Barcelona’s Attacking Trio Seemingly Unstoppable

A pass from Messi to Suarez, once more to Neymar, goal. Messi to Suarez to Neymar, another goal. This particular combination of pass, pass, goal, came Tuesday at the second leg of the semifinals against the German giants Bayern Munich.

Although Barca lost the second leg at 3-2, their first leg pummeling which ended in 3-0 meant they were allowed to essentially go on cruise control into the Champions League final. In Spain the trio is known merely as ‘MSN’, and they have almost single-handedly sent Barcelona into a position to take the Champions League and Spanish league cups, which the team has not done since 2009. Neymar’s two goals Tuesday gave him nine for the Champions League season, which is one behind Lionel Messi and three more than counterpart Luis Suarez.

Barcelona have without a doubt constructed one of the most feared forward lines of the season, if not in the history of the sport. The trio will surely be put to the ultimate test later in the month in the champions League final, where they will face Italy’s Juventus or rivals Real Madrid for the sports most sought after cup.

Thanks to Crystal Hunt for showing me this.