Larkin & Lacey

Women have seen some tough days in the United States. The prevailing perspective was that women should be kept at home to raise children. It was considered to be the most ethical thing for a woman to stay home, give birth to children, raise children and not work.

Anything that deviated from that standard was either met with scorn and less respect, or pity from the idea that something was wrong in the woman’s life. There was a glass ceiling of social stigmas that kept women from attaining apprenticeships, entering many industries and being educated. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

There were times when the bread-winning husbands of women in the lower socioeconomic classes died, plunging those women and their many children into debt and poverty. Of course, situations still happen like that now at days.

Just because women go to college and pursue careers, that doesn’t mean that nobody is poor, or that nobody financially relies on anybody else. However, back in the day, if women were allowed to attain education and have more careers open to them, perhaps some women who circumstantially ended up impoverished and desperate could have kept their heads above water in a dignified fashion.

Ever since colonial times, there were women who engaged in prostitution because there were so few avenues to go down to make money. Before a cure for syphilis was discovered, people would die of syphilis, as well as other diseases. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Syphilis was common among prostitutes, and contributed to the fact that an enormous percentage of prostitutes in New York City had roughly an average lifespan of four more years if they kept prostituting themselves. Syphilis was a new world disease that had originated in Hispaniola and made its way to Europe shortly after Columbus’s ocean trek.

Because of women’s tough days in America and in the world, organizations like Femen, the National Organization for women and the Lower East Side Girls Club have done great things to advocate for women’s rights. They have also encouraged members to develop their minds and bodies in order to further empower themselves.

Another organization that encourages people to develop their minds and bodies is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The fund commits to this goal by funding a selection of diverse organizations that focus on different parts of immigrant and Hispanic experiences. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two mindful prodigies, gave rise to the fund in the early 2010s.

No More Swiping Right for Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. She majored in international studies at Southern Methodist University. When the BP oil spill occurred it tugged at Whitney’s heart. She decided to design bamboo tote bags and the proceeds from the sales benefited oil clean-up efforts. She created a non-profit with Patrick Aufdenkamp called the “help us project” which benefited from her bag sales. When she graduated Southern Methodist University Whitney traveled to Southeast Asia to help in orphanages. By the age of 24 Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble. Bumble is one of the most popular dating apps with over 11.5 million registered users. Bumble is expanding under Whitney’s leadership and is opening a new app called BumbleBFF. BumbleBFF helps people connect with potential friends. Whitney likes playing a role in bringing people together, whether it is for relationships or friendships.

While vacationing to Aspen in 2014 Whitney met Michael Herd. Michael is the heir to Herd Producing Company which is a Texas oil production company. They dated for a while and got engaged July 2016. Whitney and Michael recently secretly got married in the Villa Tre Ville Positano which is located along the Amalfi Coast. While the couple has not publically announced their marriage; the guests at their wedding were posting Instagram photos of the ceremony and reception. Whitney looked absolutely stunning in her Oscar de la Renta gown. Guests made sure to hashtag all of the shared photos with homeiswheretheherdis. This is a fun play off of Michael’s last name.

The wedding ceremony and reception were absolutely awe inspiring. The tables were adorned with beautiful place settings and natural soft light from candle sticks strategically placed throughout the arrangement. Guests were able to take in the amazing views of the inspiring Italian coast. The reception venue was covered with a natural lemon tree canopy which played into the lemon accents of the meal. The wedding cake was a single tier cake that was covered in fresh cream and fruit. After the ceremony Whitney changed out of her lavish wedding gown and opted for a more comfortable silk slip dress. The beautiful beginning of Bumbles’ founders’ wedded life starts with the ending of swiping right.

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End Citizens United Advice To Democrats Heading Into The Midterm Elections

End Citizens United is an aggressive campaign finance movement that seeks to wrestle unchecked influence away from moneyed lobbyists who’ve taken over Washington. ECU started its activities in 2010 when the U.S Supreme Court made a controversial historic ruling that effectively removed regulations to Super PACs operating in the nation.

Derailing Public Interests

ECU knows all too well the effects of a company or an individual funding the elected politicians. These donors later become beneficiaries of perks from the ruling governments. Many-a-time, these favors granted to the billionaire lobbyists come at the expense of the will of the many. That’s why End Citizens United embarked on a quest to fund prospective Democrats with funds that have zero strings attached, apart from advocating the real interests of the common citizens.


Plans for the 2018 Midterms

Politico’s resident journalist, Maggie Severns, recently penned an article about the reformist campaigns by ECU. In the article, End Citizens United sends a strong message to all Democrats seeking elective posts in the forthcoming 2018 midterm US elections. ECU urges the party leaders to stay true to the campaign finance reform agenda. End Citizens United released comprehensive research findings via Politico. The studies by ECU are meant to serve as a campaigning guide to the Dems who have in recent years started falling out with their core voters. Democrats running for office in the 2018 midterm’s are encouraged to draft speeches that touch on pertinent aspects like removing the big money influence in Washington, health care, and jobs.

In the dossier, ECU cautioned the politicians against using mentioning End Citizens United in their forays for votes. Reason being that many Americans assume End Citizens to be an insurance company, as depicted by the TV ad’s sponsored by their critics.

About End Citizens United

Since launching in March 2015, the movement has made incredible strides on all fronts. One, they’ve managed to raise an estimated $35 million from over 2.5 million individual contributions from the masses. Two, Citizens United has around 360,000 donors and 3.3 million registered members in 2017.

Mission Objectives

Citizens United champions the agenda of undoing the rigged American political landscape. In a paradigm shift from the way things used to get done, this group has a cap limit on the amount a single political donor can give. That way, there’s no way an individual or a conglomerate can later arm-twist the authorities to doing their bidding. So far, ECU has played a crucial role in helping candidates who resonate with the core ideals it stands for. Additionally, the activists are renowned for mobilizing voters, especially the immigrants, to become more involved in the politics of their neighborhoods and states.

ECU’s board comprises of eminent personalities with a proven track record of reforms. These include Congressman Rob Barber, a one-time Congressman for Arizona’s 2nd District and Jessica Vanden Berg, who has a vast experience working with like-minded organizations like Free the Slaves and

How Experience and Commitment Spells Rodrigo Terpins’ Success Trail

Before a decade ago, Rodrigo Terpins was just like any other rally driver struggling to shine in this competitive line of sport. He always put a spirited fight in each of the competitions that he participated in Brazil. With his focus glued on winning and becoming an outstanding rally driver, he became an avid participant in the annual Sertoes Rally Championship recording improvements in each event. In 2002, his brother Michel Terpins registered in the championship in the motor cycle category where he performed reasonably by making it to the second round of events. To the surprise of many of his fans, he just switched into the T1 Prototype category joining Rodrigo Terpins as a navigator. Together they formed the Bull Sertoes Team which became a powerhouse in the event. In the 20th edition of the event in 2006, they won their first event with leads in the remaining stages of the 26000 kilometer-event.

Teaming Up with Fabricio Bianchini

Winning this championship in that year was a motivation to Rodrigo having put in a lot of efforts amidst the many accomplished rally drivers across Brazil. His fame in the Brazilian Cross Country Championship was also on the rise due to the duo’s commitment to the sport. After the 21st edition of the Sertoes Championship, Michel teamed up with an experienced navigator, Maykel Justo as Rodrigo teamed up with Fabricio Bianchini. In the 22nd edition of the event, their new combination earned them a top 5 finish amidst the various challenges that existed in the event. Rodrigo and his counterpart managed to cruise their T-Rex model past the rugged terrains in the mountainous parts of Brazil.

More Achievements

Coming to the 25th edition of the event was a pleasant occasion as they banked on their previous success and experiences to enable them better their chances of winning the event. Indeed they managed to win 2 out of the possible four stages of the rally, with an average time of 13 hours 50 minutes and 45 seconds for the events. It was one of Rodrigo Terpins’ most outstanding over the years as their nearest competitors were a distant 2 hours away from their comfortable finish.

For more info, check out his Facebook page.

The Texas Bankers Association & The Future of Regional Banks

When it comes to professional banking, there are numerous options to choose from. Banking provides us with numerous ways to save, store and grow wealth. Without banking, the world would come to a crashing halt. Have you ever heard of NexBank Capital? NexBank Capital is one of the leading regional banks in the Southeast. It specializes in commercial, investment and mortgage banking, but it hosts many other fine financial services. Located in Dallas, Texas, this financial institution is changing the game for regional banking thanks to its exceptional services. As of today, NexBank has an estimated $6.4 billion in total assets.

Every year in the month of November, the Texas Bankers Association hosts its Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. This is a place to where many industry insiders of regional banking get a chance to speak on a wide variety of topics. NexBank’s CEO John Holt, stopped by and served as a panelist for the event. Since being a part of the banker panel discussion, Holt shared his perspectives on innovation and competition from within this financial community. Reinventing Community Banking was the topic of discussion and Holt delivered his speech to an inquiring crowd. It was a hit of course as many advisors, lenders and consultants had a chance to finally hear this extraordinary person’s experiences. Annual growth, organic branching and strategy were all discussed, and it was in fine detail.

NexBank Capital was well represented at this event as expected. The bank has clients that range from large corporate businesses, to smaller middle-market companies. Even real estate firms have been clients of NexBank. At this rate, the future of regional banking is looking mighty bright. By the use of innovative technology, it can now perform on the same playing field as the much larger national banks and that’s a fact.

Greg Secker Helps Others Gain Financial Freedom

Greg Secker is a philanthropist who is out to help those less fortunate around the world. He has not always been a philanthropist and what he started out doing, it was involved in agriculture and food science. While he was studying at the university, Greg became interested in other areas such as computers. Greg became interested in older programs and how to code them. By becoming a nerd, so to speak, he was offered an interview position with the Thomas Cook Financial Services business.

Greg attended a job fair through the university and after speaking with someone from Thomas Cook, Greg was encouraged to apply to interview at the corporation and after interviewing, Greg took the position. Once he began working there, Greg was asked to join the team working on the currency trading floor of the Virtual Trading Desk which he did to begin the first currency trading program. It was during this time that Greg was around a large number of traders who helped him to learn strategies into coding of the computer programs which would help others to learn how to trade properly and effectively.

Once Greg made a good amount of money from the trading, he opted to retire. Once Greg began sitting around home and had nothing better to do, he decided to attend a seminar. It was while sitting through the seminars that he knew that he was able to do the same thing and to help others learn how to trade successfully.

Greg decided that he wanted to do more than simply help to build someone up and make them feel good for a few moments. He knew that he wanted to use his knowledge to help others learn something that would help them to gain financial freedom. He has gained attention through all of his seminars around the world and with his help, many have gained the freedom they needed to live the life they always wanted.

Greg started the Greg Secker Foundation which helps to teach the young generation the skills they need to be successful in life at an early age. He helps them to shape the way their lives will go and will help them to learn to be successful before failing at age 35.

Paul Mampilly: a Successful Investor In The Obviously Competitive Financial Sector

Paul Mampilly is a former Wall Street guru, investment analyst, and researcher. Having dedicated his entire life in this corporate arena, Paul Mampilly has acquired a significant professional experience that enables him to understand economic trends.

Paul Mampilly’s career background

Paul Mampilly has made his fortune from buying and selling stocks, and he is dedicated to ensuring that people understand how to make money on the Wall Street. He initiated his career decades ago as a portfolio manager working at Bankers Trust. In this company, he learned how to trade and manage finances. Paul Mampilly worked his way to the top into becoming an agent for multi-billion dollar companies. He also worked at Kinetics Asset Management where he enabled companies to manage some of the best hedge fund transactions. At Kinetics Asset Management, he was able to increase the company’s assets by $25 billion. He has also worked at Deutsche Bank where he was able to showcase his talents in finance and accounting. Paul Mampilly participated in the Templeton Foundation where he was able to grow the starting investment from $50 million to $88 million. This impressive track record enabled him to earn recognition in the financial industry.

Paul Mampilly’s commitment to investments

Paul Mampilly is currently committed to helping people make money for their retirement. His efforts are focused on helping people make productive investments. He has established Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited, companies he uses to expand his business agenda. Paul Mampilly has a vested interest in the Internet of Things (IoT). He is fascinated by the way appliances have become interconnected to the web. According to Paul Mampilly, Internet of Things is likely to change the cause of numerous industries, such as manufacturing, energy, food, marine, banking, and healthcare. His business ideas are centered on technology since he knows that there is so much to gain since the inception of Internet of Things. Paul Mampilly has read widely and owns a collection of books on various topics. He firmly believes that one can never go wrong with learning as much as possible. One his favorite books is a finance related book by Nicolas Darvas.

A Glance In The Future With Jason Hope

As the world progresses in areas of technology, one can expect to see changes in all the industries. Over the past decade, communications have been reinvented with the use of e-mail, organization has been modernized with e-planners and reminders, and businesses have found dozens of ways to use internet to better themselves.

A person that knows this all too well is a successful investor from Arizona, Jason Hope. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Arizona State University. Later on, he got his MBA from the same university, by attending the W.P. Carey School of Business. In words of Hope himself, upon graduations he got into the mobile technology communications because it reaches a lot of people and had room for growth. The vision that he had for improving this industry helped him become profitable almost immediately.

Nowadays, Jason Hope works to help other businesses as a fierce investor. His portfolio is where he gets majority of his income from. He gave up direct control and works through passive projects such as investments from small start-up companies that operate in his area. One of the latest innovation that he has been advocating for is the “Internet of Things”.

By applying internet communications to everything that surrounds people, Hope believes to be able to reduce poverty, inequality, and increase wages. The idea is to have every-day appliances such as lamps, refrigerators, ovens, and many more, connected to the Internet. This will enable all of the appliances to communicate among each-other, as well as to communicate with the user. For example, one could have their treadmill connected with freezer, and every time a person grabs a midnight ice-cream snack the treadmill would tell them how much they have to run to burn those calories.

Since the communications is the essential aspect of this idea, there is room for increasing people’s wages. If a worker could have a device that accurately tracks how much work they have done, they could get paid more. In the long run, Hope’s idea seems very possible and it has already created buzz in the world of businessman and women.

Other than business, Jason Hope is a big philanthropist. One of his personal endeavors included donating half-a-million of dollars to SENS Research Foundation. His hefty donation helped start some projects that work to prevent aging and innovate medicine. Presently, Hope is excited about further working with SENS and helping them accomplish their research.

Jason Hope has found a way to utilize his business skills to better the world. The revolutionizing vision of this entrepreneur helps take communication industry to the next level. His projects also work to aid under-developed areas, and provide an equal opportunity to every person!

Securus Technologies Looks To The Future

For years, Securus Technologies has led the public safety field because of their commendable work in the industry. They are known worldwide for their contributions to make the world a safer place for everyone.


Their clients are based in the US, and their largest client is the government of the United States. They assist them in their correction facilities. They have created a video system that allows the prisoners to communicate freely with their loved ones. This creates a milder atmosphere, and all parties are helped by it. That means, the prisoners, their loved ones and the staff of the facilities are safer because of it.


Since the company wanted people to know what they do, they asked them to come and visit their plant in TX. The visitors received a tour and presentation. It was educational and informative.


Securus Technologies receives a bunch of remarks and comments about the work they do for their clients. They were all positive in nature. They published them for all the people to see.


The company is steadily moving forward in an attempt to make the world a safer place. They are succeeding, as they move into the future. Their trained and educated staff work diligently to create new technologies that will benefit everyone. They are the leaders in the industry for a reason.