Richard Blair Much More Than An Investment Advisor

Richard Blair is an investment advisor. His company Wealth Solutions Inc. is an investment advisory firm that is fully registered and advertises the fact that it provides comprehensive and personalized financial planning services to individuals, families, and small business owners based in the Austin Texas area. They also offer their services to other areas of south Texas including Marble falls, Houston, Bastrop, New Braunfels, and Georgetown.

Wealth Solutions was founded by Richard in 1994 on the premise of providing completely objective and unbiased competent advise to clients without any conflicts of interest. To give the most up to date comprehensive advice he obtained the following certifications.

He holds the designations of a Retirement Income Certified Professional or RICP, a Certified Annuity Specialist or CAS, a Certified Fund Specialist or CFS, and a Certified Estate Specialist or CES. Richard also has over 20 years of relevant experience in the financial services industry which includes the field of estate planning.

As a consequence of the constantly changing financial markets,strongly Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions strongly believe that the available financial strategies clients utilize should also broaden and change. Because of this, Wealth Solutions is always on the lookout for new and dynamic yet conservative investment solutions to show to clients.

These new solutions always have a common goal to help a client gain access to the upside in an investment opportunity while minimizing risk. We do this because we are well aware of the main goals of the majority of our clients and that is preserving that wealth and using it ti develop am income that is steady and if practical leave a legacy for their heirs.

Because of this, Wealth Solution’s main goal is to assist clients in devising all inclusive safe financial plan that will help them pursue their individual retirement goals.

Richard Blair has always been drawn to the world of education. This explains his need in qualifying for the many designations and specialty education courses he took as a financial professional.

He also was at one time in his life a teacher. In fact, his mother, wife, and grandmother were all teachers and it’s from this family history that Richard witnessed how teaching grows a person’s knowledge and self-confidence.

Later, Richard Blair Wealth Solutons combined his teaching experience with his natural gift for finance and recognized he could help many people with their investments but also help them plan for the future and their retirement. Since he started Wealth Solutions, Richard has continued to sharpen his knowledge and skills in retirement planning, especially the skills involved in avoiding the common pitfalls and mistakes in investing.