Lime Crime & Its Expansion Into The Far East

Lime Crime is at it again. This cosmetic company is back in the news again thanks to making huge waves within this dynamic industry. The cosmetic industry is booming with activity and Lime Crime has helped to revolutionize this field of work. Founded by Doe Deere, this company has conquered the American market, but now it has its eyes on China. Unfortunately, if Lime Crime want to sell its products in China then it will have to follow strict regulations. For any cosmetic products that are sold at wholesale prices, those products will have to be tasted on animals. Of course, this exclusive company is vegan, and it doesn’t partake in animal-testing.

Any and all foreign countries that don’t partake in animal-testing can bypass this shipping process only if they ship the products directly into Chine itself. The concept may sound easy, but it has its drawbacks. There are many complexities to shipping directly from the United States to China. Handling international returns, transportation logistics, taxes and foreign inquiries can be a headache even for the most successful companies. On top of that, many of Lime Crime’s products has already been counterfeited. This is a double-blow in a sense, which sent the company back to the drawing board. China just so happens to be the “knockoff” capital of the world. Selling in this new market would be challenging because many of the company’s products have already been counterfeited.

After teaming up with Los Angeles-based Revolve, the company was able to market its authentic products through Resolve’s online platform. It’s a win-win situation by both parties because they will receive a ton of traffic. Thanks to some great marketing techniques, Chinese consumers can now differentiate between the authentic products and the faux products. The future of this brand is in great hands, and it looks like it’ll be around for quite some time.