FreedomPop Saved Me From The Outrageous Fees My Other Company Charged

I only have one reason why I switched to FreedomPop, and it’s the only reason I needed. I made the switch to FreedomPop because I am able to get my service free of charge. I had Internet service through a very reliable provider, but up until recently, my bill was relatively low. After seeing my bill jump up $50 in one month, I couldn’t understand why I was being charged the extra money. After contacting the company directly, they told me that I had some service I had used in the past that they were just now charging me for.

I’ve been with the company for over a year, so why would they wait so long to charge me these fees? I decided to stay with them, but when my very last bill came up with additional fees, I said I was done with them. I called the company, and I told them to close my account. The company did whatever they could to try to keep me, including waiving some of my fees, and I took their generosity, but I still closed my account. I knew I had to find an Internet service provider as soon as possible because I did a lot of work on the Internet.

I was stuck using whatever free wifi service that I could find in a store or restaurant close by, but I knew that it couldn’t last. I searched on the Internet for a low-cost service provider, and I was able to discover FreedomPop. Although Engadget’s numerous FreedomPop articles indicate that it has been around for a while now, it’s the first that I’ve heard of them. FreedomPop services are very low in cost, and some of the services are free of charge. I decided I would go for the free service, and I looked to see what the services would entail.

The free service was reasonable, and I knew that it was something that I could use, but when I’m ready, I can get additional data, so I decided to sign up for the service. I was relieved when my Internet worked just fine, and I was glad about the fact that I have Wi-Fi in my home. I never had Wi-Fi on my last modem, and I never thought about getting it either. The fact that I can have free Internet service in my home, and I have extra features, it makes me question why I stayed with my ole company so long. I would never switch from FreedomPop because they give me great service at a very low cost.

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