Donald Scott NYC – Leading The Way In Straight Razor Haircuts

Generally speaking, when a person thinks about a straight razor, an old man sitting in a barber shop getting himself a clean shave is what comes to mind. But what many people don’t yet realize is that a straight razor can be a very beneficial tool when it comes to a haircut.
One of the biggest benefits of using a straight razor as a hair cutting tool is the texture that it can give you. When used correctly a straight razor can provide precise, clean-cuts that regular scissors just can’t provide.
Using a straight razor to cut hair requires a gentle, steady grip. Holding the razor too tight could cause you to cut off too much hair. So always approach a straight razor hair cut with light, soft movement. You can always remove more if needed. But you can’t put hair back. The strokes of your razor should generally coincide with the length of hair you’re working with. Shorter hair requires shorter strokes, while long hair calls for longer strokes. Often times, stylist suggest holding your straight razor much like a pencil. This allows the straight razor to work with your hand.
Donald Scott NYC is one of the leading companies when it comes to straight razor haircuts. Donald Scott NYC offers a wide assortment of products for a variety of hair cutting needs. Some of their most popular products include a fine carving comb, a swivel twist razor, and a groom stick pro trimmer. The carving comb offers a similar effect to the straight razor, but offers more convenience and ease of use. It assist in creating movement and texture to your hair.
So the next time you head for a haircut, consider giving a straight razor cut a chance. You may be very happily surprised.

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