Who’s the Bigger Fish to Fry: Chen or Morrison?

According to the April 19 sdcexec.com article regarding the ‘2016 Compliance Risk Report: CCOs under scrutiny,’ nearly one-third of compliance officers are extremely concerned about their personal liability in misconduct investigations. With a majority, over 80% of survey respondents being at least somewhat apprehensive of taking a position as a CCO, especiialy in the private sector, could possibly “destroy your career or personal life,” replied one current Corporate Compliance Officer.

The main points of the 2016 CRR hit on the Justice Department’s appointing Hui Chen as first compliance counsel and the Yates Memo, a plan to hold individual corporate employees accountable and prosecution, if fitting, as well as incentivizing reform. US Government seems to be focusing on punishing any and everyone involved in corporate misconduct in any way.

One such CCO, Helane Morrison, seems to be untouchable in this situation. Always above board, and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty, Morrison has the tendency and sill to run with the ‘big dogs.’

Helane Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners, LLC in November 2007, and has climbed ranks to her current position(s) of Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer. Before her joining Hall Capital, Morrison was responsible for security and enforcement matters for Northern California and five Northwestern states, as Regional Director of the SEC from 1999- late 2007. In this position, she handled both the enforcement and examinations within the San Francisco jurisdiction). Preceding her stint with the SEC, Helane Morrison spent her career practicing law in her private practice, trying cases for Contra Costa ADA, and serving as a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, among her many other accomplishments.

Helane Morrison has spent her career climbing the ladder, and is doing so, has managed to collect achievement after achievement. Her trophy cabinet is jam packed, and includes titles such as Director of the Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF), member of Board of Regional Parks Foundation, and participant of Board of Directors of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law Alumni Association, just to name a few. With credentials like these, and the backing of so many, Ms. Morrison need not have a worry of the 2016 CRR or the results of the survey; Helane cannot just run with the big dogs, she IS the big dog!

Helane Morrison Is Part of Changes in Corporate World

The Preparation 
The Chief Compliance officers are in their preparation mode. They are preparing for any necessary changes that may occur within money management firms. Many groups are experiencing a sense of vulnerability. These members are bracing themselves for changes as well as the possibility of enforcement actions in this year of 2016. The changes may be coming for institutional investors. These investors may need to step up within their due diligence. They may need to pay closer attention to all guidelines and regulations.

The Regulators Have a Clear Role
The role of the compliance officer is not being changed. The role includes identifying risks while guiding the overall response. The expectations are being clearly defined while articulating the expectations.

Reputation Risk is a Solid Concern
Problems must be checked and reputations are indeed a solid and key concern. Numerous clients have been asking for clear presentations regarding compliance programs. They want to see diligence in these areas. There have been extra rules set in place for compliance professionals. The entire compliance industry can expect to have a buy 2016.

Helane Morrison and a New Era
Helane Morrison is indeed part of this new era and the changes that are happening. False advertising is not a part of this new era. Misleading statements and puffery are also prohibited. Helane L. Morrison holds the following positions at Hall Capital Partners LLC:
* General Counsel
* Chief Compliance Officer
* Managing Director
Communication to investors must be exercised with caution. 

Helane Morrison an a Legal Background
Helane L. Morrison does have a background in law. She had previously practiced law in San Francisco. She had a clear law focus. This focus was primarily on business litigation along with private securities actions. This prepared her well for her time at the SEC in San Francisco. Here Helane dealt with cases being brought against the SEC (she had previously been on the other side of things).  She left the SEC with all the knowledge she would need to become a highly qualified, effective compliance officer at Hall Capital. Ms. Morrison is a highly experienced and knowledgeable individual who is more that qualified to create change.

Check out Helane’s LinkedIn to learn more about her career.