Matt Landis Is A Man On A Mission

It is not too often that you hear about someone in college who is making an impact both in their sport of choice and in the world around them at the same time. That is the case though when you are speaking of Matt Landis. 

Matt Landis lacrosse
Mr. Landis is a world class lacrosse player for the University of Notre Dame. As a defensive player you might not think that he would grab a lot of the spotlight. However, because of his abilities he has had more than would be expected. For one thing, he was recently honored with the Epoch and Lacrosse magazine player of the week award. This was his second time receiving that award. 

Based on his play on the field, he was named a first class All American player. This was something that he and six of his teammates would receive. Three of of those six including Landis were named to the first team, while others were simply All Americans. 

Even though Landis is best known for his moves on the lacrosse field, do not take away from the fact that he is also attending the school of business at Notre Dame. This of course is a top notch business school in the entire country and is something to be quite proud of. Landis appears to be setting himself up for a bright field on the field and off of it as well. Notre Dame is proud of the contributions that he has made to their program and to the extra attention he has brought to the school.