LeBron James Lacks a Supporting Cast, When It’s Convenient.

Even though LeBron James is the best player in the known galaxy at the game of basketball, and we aren’t being hyperbolic, his legacy will be that of who he played alongside of. Of course we talk about Scottie Pippen when referencing Jordan and we always bring up Shaq when talking Kobe, but LBJ gets it even worse. When you talk about LeBron and his NBA titles you will have fans dissecting the sixth and seventh players on the bench — just insane. But at the same time, it is hard to blame them.

According to Eric Pulier (See: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/eric-pulier ), in Game 3 of the NBA Finals we saw Matthew Dellavedova drop 20+ points while playing gritty defense to help LeBron win the game. The headlines talked about how Delle and the rest of the cast, Iman Shumpert and JR Smith primarily, were making things easy on LeBron. Now up comes Game 4 and those same role players struggle, while Timofey Mozgov explodes for big point production. Now the headline ignores Mozgov and says that LeBron “needs help”. The waffling is mildly infuriating from the perspective of the national media.

So what’s the truth in this situation? Is LeBron James really a ‘one man show’ in the NBA Finals? Well, kind of — but not really. He’s a one man show in the respect that he’s the best player on the court. But he has help. He has complementary players and we need to stop giving excuses to the best player in the game.

Cleveland Heading to NBA Finals!

You probably wouldn’t get it, but Sam Tabar says it is understandable for LeBron James to be without words right now. LeBron, who was drafted with the Cleveland Cavaliers so many years ago, vowed to bring a championship to the city. Sure, he may have left before he did it the first time around but the man came back and now the Cavaliers are heading to the NBA Finals. Cleveland knocked out the Atlanta Hawks by a score of 118 – 88 in blow out fashion this past Tuesday night. Now the Cavs sit and wait to see who will be coming to play them: Golden State or Houston.

Finally fielding a full complement of players with Kyrie Irving back on the floor, the Cavaliers wasted no time in getting out to an early lead. Cleveland dropped 32 points in the first quarter to take an early 12 point lead and the team never looked back — scoring at least 26 in every period. Cleveland controlled the game from start to finish and they did exactly what it is they need to do.

Atlanta failed in miserable fashion, looking borderline unprofessional at times. Leader Al Horford only played 26 minutes and he only made one basket on the night, after being ejected in Game 3. The rest of the Hawks, outside of Paul Milsap and Jeff Teague, looked disinterested in the game. The Cavaliers took advantage of this lack of energy and stole the show.