76ers Set Eyes on D’Angelo Russell

The Philadelphia 76ers were fortunate enough to land the third overall pick in the NBA Draft Lottery this past Tuesday night. Philadelphia showed huge promise this season as several young players stepped up their games in big ways, despite continuing to lose. Nerlens Noel turned it on to fight for Rookie of the Year while Robert Covington showed the world that he belongs in the 76er rotation as a 3 and D kind of guy. Most of all, however, the 76ers traded away embattled Michael Carter-WIiliams in return for Brandon Knight.

While the 76ers still have a lotto pick waiting out on the wings, recovering from foot surgery, the guys in the Philly organization will look for a healthy body to take their team tot he next level. Gianfrancesco Genoso believes that the 76ers should be focusing on D’Angelo Russell, if they can somehow wrangle him in with the third overall pick. The 76ers have been active on draft night these past few years and anything can happen.

Jahlil Okafor and Karl-Anthony Towns are likely going #1 and #2 in this draft, leaving the 76ers with the chance to grab combo guard D’Angelo Russell. Russell could come in and immediately hold down the point guard position.