How became an authority in the lip balm industry

The idea of EOS lip balm came up when Mehra who specialized in consumer packaged goods and Teller with experience in start-up incubators, decided to come together and think of a way to revamp the world of beauty in the drug store. They were motivated to take this challenge after an extensive research and found out that most of the products in the industry still looked very much like those made close to 100 years ago.

According to their research, a majority of the brands in the lip balm industry focused mainly on reducing the cost of the products to have an advantage regarding price competition. They saw the product being immensely used by women as part of their daily makeup and yet producers weren’t paying much attention to making it more valuable and appealing. This was a clear indication of laziness on the side of these brands, and so they thought it was a big opportunity.

Before setting out to produce the lip balm, they thought of how it will capture all the 5 human senses. This would help to connect with the users emotionally and not just be another ordinary beauty product.

The Challenge they faced in the industry.

Coming up with a new and interesting product is one thing and getting to be known to start making those dream sales is a different story. For a start up to compete with big brands like chapstick was certainly not going to be easy.

Most of the consumers at drug stores had their doubts about this new product and some tend to continuously remain loyal to their existing brand until they get positive testimonies of the product from those who have used it.

Mehra and Teller decided to hire a sales representative since he already had some experience in the process. Their team was fortunate to meet with a female buyer and given that the product was designed for females, the woman just loved it and so they made their first sale. The product was then launched successfully, after which eBay, Target and Walmart decided to sell EOS in their stores.

To cope quickly with the competition, they created a production facility that is automated to meet up with the demands of new accounts.

Mehra and Teller targeted women between the ages of 25 and 35 who are very conscious of style. They also contacted bloggers who make reviews and talk bout it on social media. For more information, visit the website and view the company profile on Linked In (