expert Dr. Carl Boyd.


The awards came at a time when Maggie Gill was preparing to reveal the details of a new Medicare program to be offered through a partnership between Memorial and Eon Health that will aid Medicare patients in South Carolina and Georgia. The aim of the partnership and development of the Medicare plan has been to create an inexpensive plan that includes low cost prescription payments and free transportation to and from treatment sites in a bid to increase the health of patients across the southeast.