EOS is Changing the Lip Balm Industry

The lip balm and lip care industry have been the same for over one hundred years. Seven years ago, a new company came onto the scene and made everyone rethink lip balm. EOS, Evolution of Smooth, showed up out of nowhere and completely changed the entire lip balm industry for the better.

According to FastCompany.com, before EOS, anyone who thought of lip balm thought of Chapstick and the cylinder tube. There were very few flavors to choose from and were almost thought of as boring. EOS decided to change all of that. Research told them that their made buyers were women and they wanted something exciting.

The flavors were not the only thing that was changing. With the help of a clay artist, the orb shape would be the new shape for EOS lip balm, This shape was easy to hold and allowed for the maximum application.

In recent years, it has been a hot trend to use more and more organic ingredients in products. EOS decided to continue this trend. While they were using organic ingredients in their lip balm, they were able to keep their prices in line with the rest of the competition. They are now offering a better product for the same price.

Marketing proved to be a hassle but a Walgreens sales representative told them yes. She placed them on their shelves and had excellent results. Other stores soon followed and now EOS lip orbs are being used by famous celebrities.

In just seven years, EOS was able to completely revamp the classic lip balm and move into the number two slot. They are constantly working on new products and how to make the company even better. The future looks very bright for EOS. For more information, visit evolutionofsmooth.com.

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EOS Lip Balm For Busy People

Lip balm can be a personal thing. You pick one you like and you stick to it, but Evolution of Smooth lip balm is a great choice for your dry chapped lips. You may be wondering what it does for your lips and what makes it so great to use.
What is EOS Lip Balm?

There are a lot of lip balms on advertised on Facebook today. Many of them have some of the same ingredients, but the addition of some other ones can help it to make your lips feel better. EOS has shea butter and some other ingredients that add moisture to the lips as well as help heal some damage from the weather or dry air from the area you live in. The combination of ingredients as well as the way they are kept good in the containers.

Why use EOS Lip Balm?
There are several reasons you might want to look at using this lip balm. The biggest is to help your lips to feel better. When the air is dry, it can cause your lips to dry out as well. This means you are healing your lips when you use the lip balm. The skin around your lips is very sensitive and adding lip balm can help you to get your lips feeling better in a short amount of time.

EOS lip balm is a great choice to help your lips to feel better or to help them to heal when they are dry. You can try others, but this one is going to give your lips the best feeling and keep them moisturized for a long time to come.

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