No More Swiping Right for Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. She majored in international studies at Southern Methodist University. When the BP oil spill occurred it tugged at Whitney’s heart. She decided to design bamboo tote bags and the proceeds from the sales benefited oil clean-up efforts. She created a non-profit with Patrick Aufdenkamp called the “help us project” which benefited from her bag sales. When she graduated Southern Methodist University Whitney traveled to Southeast Asia to help in orphanages. By the age of 24 Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble. Bumble is one of the most popular dating apps with over 11.5 million registered users. Bumble is expanding under Whitney’s leadership and is opening a new app called BumbleBFF. BumbleBFF helps people connect with potential friends. Whitney likes playing a role in bringing people together, whether it is for relationships or friendships.

While vacationing to Aspen in 2014 Whitney met Michael Herd. Michael is the heir to Herd Producing Company which is a Texas oil production company. They dated for a while and got engaged July 2016. Whitney and Michael recently secretly got married in the Villa Tre Ville Positano which is located along the Amalfi Coast. While the couple has not publically announced their marriage; the guests at their wedding were posting Instagram photos of the ceremony and reception. Whitney looked absolutely stunning in her Oscar de la Renta gown. Guests made sure to hashtag all of the shared photos with homeiswheretheherdis. This is a fun play off of Michael’s last name.

The wedding ceremony and reception were absolutely awe inspiring. The tables were adorned with beautiful place settings and natural soft light from candle sticks strategically placed throughout the arrangement. Guests were able to take in the amazing views of the inspiring Italian coast. The reception venue was covered with a natural lemon tree canopy which played into the lemon accents of the meal. The wedding cake was a single tier cake that was covered in fresh cream and fruit. After the ceremony Whitney changed out of her lavish wedding gown and opted for a more comfortable silk slip dress. The beautiful beginning of Bumbles’ founders’ wedded life starts with the ending of swiping right.

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Fabletics Has Successfully Taken Over the Market by Putting the Customer Preferences First

One of the bigwigs in the fashion e-commerce platform is Amazon, controlling about 20 percent of the market. This fact didn’t deter Kate Hudson from taking the plunge with her athleisure brand, Fabletics. Days are gone when customers purchased a brand for its quality and price. Going an extra mile by enhancing customer experience through creating convenient procedures and shipment services entices the customers. Modern clients are also delighted by good designs.


Better Experience


By getting customers to sign up for membership, the company can give a more tailor-made service at a discount. The subscription approach adopted by Fabletics has helped in establishing lasting relationships. Fabletics has a lifestyle quiz that helps customers to know their best outfit. Enthusiasts are encouraged to participate in the quiz. By putting into account the online data provided by the members, the company stocks products according to their preferences. These products are also found in the physical stores. The effectiveness of the approach has been manifested in the 250-million dollar growth in just three years. More retail stores are also underway for Fabletics.


Winning Traits


Fabletics recently signed a strategic partnership with Demi Lovato. One of the key drivers in Fabletics is women empowerment. Without considering their size, shape, or age, Fabletics delights in bringing out the best in women. Demi noted his admiration of the trait during the partnership launch at Beverly Hills Hotel recently. Kate Hudson has surely outdone herself with the company, considering that she didn’t have a background in business. Her friendly and active nature made her the first choice to run Fabletics by the founders. She has successfully applied a hands-on approach in running the company. She is always on the lookout for latest trends. A week doesn’t pass without her checking on the sales, and she can easily pick out the slow moving goods. She has been the number one advocate for the company’s products as she is often spotted in them.


Breaking Through


Starting out for Fabletics was not a smooth sail. According to the President Gregg Throgmartin, they had to wait half a year to get the quality right. Kate Hudson’s subscription approach also faced some challenges. Concerns were raised about the preferred products being sold out. Kate came up with a better inventory control mechanism and enhanced the customer care division. The approach combined with support from the parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group, has seen the company record high growth rate. Fabletics grew 43 percent from 2015 to 2016 and sales are estimated to hit 250 million dollars this year. Members have reached 1.2 million while retail growth has grown tremendously.

The New Way Of Selling Fashionable Apparel – Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is an online shopping platform that has taken Amazon head-on. It is a new concept of doing online shopping that has seen other web-based clothing companies lose their large number of customers over the years. In discipline, Hudson’s Fabletics is a corporation that mainly deals with women’s sportswear.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics success is the product of a working model that this company uses to market its products, a methodology unique to its operations. Unlike other online stores, Fabletics values business and customer relations. To this end, Hudson’s Fabletics uses a method commonly referred to as the reverse showroom technique. The reverse showroom technique is a marketing procedure that allows clients to become active members of the online Fabletics store by making one time subscriptions.


Also, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has many physical stores that happen to be strategically built. Hence, one can either become a member by subscribing to a personal account either at a physical shop or through the digital platform. When one is an affiliate member, she automatically becomes eligible for discounts on any purchases she makes through the Fabletics brand.


Besides, this company also gives its loyal customers free gifts in the form of attire every once in a while. By using the reverse showroom technique, the corporation enters any product chosen by a client to her cart, regardless of whether she will purchase the item at that particular moment or not. Retaining items in one’s cart is Fabletics way of booking various commodities for specific clients mainly for future purchases. Also, the above move acts as a reminder to customers whenever they visit Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, so that they can make the extra effort and complete their purchases.


Fabletics uses a model that always keeps this company in touch with its customers. Whenever a client raises an issue through customer support, the problem is taken care of in only a matter of minutes. In modern times, people prefer to do online shopping as compared to physical shopping escapades that rocked previous civilizations. For this reason, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics makes sure that items purchased are delivered safely right to your doorstep.


Due to its exemplary work, Fabletics has earned itself many positive reviews from clients who have rubbed shoulders with this great institution at one point in time. For instance, the Fabletics Company is known to provide its customers with quality wear at a reasonable price. Items sold thus end up serving a client for a long time to come. Besides, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics provides for its customer base with products that match with the current fashion trends. For this reason, recipients of these commodities take pride in what they receive from Fabletics.


Finally, Fabletics makes use of a website that is not only friendly but also readily usable by anyone irrespective of them possessing little or no familiarity with the use of computers. Also, it is very simple for one to order and checkout items from her personal cart. Thus, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is the new black in digital shopping.

Fabletics Satisfies More Than Customers

Companies that offer products have much more of a responsibility than many people would believe. For one thing, meeting these responsibilities is important for the prosperity of the company. Even the most popular companies could benefit from taking ethical measures. If they are caught in something that is hurtful to others, then the company as a whole is going to suffer. In many cases, the damages are slow but growing. It is actually quite rare for companies to lose all of their customers that they have gained. There are always going to be some loyal customers for companies that provide good products.


Fabletics is one of the companies that makes sure that it handles every aspect of its business in an ethical manner. They make sure that they provide their workers with a good work environment so that they will be better able to provide top notch products. The managers of the company also work as hard as they can in order to make sure that the other workers are not only comfortable with the company, but also encouraged to be very productive as well as creative. This fun and welcoming environment is what enables people to produce high quality products.


Where it really matters is what the customers have to say about the quality of the clothes that are worn. Fabletics outfits have some kind of quality that is exclusive to it. Many people that work out in these clothes have stated that they feel good even after a good workout. One thing that is certain about many clothes is that after a while of sweating from strenuous activity, the clothes still feel good. Therefore, people are going to want to buy more of these clothes because of the material they are made of.


The clothes of Fabletics do more than just look good. They have been designed with functionality in mind as well. After all, Fabletics is run by a man. Men have a great sense of what is functional as well as what is aesthetically pleasing. This combination brings forth something that has purpose in what it offers.

Fabletics Unique Approach

Kate Hudson has something going here. Fabletics has taken the online shopping experience by storm as the numbers don’t lie. Fabletics has grown a business of $250 million in just short three years. This is behind Kate Hudson’s brand and the ability to bring people into a shopping experience that represents high quality and fashionable active wear. Women dig it.


The reverse showroom technique is critical to Fabletics success. Typically customers go to a store to browse and see what they may want. They may even try some of the clothes on but ultimately won’t buy them yet. Later they start to look online for similar types of outfits for lower costs. In the past, customers were loyal to a store but now other services are driving purchases. Fabeltics is working on a different method to bring customers into their mix. As customers learn of this brand they are brought into a subscription based system which allows them to stay on top of a trend. This requires active participation on the customer’s part. Most of Fabletics customers are gained online and then possibly come into a store for further evaluation. A few visit the stores and leave as online subscribers but that is a low number. This concept is similar to Amazon and the Prime method. This keeps you coming back for more, essentially leading you to be a loyal customer.


Fabeltics, as mentioned earlier, sells activewear through an online subscription based program. When you subscribe your first outfit is deeply discounted to get in the door. If you watch online this fluctuates some so be sure to get the best deal you can. Following this your subscription is active and every month a new outfit is released. Between the first and fifth of every month, you need to make a decision to either shop or skip. If you shop you will order the outfit. This is normally $49.95 after the first month. If you skip, you don’t purchase anything. If you remember on the sixth of the month, its too late, your credit card has been charged and you will have credit to order an outfit. This takes active participation or you will all the yoga pants and leggings you will need.


Fabeltics created this service at a great time where active wear can be used for working out or just comfortable clothes relaxing around the house. Giving the customer good prices, comfortable clothing and the ability to choose every month something new is a win-win situation. People come to Fabletics for a specific reason and know they can find something that will fit their needs. The marketing is genius and will continue to grow as more and more women find out about it.