Kabbalah Centres Teach Spirtuality and Sharing

The Kabbalah Centre was founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922. It is the study of spiritual wisdom and there are over 40 Kabbalah Centres around the world. The centres teach Kabbalah as way to change and make lives better. They teach it to make it applicable to every day living.

The teachers teache several principles to their students. The teachers stress sharing is the purpose of life, how to balance the ego, about spiritual laws, that we are all one, and leaving our comfort zone produces miracles. The centres offer online classes, regular classes, and events where students meditate, share meals, and listen to lectures.

Students volunteer and organize projects that benefit the community like feeding the hungry, cleaning parks, and visiting patients in hospitals and nursing homes. These centres have participated in helping with many natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the Hati earthquake. Recently they participated in Super Storm Sandy and providing relief to victims.

Some of the charitable organizations they support are Spirituality for Kids, Kids Creating Peace, and the Kabbalah Children’s Academy. An unusual center they have been hosting spiritual pilgrimages for 30 years. They take students to remote locations with their teachers. Many of these locations are unique in nature. They are called Energy Tours.

Each adventure combines spiritual learning, energy connections at the sacred sites, and meditations. All trips are different and never repeated in the same way. Their travel guides speak many languages to accommodate the international students they attract.

Some of the types of classes the Kabbalah Centre teaches online are Meditations for the Month of Capricorn, Reincarnation, Refocusing our Work, The Path to Spirituality or Chaos and others. Beginner courses are Tools for Change, and Introduction to Kabbalah. To learn more about the classes at the Kabbalah Centre visit the website at https://kabbalah.com/ or call Customer Care at 866 821-9299.