Desiree Perez Speaks Out on Grammy’s

One of the most influential women in the music industry today is Desiree Perez. Desiree Perez is best known for being the COO of Roc Nation, which is one of the top music firms in the industry today. While Desiree Perez has been responsible for helping to develop many of the top musicians in the world today, she has also been outspoken about issues that are occurring inside and outside of the music world.After the 2018 Grammy’s presentation, Desiree Perez was outspoken about some issues that are impacting the world today.

While many people seem to believe that it is hard for a woman to get into the industry as a musician, Desiree Perez has continued to state that there is a lot of support and opportunity for talented female musicians. However, there are still many challenges that musicians and other people in the industry face. In particular, those that are looking to go into the industry on the business side will have a very hard tim getting into the industry. Desiree Perez has stated that the majority of top positions that are available today are eventually filled by men and that the time as come for their to me more equality in the industry.

Overall, Desiree Perez has continued to be a very important member of the industry. She has been heavily involved in the development of the Roc Nation company, which has quickly become one of the most successful brands in the industry. She is also well known for being a great negotiator that has helped to put together some very successful deals for her company. This includes a $200 million deal that she recently completed with Sprint, which will provide the company with a lot of capital that will be used to help grow and develop great music.

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Tony Petrello chief executive officer and Philanthropist

Anthony Petrello is the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries. This is the biggest company in the country that deals with the drilling of oil and natural gas. Nabors Industries has been in the industry for more than 4 decades. In this period that it has been in the industry, the company has managed to open drilling operations in almost every continent in the world. As the head of the company, he has made sure that it remains at the top for a long time. This is a company that he joined about two decades ago. In the two decades, his impact has been like no other. He has managed to make the company the best in the industry. How Tony Petrello Helped Houston With Hurricane Harvey Relief
Anthony Petrello is a brilliant manager who has worked very hard for this company. He is committed to the mission of ensuring the company makes changes that will drive the industry. Anthony Petrello is a dedicated CEO who is keen to see the company accomplish the goals that it has set out to do. As the head of the company, he is committed to making sure that he develops a plan that will work for the company. Anthony has brought in skills that were missing in the company. Since he joined, he has implemented measures that have seen the company move its operations to more than 25 locations in the world. In all most every continent, there is a project that Nabors Industries is carrying out. Tony Petrello: One of the Highest Paid CEO in the Nation
Anthony Petrello brilliance has enabled the company to make changes that have improved the development of the company in a very good way. He has made sure that all the workers of the company are well compensated so that they can give their all. Anthony is dedicated to the mission of bringing transformation in the industry than ever before. Anthony Petrello a dedicated manager of Nabors Industries is now making to the headlines as one of the best-paid CEOs in the country. Tony Petrello Welcomes Tommy Tune Home To Houston

Anthony Petrello has been a man of many hats. He is not only a business executive heading Nabors industries, he is also a philanthropist who have contributed millions towards the establishment of the biggest neurological research center in the world. He is ready to make changes that will impact the lives of thousands of children from the country who are affected by neurological disorders.

Anthony Petrello has a daughter who suffers from neurological diseases. Carena was born with this condition. There is no treatment that is available in the world that can deal with the problem that she has. This is the reason why he is sponsoring research in this medical field. Tony Petrello Helps to Launch the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital


Eli Gershovitch Entrepreneur and Brew Master

Domestic beer and mass markets have promoted beer for years. There are so many beer Empires. The times are changing now with micro brewery’s. Massive beer companies are slowly losing ground to these micro brewery’s. People want change. They like to try new things.

Canadian Eli Gershovitch is an entrepreneur, lawyer,Pilot, and fine beer crafstman. Eli graduated from the University of Toronto with a law degree. After completing school, he travelled to Europe where he got his first taste of Belgian beer. There were so many variety of to choose from ranging from a pale Ale to a deep dark red lager. Read more about his craft beers at The Bro Talk.

This was the moment when Eli got inspired and knew that this was his path to achieve something great!

Sure these Microbrewries don’t have the funding to make stellar commercials like the Budweiser commercials during the Super bowl games. But micro brewery’s don’t need that. They start very local by word of mouth and then explode into the next BIG thing.

When Eli returned to Vancouver, he opened up a successful law practice and he began researching the craft brewery business. He was on his way to becoming a top brew master.

However, It wasn’t all smooth sailing for Eli. He couldn’t get a liquor license from the strict laws in Canada. There were many problem about regulations in Canada and the landmark spot that he chose to begin his micro brewing journey. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at

 Without a liquor license, how can you run and sell beer?

Eli, as a practicing lawyer helped other clients to get their liquor license and he found ways to get the licensing to work for him. The problem was that the licensing board denied the application for the right to serve alcohol and did recognize his location as a residential neighborhood.

Together with the local people in the town they rallied and lobbied to get the bill passed and Eli was finally opened for business!

Steamworks Brewery is now open!

What amazing selections there are. So are so many selections. There is Jasmine IPA, golden in color and pours out white with a hint of Jasmine flowery tones.

Heroica Red Ale This robust red ale has citrus and pine note and is one of the award winning beers that Eli has crafted.

Steamworks quickly became a global favorite for fine crafted beers.

Eli followed his passion in the libation arts and together with his law degree made success happen.


Incredible Entrepreneurial Traits of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is an Emirati entrepreneur who was born 1952 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Hussain is well known for his skills in the real estate field for he has taken the Emirati property developer industry to another level. He is the founder and chairman of DAMAC Properties. At the beginning of 2017, he was listed by Forbes among the top 10 billionaires in the World’s Richest Arabs list. Learn more:


Due to his hard work and education excellence, he received a scholarship which made him be one of the scholars from UAE to be sent by the government to the US. He attended the University of Washington where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics.


He began his career journey at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries serving in the finance department. After two years, he opened an eatery supplying food to many services including Bechtel and the U.S. military. The catering is still operating up to date under the name Global Logistics Services. In 2002, Mr. Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties, one of the leading property developers in the Middle East.


DAMAC Properties has established about 19,000 apartments and has more than 44,000 units being developed. In 2015, DAMAC Properties was ranked among companies which have shares traded on the Dubai Financial Market. Examples of well-known projects developed by DAMAC Properties are the Trump International Golf Club which makes sales averaging to $ 2 billion, Trump World golf course which is designed by Tiger Woods and will start its operations in 2018, paramount hotels and resorts and luxury villas designed by Bugatti among others.


Hussain Sajwani Family and that of the US President, Donald Trump, have a productive relationship. In addition to the partnership of the development of golf courses, they also have a partnership in the real estate industry where they are partnering to help each other enhance trades. Moreover, they also have a family friendship for example the two families celebrated the New Year’s Eve together. The DAMAC owner is also a philanthropist who is passionate about helping the society, for example, he donated AED 1 Million for the refugees in Lebanon and Jordan during the UAE compassion campaign among others, Hussain Sajwani is passionate about providing people with their dream homes. Learn more:

Jim Larkin was a Mover and Shaker in the Labor Union Industry

James Larkin was a labor organizer. He was born in Liverpool, England in 1876 and died in 1947 in Dublin, Ireland. He grew up poor and worked a variety of jobs to help his family. Larkin took on the Liverpool docks as a foreman.

He thought workers were not treated fairly. He joined NUDL (National Union of Dock Laborers) and in 1905 he turned his attention to being a union organizer full time. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

His strike methods were considered militant and the union became very alarming for the group. In 1907 he was transferred to Dublin, Ireland and he founded the ITGWU (Irish Transport and General Workers Union). The purpose of the group was to combine both skilled and unskilled industrial works into one organization.

Jim Larkin later formed the Irish Labor Party and was responsible for leading a series of strikes to bring about better fair employment practices. In 1913, Larkin led the Dublin Lockout where more than 100,000 workers went on strike for eight months and won the right to fair employment practices.

During World War One, Larkin traveled to the United States to raise funds to fight the British. He also led anti-war demonstrations in Dublin. In 1920, while in the United States, Larkin was convicted of communism and criminal activity.

He was eventually pardoned and was back in Ireland on a deportation order. In 1924, he organized the Workers Union of Ireland and was recognized by the International. Organization of Communism.

Most Irish labor unions seemed to be British based and Irish workers felt the unions did not serve the best interest of the Irish workers. Jim Larkin felt unions should be International and he formed the ITGWU.

The idea behind the venture was to create one union for all workers. The Great Labor Unrest occurred and the ITGWU was brought into the mix and the union grew from 5,000 to more than 15,000 members. Read more: James Larkin | Biography

The Irish Trades Union Congress was established and Larkin became more popular than ever. The charm of the group was short lived as the group became dependent on the casual workers such as the employment sector of the Dublin trams. The tramway boss was not a fan of Larkin and the influence he had on the workers and worked to purge Larkin and the group from the transportation system.

Larkin eventually tired of the union business and decided to become a worldwide public speaker.

Brian Bonar: Visionary and Successful Businessman

Being an entrepreneur is not always as glamorous fancy as it seems. People have to work countless hours, day and night to get somewhere. They miss out on holidays, weddings, trips with the family, just to build their business to a successful platform. Some businesses fail, and others succeed. One entrepreneur and businessman is making his mark in the world through his pure genius. Here is a little bit about him: Brian Bonar is a man of many talents. He is a successful finance executive and guru. He has many years of experience as a financial business leader, and has served as one at companies such as Dalrada Financial Corporation. Brian is also the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at Trucept, which is a professional employer organization, primarily in the healthcare industry. They also help make packages for benefits and help companies payroll and taxes. Brian attended James Watt Technical College and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. From there he went to Stafford University to get his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

As far as accomplishments in the career field, Brian Bonar worked as a procurement manager at IBM and then became the Director of Engineering for QMS. The he was in charge of managing over 100 employees. He continued as a Sales Manager for Adaptec, and then started his own company called Bezier Systems Inc. Not bad for the Stafford graduate. His approach to life is personal and creative, which plays a large role in his specialty: acquisitions and mergers. In 2000, Brian received the Who’s Who in America, an award that sheds light on up coming brilliant minds that are making their mark in the world. In his free time he likes to spend time with his family, go on boat trips, and golf.

Brian Bonar is the founder of a whopping seven enterprises and is moving into the role of business consultant. Although he specializes in acquisitions and mergers, he also excels at marketing strategies, lead generation, the development of innovative sales, and process improvement. He is just an all around intelligent and innovative entrepreneur and businessman. In 1989 he quit his job at QMS and started working for Rastek Corporation as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. There he flourished and helped Rasteck provide such technology all around the world. Later when he started his own company, Bezier Systems, he created and marketed the first ever SCSI based printer. He worked with printer manufacturers internationally in Korea and Japan. In 2008 Brian wanted a new start, so he was hired as President at Allegiant Professional Business Services. Along the way he founded and managed AMS Outsourcing. It is a San Diego, California based business. With all his success he still stays humble and has a passion for helping companies and people thrive.

Whitney Wolfe Changes The Way Dating Is Done With The Bumble Date App

The combination of hardware and software developments in recent years have allowed the Internet to mature into a multi media platform where people can literally go into a virtual world that provides them with almost the same capabilities that they have in real life. Aspects of the Internet such as social media have made the Internet a place where family and friends go to keep in touch on a regular basis.

People can communicate in ways that were thought impossible a generation ago using the Internet. Also, other technology has been developed that works in conjunction with the Internet or uses some of its capabilities to provide people with new ways of communicating and completing tasks. One of these are apps. Commonly used on smartphones, apps provide people with many different ways to do a large scope of activities.

One of the areas where apps have become frequently used is in the area of dating. There are numerous date apps on the market that give people options regarding dating that they did not have in prior generations. With date apps, people can get the opportunity to meet people based on specific desires or needs. Whitney Wolfe who is the founder of the Bumble date app has made a huge impact on dating technology over the past decade. She has help to bring two date apps to the market.

The Bumble date app is Whitney Wolfe’s most sensational app that she has presented to the public. The Bumble date app gives people many advantageous concerning the dating scene. With the Bumble date app, people are able to use the features of the app to design a personality trait that sets a defined scope of traits that people are interested in finding in other people. With a set of personality traits set using the dating app, people are provided with a list of people that meet these traits.

At this point, people just contact the people they are interested in meeting and moving forward getting to know. However, Whitney Wolfe made the Bumble date app more concise and quicker in providing the list. Whitney Wolfe realizes that in society today people want things fast.

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Sam Tabar’s Unique Investing Endeavors


A lot of people don’t know what kind of person to turn to when searching for someone to guide and manage their funds. It’s often a risky situation and when you don’t have the time to really look into it, you may not be happy with what you find. There are trusted options out there. Sam Tabar has been an investment manager throughout the majority of his career. He worked for Bank of America where he was the Head of Capital Strategy working under Merrill Lynch. His basic duties were to give asset managers an opening to the institutional investors. This meant that he bridged connections to endowments, pensions, and funds of funds.

If we look further back into his career we can find that that’s not the only thing he managed. As the Co-Head of Marketing for Sparx Group, he managed all sections of the global marketing spectrum. Sparx Group was the biggest independent fund in Asia Pacific. Sam Tabar’s exquisite resume continues on with his experience working for attorney Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate and Flom. He also has experience with attorney Shulte, Roth, and Zabel. And not only does he have a substantial resume, he also has a superior education. He attended Columbia Law School and received a Masters in Law. And it doesn’t stop there. Sam Tabar also attended Oxford University and earned a Bachelor of Arts and graduated with honors. He extended his realm of experience when he was editor of Columbia Business Law Journal. And he is still active in being a part of a contributable community. Today, he is still a member of the New York State Bar.

Sam Tabar has done his own private investing as well, documented on He got his foot in the door early with Tribute. And also was an early part of SheThinx, a company of which that has reborn the feminine hygiene product industries missions. SheThinx is empowering women all over, and it’s thanks to investors like Sam Tabar. So, in all reality he has really outdone himself in expressing his concern for individual assets and showing interest in empowering companies.  As the COO of Full Cycle Fund, Sam Victor Tabar is definitely determined to make things happen.

Dick DeVos and his wife continue their charity work

Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy Devos, run the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to bring justice, education, leadership and art to the communities of Western Michigan.

Dick DeVos began his journey as an Amway Executive. He and his wife started their work as philanthropists as a way of giving back to the communities that gave them their start. DeVos left Amway in 1991 to become the owner of the Orlando Magic, and he left the Magic in 1993 to take over as president of the Amway corporation. While he served as president, he boosted the company’s sales to record levels.

The DeVos’s philanthropy focuses on helping religious, artistic and educational institutions bring about a greater sense of community in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas of Western Michigan. Its grantees include Kids Hope USA, the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan, ArtPrize Grand Rapids, Calvin College, Princeton University and many others.

Dick DeVos has long supported private school vouchers in order to give parents a choice between public and private schools. Public schools, especially in the inner cities, have failed their students for years. He believes that the way to solve this problem is to introduce competition.

More of his philosophy is detailed in his book:

The book contains an introduction by Gerald Ford, a former president of the United States. Although he has not been active as an author lately, Dick DeVos remains politically active and serves as a member of many local government bodies.

The Importance of Investment Banking


One of the most important aspects of the economy is investment banking. There are many people who invest with these banks in order to earn a higher rate of return over time. Anyone who wants to use an investment bank usually has to meet certain net worth qualifications. There are a lot of people who want to work in the investment banking industry. Although the hours are long, the work is usually lucrative for top performers. One of the most popular investment bankers today is Martin Lustgarten. Over the past couple of years, he has greatly expanded his practice to bring on more clients.

Martin Lustgarten

There are few people who have as much experience in the field as Martin Lustgarten does. Over the past couple of years, he has been there to help people throughout the process. There are a lot of investors who look to him for advice. Since the start of his career, he has been passionate about delivering a quality service to customers. This is one of the biggest reasons why his financial planning practice grows so quickly. In the world of investment banking, there are few people as popular as Martin Lustgarten.

Investment Banking

As an investment banker, there are a lot of people who want to get your advice on certain investments. Since the financial crash, investment banking as a whole is growing. This is good news overall for the economy because it means people are more willing to invest their money with banks. There are a lot of people who were worried about the future of banking after the last housing crash.


There are a lot of people who are interested in the investment banking world. Martin Lustgarten is a great example of a person who has success in this industry. Over the past couple of years, he has been able to build up his book of business with great success.