Wengie is Pleased with a New Hair Treatment

With an enthusiastic demeanor Wengie, Youtube beauty blogger, reveals her dark blonde hair with new blue tips, also known as dip- dye ombre, in her video, “ New Hair Color and Hair Therapy Treatment Experience”. Wengie also provide an explanation for her desire for blonde hair which includes a love for Britney Spears music.

As an aside, Wengie informs her audience that colored hair requires more maintenance than natural hair. She also provides an example of ways to conceal colorful ends if a more natural hair color is needed in a professional environment.

She then goes to discuss the purpose of the video which is information about hair treatment. She informs that she was selected as a test subject for a hair treatment for damaged hair; as one will see on the bottles in the video the treatment brand is labelled Evox. According to Wengie, this treatment contains a protein used by physicians to heal individuals in a burn unit. Wengie records the treatment process in the salon and ends the video with a pleasing before and after, and her hair does appear to have a much smoother and healthier look after the treatment.


A Look Inside of Wengie’s Apartment

Wengie, an Aussie beauty blogger on YouTube has given us a peek inside of her apartment. While the space is very light and airy, it is definitely exactly what you would expect the apartment of a young woman to look like. YouTubers do in fact live just like us! Take a look inside and get some inspiration from this little tour.

Starting off in the living room, we get a peek at her simple couch and trunk coffee table. Beside it is her favorite area of the whole apartment, her makeup area. This is an interesting place to put her setup, but it makes sense for her filming arrangement. The other half of the living room is dedicated to brightly colored storage. Wengie has her favorite chair positioned in the corner next to her bold drapes, and her television is mounted beneath heaps of shelves lined with bins.

Next we are taken to her study area, just off of the front door next to the living room. A plain desk hold a few electronics and more storage boxes for magazines and important paperwork. There is not too much going on over here, as it is mostly a place for work. Wengie glosses over her kitchen, claiming there is nothing to see there, then takes us through her hall of little bits and bobs. Simple shadow boxes hold a few plastic figures that lead you right into her bedroom.

Last but not least, we get to peek inside of her bedroom, which is a bit like a mini walk-in closet. Her bed sits next to an open rack that holds all of her shoes and clothing. This really helps the small space feel a bit bigger, and decorated without actually decorating!

Wengie’s home shows us that YouTubers live just like us, and do not have picture perfect homes! While her apartment is adorable, it is also attainable. For more of Wengie’s videos, check out her channel here.


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