Desiree Perez Speaks Out on Grammy’s

One of the most influential women in the music industry today is Desiree Perez. Desiree Perez is best known for being the COO of Roc Nation, which is one of the top music firms in the industry today. While Desiree Perez has been responsible for helping to develop many of the top musicians in the world today, she has also been outspoken about issues that are occurring inside and outside of the music world.After the 2018 Grammy’s presentation, Desiree Perez was outspoken about some issues that are impacting the world today.

While many people seem to believe that it is hard for a woman to get into the industry as a musician, Desiree Perez has continued to state that there is a lot of support and opportunity for talented female musicians. However, there are still many challenges that musicians and other people in the industry face. In particular, those that are looking to go into the industry on the business side will have a very hard tim getting into the industry. Desiree Perez has stated that the majority of top positions that are available today are eventually filled by men and that the time as come for their to me more equality in the industry.

Overall, Desiree Perez has continued to be a very important member of the industry. She has been heavily involved in the development of the Roc Nation company, which has quickly become one of the most successful brands in the industry. She is also well known for being a great negotiator that has helped to put together some very successful deals for her company. This includes a $200 million deal that she recently completed with Sprint, which will provide the company with a lot of capital that will be used to help grow and develop great music.

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Incredible Entrepreneurial Traits of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is an Emirati entrepreneur who was born 1952 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Hussain is well known for his skills in the real estate field for he has taken the Emirati property developer industry to another level. He is the founder and chairman of DAMAC Properties. At the beginning of 2017, he was listed by Forbes among the top 10 billionaires in the World’s Richest Arabs list. Learn more:


Due to his hard work and education excellence, he received a scholarship which made him be one of the scholars from UAE to be sent by the government to the US. He attended the University of Washington where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics.


He began his career journey at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries serving in the finance department. After two years, he opened an eatery supplying food to many services including Bechtel and the U.S. military. The catering is still operating up to date under the name Global Logistics Services. In 2002, Mr. Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties, one of the leading property developers in the Middle East.


DAMAC Properties has established about 19,000 apartments and has more than 44,000 units being developed. In 2015, DAMAC Properties was ranked among companies which have shares traded on the Dubai Financial Market. Examples of well-known projects developed by DAMAC Properties are the Trump International Golf Club which makes sales averaging to $ 2 billion, Trump World golf course which is designed by Tiger Woods and will start its operations in 2018, paramount hotels and resorts and luxury villas designed by Bugatti among others.


Hussain Sajwani Family and that of the US President, Donald Trump, have a productive relationship. In addition to the partnership of the development of golf courses, they also have a partnership in the real estate industry where they are partnering to help each other enhance trades. Moreover, they also have a family friendship for example the two families celebrated the New Year’s Eve together. The DAMAC owner is also a philanthropist who is passionate about helping the society, for example, he donated AED 1 Million for the refugees in Lebanon and Jordan during the UAE compassion campaign among others, Hussain Sajwani is passionate about providing people with their dream homes. Learn more:

The 18 Billion Dollar News

A Standing Ovation For George Soros

It’s best to give credit where credit is due.

When the media is going crazy over an $18 billion donation, then it’s likely because George Soros is in a charitable mood. We don’t just applaud Goerge Soros for giving the Open Society Foundation more than we’ll ever see ourselves.

The standing ovation we have is for the complete life of George Soros. This financial expert got a jumpstart on success in the most unlikely places. World War II brought a climate to humanity that wasn’t experienced before. The stresses of Nazi occupation and its ideology placed George’s family in bondage.

The only escape was further into Europe where the United Kingdom had open borders. The standing ovation of George Soros’ life comes from a simple fact. The investor became a billionaire in the eyes of the public but never forgot about where he came from.

Being a refugee taught George Soros about what it meant to be a part of the world identity. We see a similar factor in play when Mr. Soros donates and aides in the building of our most effective nonprofits.

Let His Achievements Tell The Story

We don’t want to be the sole bearer of this news.

History teaches us that money is connected to numerous aspects of society and world governments. It’s no surprise that we learn this lesson from George Soros. As a renowned investor, George is known for “breaking the bank of England.” What he made himself was a billionaire.

The world was also watching. There’s no doubt about the substantiation in the Soros name. Giants exist in every generation, and here, we see a giant in the financial world. It took George’s insight to change society indefinitely. That indefinite change occurred the British economy.

The value of the pound plummeted, and the only one with the timing to profit was George Soros. It’s true, he made billions in the process.

How It All Came From Nothing

The value in paper currencies comes from the worth of the nation’s issuing fiat to the public. Knowing this intricate science gives us a glimpse into the understanding George Soros has. Few people can put themselves in this man’s shoes without first knowing about his skill and trade.

Like children obsessed with collecting foreign currencies, George mastered the money market by literarily trading the fiat of the world’s nations. and more information click here

Roberto Santiago, a Successful Brazilian Shopping Malls Investor

Roberto Santiago is a renowned successful Brazilian business person and entrepreneur with extensive experience in investments. He was born in Joao Pessoa in 1958 and attended Pio X-Marist College. Roberto later enrolled for his undergraduate studies at University Center of Joao Pessoa where he majored in Business Administration. Roberto owns one of the largest and post-modern shopping mall dubbed Manaira in Joao, Brazil. He acquired the land on which Manaira Shopping Mall sits in 1987. The development process took him two years, after which the mall was officially launched in 1989.

Manaira Shopping Mall houses an array of services that include rooftop concert hall, a theater, a gym, a gym, food court, financial institutions, and a gaming area among others.

Additionally, the mall consists of other facilities such as Domus Hall at the rooftop of the mall. Domus Hall was launched and opened in 2009 and offers enough space for conferences, weddings, concerts, exhibits, fairs, and graduations ceremonies. The hall can freely accommodate 4,000 sittings and an excess of 10,000 standings.

Domus Hall is specially designed with high-end technology and air conditioning facilities as well as soundproof equipment. The hall equally comprises of several cabins in its two-story structure. These cabins offer sufficient privacy for various guests who visit the mall. The ground floor is spacious and is most used to host bigger public events. Domus Hall is widely recognized and has attracted a range of performances both locally and internationally. Several artists have now managed to visit Brazil, courtesy of Domus Hall in Manaira Shopping Mall.

Manaira Shopping Mall offers unlimited entertainment services to its clients. A case in point is a movie theatre that particularly features recent movies. The mall also has a gaming area that is fully equipped with a bowling alley. The mall is regularly renovated to keep up its fragrance and attract more clients. For instance, the food court at Manaira Shopping Mall underwent a thorough renovation between 2008 and 2014. The mall restaurants now offer several services that include fast foods and luxurious dining places. Capital Steakhouse, Waynes, and Espaco Gourmet are among the popular restaurants that run within the mall.


Manaira Shopping Mall is a one-stop center for most people. The mall houses almost all the services that are crucial in human life including furniture stores, clothing stores, sports gears, cosmetics, bookstores, and Jewelry shops. Besides commercial operations, Manaira Shopping Mall houses College Higher Education of Paraiba. As a result, there are many faculty members and students in the mall. Roberto Santiago also owns Mangeira Shopping Mall which he developed in 2013. The two malls have positively increased the economic performance of Joao Pessoa city. Residents have highly benefitted from many corporations which now operate in the town.

Some Roads Are Paved With Gold

The Road To Financial Management And Advice

Financial discipline is a challenge for everyone. You’re not alone.

Our brains have the ability to lead us in one financial task and then lead us to forget about it entirely. Had we been superhuman or “above average,” we’d likely have a natural defense against our bad spending habits.

Let’s face it.

The road to financial management is achieved with sacrifice. The problem, this sacrifice can kill us. Financial success requires professionals like Madison Street Capital. To better understand your financial situation is to help you improve it.

Without the insight of professionals in the financial world, we are truly lost. Settling for a good job isn’t enough.

Opening a checkings account may lead you to lose more than you started with. The mediator to your financial success is with a professional who sees beyond your financial hurdles.

Consider What True Professionals Bring To The Table

It’s easy to doubt the effectiveness of professionals in the world of finance. The reason is because of the influence money has. No one knows better than Madison Street Capital that money can lead us to great success but can also be the greatest downfall of our lives. Read more: Madison Street Capital | Crunchbase

It’s best to assume you know nothing about how to make money or protect it. Opening your ears to the words of true professionals is your first step. Take the Madison Street Capital reputation as a clear example. The Madison Street agency excels because it seeks to gather the right information first.

All other steps are meaningless if you don’t know what’s happening, and the MSC agency is dedicated to fully analyzing your financial situation. Doing so enables the agency to then devise strategies that other investors fail to see.

The next step is tremendous success.

It all comes from first knowing the important details and then devising a strategy to reap millions with it. This is the reputation of Madison Street Capital. It can be your reputation also when partnering with the agency. Madison staff-members are welcoming and understand the financial world.

Your finances are in better hands and will be guided by the advice of one great agency.

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Madison Street Capital’s Impressive Path to Top-Notch Reputation

Amicus Therapeutics Adopts Orphan Diseases

Rare and Orphan diseases are the forgotten ones of the medical world. This is due to the fact that as the name shows, they are rare. When a disease is considered to be rare it will rarely receive attention from pharmaceutical companies who are producing cures. This is how a disease becomes an orphan disease. However, there are exceptions to this rule, exceptions such as Amicus Therapeutics. Amicus has been concentrating on developing cures and treatments for rare and orphan diseases grouped as Lysosomal storage disorders. The main ones Amicus is working are Fabry disease, Epidermolysis Bullosa, Pompe disease, and few other rare diseases.

Amicus Therapeutics conducts its scientific research in a deceptively simple way. The chemist is working on two ways to stabilize proteins. The first method is to go the pharmacological chaperone route and the second way is a hybrid method combining a chaperone with enzyme replacement therapy. However, Amicus is in late stage development of a treatment for Fabry disease. What makes this treatment special is that it is done according to a genetic diagnosis. This way, the treatment will not be a “one size fits all” approach to treating individual patients.

Another product that is also in advanced development is SD-101, which will be used to treat those who suffer from Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), which is a genetic issue that affects the connective tissue ( Amicus Therapeutics does not produce any of its medication in-house. It is all contracted out to third party candidates. The company recently opened another office in San Diego, California.

What makes Amicus Therapeutics an outstanding member of the medical community is their attitude towards their patients. They work closely with individual patients and their care givers, physicians, nurses, and patient organizations to ensure that everybody gets what they need and are reading from the same page. This way, Amicus is able to use feedback to help out in the research and development process. John F. Crowley has been the CEO of Amicus Therapeutics since 2005 (Glassdoor).


Eric Lefkofsky’s Technological Innovation Bringing a Great Relief to Cancer Patients

According to the Norcal News published on 23rd May 2017, Eric Lefkofsky has launched another company, Tempus. This Company will be assembling a genomic database for cancer. Doctors will be using the database to compare DNA of patients so as to know the best therapies for each. This will help cancer patients to live longer and even cure some cancer cases.The Zeal behind the founding of Tempus was trend in medical physicians collecting a lot of medical data, but lack an efficient method for analyzing it for future use. Tempus brings a big technological innovation in the medical field. Its work will even be more possible with the reduced costs of screening genes and storing data.

According to Eric, Tempus Company has advantages in this technological innovation since it has partnered with prominent hospitals with which they can collect huge and reliable data that acts as a sufficient sample size. Also, Tempus has got a spacious and equipped laboratory that will be used for screening and testing the genes. Eric has come up with software that can compare cancer patients DNA profiles. These comparisons will help in finding treatments for patients with the same genetic profiles.Since 2015, Eric Lefkofsky stepped down as the CEO of Groupon so that he can fully concentrate on building Tempus. He then hired Kevin White who is a renowned Geneticist for his work at Genomics and Systems Biology Institute at the University of Chicago. Eric joined Tempus together with his business partner, Brad Key well.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus Company. He also founded the Lightbank fund that invests in disruptive technologies. Eric co-founded Groupon where he was the CEO before he stepped down to concentrate on Tempus in 2015. Other companies that were co-founded by Eric are Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics and InnerWorkings.Together with his wife, Liz, Eric established ta charitable organization by the name Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Eric holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan. He also has a doctorate from the Law School at the University of Michigan.

Devco: The Construction Of The Heldrich Hotel

In the mid-1970s a development company was created to initiate the redevelopment of public and private buildings in the city of New Brunswick. Devco, a company known for its economic revitalization, has handled more than one billion in investments.

Devco was founded by Richard Sellars, a former executive of Johnson&Johnson. The organization’s mission centered around new developments and assisting local establishments like Rutgers University.

Last month was a day of concern, the Press of Atlantic City wrote an article explaining how the Middlesex County Improvement failed to pay the million dollar principal on a loan it received from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

The loan was originally made in the year of 2005 and in 2007 it was used to fund the construction of The Heldrich Hotel. The Heldrich is a hotel and conference center located in the New Brunswick area. Devco, also known as the New Brunswick Development Corporation, assisted with the construction and revitalization of the hotel.

After many years of struggle, the hotel finally hit a small economic boost. The 235-room building gained an occupancy of 63.5 percent and gained one of it largest accounts Johnson&Johnson.

The hotel is still struggling with cash, and in some cases have to use its own money to fund capital expenses. Chris Paladino, the attorney handling the arrangement of the loan, stated that CRDA will be paid back, but it’s going to take a few more years before they can successfully pay off their debt.



GLT Integrity Breach Highlighted By Securus

Integrity should be one of the core values for any company. This is important if customers are to be kept satisfied. It is also influences the perceptions that people have on the industry in general. Therefore, if a company cannot uphold integrity in their business, they are not the only party affected; rather, they affect other companies operating in the same industry. That said, I can understand the reason why Securus decided to out GTL on their integrity breach.


GTL has shown a lot of hard-headedness in failing to change their ways, even after being accused, investigated and charged with several wrongdoings in their service delivery processes. This was more than a decade ago. However, even after being given a warning and being penalized, they go on, portraying a high level of impunity, which will not only affect them but the whole industry as a whole, if the trend continues.


When Securus outed GTL, the question on the minds of many was, is Securus in the right position to do so? I say yes. First, they would of course have been affected by the behavior of GTL. If GTL did not change, customers would totally lose trust in the industry. This would lead to loss of business for Securus and other companies providing technological solutions to security and correctional facilities.


No one can say that this was a double-standard incidence on the part of Securus. First, they are the stewards of integrity in the industry. Of course, every company gets its fair share of complaints. However, the way they respond to the complaints is what sets apart companies that uphold integrity and those that do not. Their stewardship can be proved by the recent A+ grading awarded by the BBB rating.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Prominent Financial Firm Giving Help to Veterans Group

Forefront Capital Advisors is putting its financial clout behind a new partnership to help veterans. CEO Brad Reifler announced his company will partner the Easter Seals Dixon Center. The center gives aid to military veterans and their families in finding job, education, and health care opportunities.

Reifler said one of the missions of Forefront Capital is to make a difference in the lives of veterans, and added the partnership makes good business sense. “We believe veterans and their families must have financial stability in order to succeed in their communities after a life of service. Easter Seals Dixon Center offers a unique opportunity for our company, staff and clients to get behind this important cause.”

The partnership between Forefront Capital Advisors and Easter Seals Dixon Center includes a $3 million donation from Forefront. This money will help the center pay for vet programs that focus on job training, health and wellness, caregiver training, and education.

Since 2014, the Easter Seals Dixon Center has helped more than 17,000 veterans and their family members with workforce development programs. They have also helped 5,000 veterans with continuing education. Along with their partnership with Forefront Capital, the center has created more than 1,000 national and corporate partnerships.

Forefront Capital Advisors is a global financial firm that specializes in alternative investment management, merchant banking, and investment banking. It was founded by Brad Reifler, who also serves as the firm’s CEO. He formed Reifler Trading Company during the 1980s, then sold it and established Forefront Capital.  Read more about Brad on CrunchBase, or follow him on Twitter @BradleyR.