A Few Facts About Andy Wirth’s Love For A Clean Power Plan

Andy Wirth was a happy man when the Reno City Council voted in full support of the Clean Power Plan. He was happy that the vote had brought the country much nearer to access clean, renewable power and move away from coal power. According to the Reno-Gazette Journal, the council joined another not less than a dozen individually owned companies that were also in full support of the plan and Andy was optimistic that with the council joining the team, it was more likely that their plea for a better energy alternative would be heard.

He also pointed out that so as to cope up with the ever-changing times, the clean power plan was inevitable. He said that the plan was all about creating a better power alternative that was devoid of impurities as well as creating a better economy that could be easily sustained. He said that with the progress already made on the plan, it was necessary for it to be implemented immediately on to a later date in the future.

He also called on all citizens to start demanding more from their elected officials and not just empty promises. He said that leaders need to provide actual leadership and not just compliance and was optimistic that if they did, the area would make tremendous steps towards becoming the first in using the Clean Power Plan in the globe.

Andy is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and has a wealth of experience managing tourism hotels. He is also an environment conservation enthusiast who commits a lot of his time and money towards supporting organizations with the same goal.

He was born in 1963 and is a Bachelors of Science degree holder from Colorado State University. He was born in Germany and attended his high school in Scotland. Andy’s passion is not only about helping in matters environmental conservation, he has also been involved in raising funds for the Navy Seal members to use when they return home from war. He has also survived a nearly fatal sky-diving accident in the past that made him have a better and bigger focus on working hard in life.

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