Thor Halvorssen Discusses U.S. And Global Politics On Fox Business

Fox Business Channel host Trish Regan has been forthright in her views that the supporters of U.S. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders do not fully understand what he stands for; to combat the problem she sees with Sanders reliance on socialist policies Regan invited Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen to her show, “The Intelligence Report”, to discuss socialism and the Presidential race. The result was both an entertaining and informative discussion on the benefits and drawbacks of socialism based upon his own experiences of living under different kinds of governments.

Although he has based his Human Rights Foundation in New York and works as a Hollywood film producer Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela and has lived under the rule of conservative, left leaning, and socialist governments. Halvorssen is therefore able to give his opinion on both the definition of socialism and how it can affect an entire nation of people; the definition of socialism given by Thor Halvorssen revealed his deep knowledge of politics and how much he cares about the subject. The producer of a documentary on the uprising in Hungary against Socialist rule in the mid 20th century also looked at his own personal experiences with a socialist dictatorship, which resulted in his own parents losing their human rights at the hands of government officials.

After detailing the problems and benefits of socialism Thor Halvorssen went on to explain his own view that the only candidate he can safely vote for is the self described Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders. Halvorssen revealed his view that the leading candidates for each of the two main parties have links to nations and groups that go against the work he has been completing with the Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum.

Alongside the human rights issues Thor Halvorssen has revealed about the leading candidates in the U.S. Presidential race he has also explained the problems he now finds with many of the GOP candidates and their racist rhetoric. Halvorssen explained he struggles to cope with much of the rhetoric used by the main Republican candidates and has therefore chosen to give his support to Sanders in the form of a financial donation.

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