Larkin & Lacey

Women have seen some tough days in the United States. The prevailing perspective was that women should be kept at home to raise children. It was considered to be the most ethical thing for a woman to stay home, give birth to children, raise children and not work.

Anything that deviated from that standard was either met with scorn and less respect, or pity from the idea that something was wrong in the woman’s life. There was a glass ceiling of social stigmas that kept women from attaining apprenticeships, entering many industries and being educated. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

There were times when the bread-winning husbands of women in the lower socioeconomic classes died, plunging those women and their many children into debt and poverty. Of course, situations still happen like that now at days.

Just because women go to college and pursue careers, that doesn’t mean that nobody is poor, or that nobody financially relies on anybody else. However, back in the day, if women were allowed to attain education and have more careers open to them, perhaps some women who circumstantially ended up impoverished and desperate could have kept their heads above water in a dignified fashion.

Ever since colonial times, there were women who engaged in prostitution because there were so few avenues to go down to make money. Before a cure for syphilis was discovered, people would die of syphilis, as well as other diseases. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Syphilis was common among prostitutes, and contributed to the fact that an enormous percentage of prostitutes in New York City had roughly an average lifespan of four more years if they kept prostituting themselves. Syphilis was a new world disease that had originated in Hispaniola and made its way to Europe shortly after Columbus’s ocean trek.

Because of women’s tough days in America and in the world, organizations like Femen, the National Organization for women and the Lower East Side Girls Club have done great things to advocate for women’s rights. They have also encouraged members to develop their minds and bodies in order to further empower themselves.

Another organization that encourages people to develop their minds and bodies is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The fund commits to this goal by funding a selection of diverse organizations that focus on different parts of immigrant and Hispanic experiences. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two mindful prodigies, gave rise to the fund in the early 2010s.