Lori Senecal : How to Keep Employees Motivated

Lori Senecal is an influential individual in the corporate world. Lori Senecal has proven to the world that women can become great leaders in the competitive world and still achieve success. Lori has worked in several companies in the past, and she has shown her excellence, especially in the leadership position.

Several years ago, Lori Senecal was appointed to serve as the chief executive officer of a company called KBS+.Under her leadership, the organization grew significantly, and it increased its revenue. The employees in the group were motivated to perform well by the businesswoman, and this resulted in massive profits. As the chief executive officer of the successful organization, Lori asked all her employees to take a course in venture capital.

When Senecal was demanding for the workers to take the venture capital course, many people wanted to quit their jobs in the organization and later on start their companies. However, this was not the case. Senecal wanted to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in the employees so that they can shape the business model of the advertising agency.

In the past, many managers in organizations believed that the only way to tap their employees to create change is keeping suggestion boxes in several corners of the organization. However, Senecal has proven that turning the workers into a company into more celebrated innovators takes more than just giving them inspiring speeches and writing ideas on the whiteboard.

According to PRNews Wire, Lori Senecal says that many businesses are failing because they are using the wrong approaches to keep their employees motivated. The people who use strategic conversation in their organizations can get excellent results at the end of the financial year. The market is very competitive currently, and the people who can keep up are the ones who will embrace the best techniques. Without the employees, the company will only be getting losses now and then. Many companies have all the resources and marketing strategies they are looking for, but they tend to forget the employees who remain focused. These individuals are paramount when it comes to the performance of an organization.

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José Henrique Borghi Strategies For Advertising Excellence

Each advertising professional brings unique skills, experience and perspective to their agency; but then there are those who excel in the industry. As an a standout, José Henrique Borghi, owner of the Brazilian advertising agency, Mullen Lowe, is considered among the finest in the field. One of the reasons, Mullen Lowe Brasil receives a great deal of well-deserved recognition is that Borghi is consistently pushing the limits. He designed the campaign, Mammals of Parmalat, which featured children dressed as stuffed animals singing. The campaign was a big success and it is still talked about today.

José Henrique Borghi started out by paying attention to details. His interest in the industry was spurred by his sister. She decided to provide him with a career boost early on by taking him to see various advertising displayed theater. From that point on, Borghi was certain that advertising was the best possible career for him. He went on to earn a degree in advertising from the PUC Campinas to learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jose-henrique-borghi#/entity click here.

After graduation his first job was with the Standart Ogilvy agency. It was soon very obvious to those around him that José Henrique Borghi had an affinity for the advertising business. After a few stints with other agencies, he opened his own with partner, Erh Ray. The identity of that smaller agency, received attention for well planned campaigns and out of that growth came a natural merger, which ended up becoming, Borghi Lowe. From there, the performance advertising agency called for an even larger collaboration, José Henrique Borghi joined Lowe & Partners with the Mullen Group, to create Mullen Lowe.

José Henrique Borghi love for advertising as a medium teaches us that excellence deserves attention. His abilities and knowledge of the advertising industry lead to success. He was able to build a larger platform through the careful execution of well thought campaigns.