Fabletics Unique Approach

Kate Hudson has something going here. Fabletics has taken the online shopping experience by storm as the numbers don’t lie. Fabletics has grown a business of $250 million in just short three years. This is behind Kate Hudson’s brand and the ability to bring people into a shopping experience that represents high quality and fashionable active wear. Women dig it.


The reverse showroom technique is critical to Fabletics success. Typically customers go to a store to browse and see what they may want. They may even try some of the clothes on but ultimately won’t buy them yet. Later they start to look online for similar types of outfits for lower costs. In the past, customers were loyal to a store but now other services are driving purchases. Fabeltics is working on a different method to bring customers into their mix. As customers learn of this brand they are brought into a subscription based system which allows them to stay on top of a trend. This requires active participation on the customer’s part. Most of Fabletics customers are gained online and then possibly come into a store for further evaluation. A few visit the stores and leave as online subscribers but that is a low number. This concept is similar to Amazon and the Prime method. This keeps you coming back for more, essentially leading you to be a loyal customer.


Fabeltics, as mentioned earlier, sells activewear through an online subscription based program. When you subscribe your first outfit is deeply discounted to get in the door. If you watch online this fluctuates some so be sure to get the best deal you can. Following this your subscription is active and every month a new outfit is released. Between the first and fifth of every month, you need to make a decision to either shop or skip. If you shop you will order the outfit. This is normally $49.95 after the first month. If you skip, you don’t purchase anything. If you remember on the sixth of the month, its too late, your credit card has been charged and you will have credit to order an outfit. This takes active participation or you will all the yoga pants and leggings you will need.


Fabeltics created this service at a great time where active wear can be used for working out or just comfortable clothes relaxing around the house. Giving the customer good prices, comfortable clothing and the ability to choose every month something new is a win-win situation. People come to Fabletics for a specific reason and know they can find something that will fit their needs. The marketing is genius and will continue to grow as more and more women find out about it.


Looking Good At Casual Time With Athleisure Fabletics

Casual time never looked so good when you wear your Athleisure Fabletics clothing. It’s totally amazing how much better your workout will be. A known fact is that if you look good, you feel good about yourself.

Your workout never has to be boring again with top of the line fashion offered at Athleisure Fabletics according to their Facebook page. Are you used to the old boring tee-shirt and sweatpants look and wonder why your can’t get that bit of enthusiasm to do your complete workout.

Today you can absolutely look great in the casual part of your day. VWD news reported that with Fabletics you can be assured you are met with innovative and top of the line quality athletic wear and accessories line.

Kate Hudson knows what it takes to look great with a budget in mind. With that thought, you will love the new Athleisure dresses that puts you in the spotlight and still have that casual feel, and makes you feel beautiful. There is also a spectacular line of swimwear that will put you the talk of the beach.

Athleisure Fabletics (read all at Elite Daily) is all about inviting people to be healthy and fit. To do this means motivating everyone who wants to get on board. Offering them great outfits that keep them looking good while getting into shape. And this all done at a great price. You’ll love how you feel and now you’ll love how you’ll look while working out.

The creative way to have membership and receive a new outfit each month. They are selected and personalized just for you by the survey they offer at the beginning of your membership. Then once a month you will receive an awesome outfit that you can’t wait to try on.