Al Horford Pushes Atlanta to Brink of Series Win

The Atlanta Hawks are probably the most under appreciated top seed in recent basketball history. The Hawks breezed through the regular season without any trouble, routinely go weeks without taking a loss. Atlanta won without being flashy, despite having four All Stars on their team. Perhaps it is just the nature of being a team in a secondary market, but Atlanta was getting no love coming into the post season. Then the Hawks started to struggle with the Washington Wizards and people came out of the wood work to ‘tell them they knew all along’. Well, those people would be wrong, and Al Horford made sure to emphasize it.

Washington has gone toe to toe with Atlanta throughout this series and they came into last nights game with the whole thing tied up at 2 – 2. The Hawks were looking anywhere from answers and outside of Demarre Carrol, nobody else was answering. So Al Horford put the team on his back and became the franchise player that Atlanta needed, at least for the night according to Crystal Hunt (

Al was a calming presence in the middle of the paint, shutting down Washington drives all game long. In the box score Horford added 23 points, 11 rebounds, and 5 blocks to lead the team to victory.