OSI Group, Food Solutions, & Future Growth

When it comes to food solutions, there are many different companies worldwide that provide these valuable services. Have you ever heard of about OSI Group? This company is by far one of the leaders in food solution services and it’s also one of the biggest privately held companies in the U.S.

OSI Group stands out among a crowd thanks to what is has to offer and how it goes about doing it. Retailors such as supermarkets and restaurants depend on these valuable services and without them, these businesses would literally go out of business. OSI Group provides the very best solutions and a wide range of products to choose from. This includes vegetables, fruit, cheese, poultry, chicken, cookies, smoked sausages, fish, pork products, beef patties, and so on.

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Whatever demand that the general public needs, this company can and will deliver. Services such as processing, development, production, or distribution are all covered fully. OSI Group has plenty of experience under it’s belt and it has been around for over a century. This once small family meat processor has turned into a global juggernaut in a sense. OSI has up to 65 facilities that employ over 20,000 employees. That’s right! These facilities also span across 17 countries as well. You won’t find too many other similar businesses with this much clout.

Future business is looking pretty good since this Mid-West powerhouse has many acquisitions under it’s belt. OSI Group has acquired two of Europe’s best food providers. BAHO Foods and Flagship Europe are now a part of the team and with this acquisition, OSI can reach a much broader market. All in all, OSI Group is the epitome of success and it has laid a winning blueprint for others to follow.

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