Chef Patrick Ponsar Hands Riegns of Bellamy to Brian Bonar

With plans of opening a new restraunt in Esconido at The Ranch at Bandy Canyon, Chef Patrick Ponsar has handed the reigns of his old restraunt Bellany to entrepreneur Brian Bonar.

The Scottish entrepreneur helped start the restaurant, and was chief in its design and execution. He planned the restaurant and helped find the talent that would make it a sucess. That is why Chef Ponsar feels confident leaving the day to day operations to Brian Bonar, as reported in Modern Luxury San Diego.

This remarkable restraunt has been compared to finding the Beatles playing in your local dive, because it is so unexpected to find so a great chef and such great food in such an unusual location.

The cusine has been favorably reviewed by a number of publications since the restraunt first opened and has since gained a dedicated following of customers.

The menu includes some incredibly crafted luxuries, including Suzie’s Farm beet sorbet with watercress and goat cheese, and candles from Bourdox, among other things. The menu is classically French, a rare find in Southern California, where the cusine is more health conscious and Mexican inspired.

The restraunt is housed in a beautiful piece of 1880’s architecture that has been called an oasis of molecular gastronomy. The building features an adobe style structure and old world charm. Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

The cusine helped Ponsar win the prestigious Melelsiur de France in 2012. He and Bellamy are one of 2 restraunts in San Diego to win the prestigious award, and only one of ten in all of California.

Brian Bonar is uniquely qualified to take over the reigns of the restraunt that he helped to create. He has years of experince as an expert financier, and has led many successful campaigns during his career.

Currently he is also the leader of Trucept, Incorporated and has also been a leader of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Bellamy is a side project for Bonar, but he puts the same passion and dedication in his restaurant as he does all of his other projects.

Brian Bonar has a strong technical and financial background, having recieved his degree from James Watt Technical College. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering, he went on to get his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University. Read more: Board of Directors – Dalrada Financial

Since then his has built up an impressive resume, starting with his days at IBM as a procurment manager, up until today where he works as a leader at Trucept, Incorporated.

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