Highland Capital Starts Its First Healthcare Fund in South Korea

Everyone needs health care. Around the world, the fight for universal health care has been a long one. South Korea reached that plateau in 1989. Now, Highland Capital’s $147 million South Korean healthcare investment fund hopes to improve options in both North America and Asia.


“Pay to Play Healthcare”


Every citizen would like to have his healthcare paid for by the government, but usually only the industrialized nations can afford this. South Korea has built up a solid capital base in its National Public Service (NPS), which is partnering with Highland Capital to run an investment fund. Some estimate the NPS to be worth $499.8 billion.


The truth is that both the United States and South Korea are seeing more of their citizens require more extensive medical services. The United States is aging and South Korea is adding more citizens to the middle class. Previously, manufacturing jobs went from West to East; now, investment can flow from East to West.


The South Korean Stonebridge Capital will be the co-manager of the aforementioned healthcare fund. The beauty of this healthcare fund is the timing and profit potential. The United States hopes to fill some much-needed funding problems after the revocation of ObamaCare. Highland Capital’s Matt Jameson has explained:


“The healthcare industry in the U.S. faces a number of disruptive forces that acutely affect companies in the middle market.”


Some of the top healthcare companies in the United States feel that President Donald Trump has pulled the rug out from under them. With South Korean funding, these medical businesses can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


“Multiplier Effect”


Dallas based Highland Capital may also hope that some of these investments could pay off in possible mergers. The United States has a ripe, mature health care industry. There are some South Korean firms, which could learn a thing or two from them.


Furthermore, in order to cut costs, more American medical device makers could move their manufacturing facilities to South Korea. This would be a win-win situation for all parties involved. Highland Capital’s fund has great potential.