How Alexandre Gama’s Success is Giving the Advertisement Industry a New Meaning

In some cases, finding global success in any industry can be extremely slim as the industry is filled with professionals who are thirsty for success. Alexandre Gama, who is an advertising professional, has proved to people that it is possible to succeed. He uses his own period of time he took to grow from being a writer to owning his very own global ad agency as proof.

He took nearly seventeen years for him to accomplish his goal and own an ad agency. Very few people haven’t seen an advertising campaign done by Alexandria Gama as he has won various awards in his home country Brazil and all over the world. He has also won awards in some of the world’s prestigious festivals appreciating what he does.

Mr. Gama spent most of his career time working in many positions at some of Brazil’s best agencies. He received his opportunity at Standard & Ogilvy as a writer. By 1999, Alexandre had decided to open his very own agency as a way of improving hi CEO position at one of Brazil’s agencies.

Alexandre Gama named his firm Neogama and it became the fastest growing agencies in Brazil after operating for the first three years. Under the leadership of Alexandre, the agency was able to win Cannes Golden Lion in its first year. It was the first advertisement agency ever to win this prize in Brazil.

To many, he is viewed as an extraordinary business leader, and there is much more to his life than his ability to build a strong business partnership. Mr. Gama has an interest in the music industry and has engaged himself in various music projects throughout Brazil.

He also decided to showcase his work at the Brazilian Art Museum and partnered with Briggs Automotive Company. He believes that through people seeing what he does, they will be inspired and pursues their dream like Gama did.