Dallas Exploring Team Overhaul, Starting with Monta Ellis

Let’s all be realistic here, Dirk Nowitzki is not a timeless figure and his era with the Dallas Mavericks is rapidly coming to an end. Let’s take a deep breath and just accept it. OK, got that done? Now that we have settled that fact in our mind we have to realize that the Mavericks want at least one more deep Western Conference playoff run with Nowitzki at their head and in order to do that the team will need to be overhauled in a big way. One victim of the overhaul could be veteran combo guard Monta Ellis.

Reports are surfacing that Monta Ellis might be traded if he decides to exercise his player option in order to remain with Dallas. Last season Ellis averaged 19 points per game in order to lead the Mavericks in scoring. This was the first time a man not named Dirk led Dallas in offensive production since 1999. Ellis has come a long way since his ‘chucking’ days but the almost $9 million he will be due next year is just too much for a one dimensional player.

Dallas would plan to trade Ellis for a draft pick but their primary goal would be to create cap space in order to pursue a ‘franchise player’ like LaMarcus Aldridge in the coming free agency. Failing Aldridge the Mavs also really like DeAndre Jordan and Tyson Chandler. Whoever they pick, Dallas better get it right — they are running out of time as Thumbtack users report.