The Orange Coast College Rowers Are Heading To The Nationals With Spirit And The Intent To Win

Rowing is an amazing sport and the Orange Coast College team is heading for the nationals. Rowing is about nine people working as a team in unity, grace and power. Daniel Amado leads the team for the college and has returned after an injury to his back.

The assistant coach for the men’s rowing team is Steve Morris and rowing is in his bones. When he attended the college he was the coxswain for the rowing team and the rowers took their commands from him. Orange Coast College has eleven national titles for rowing and ten students who were competitors in world championships.

Rowing is considered an elite sport but it is brutal. Every year approximately eighty males sign up for the team and spend twenty hours training every week. When the season ends half of them have already left. Each student is required to carry four high quality boats to the dock as part of their training.

The Orange Coast College rowing team puts everything they have into the sport. Their oar strokes increase and their thighs strain as they compete against the other schools. They will face teams with twice as much training and much older students. The main event requires the rowers to cover 2,000 meters in just six minutes. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

Orange Coast College is in Costa Mesa, California and their campus covers 164 acres. The college was founded in 1947 and classes officially began in 1948. Each semester in excess 25,000 students enroll in over 135 career and academic programs. The college is the home to one of the most popular nautical programs and almost half the students are in one of the programs for Career and Technical Education.

Orange College transfers more students to California State Universities than any other community college in Orange County. Thousands of their students have transferred to CSU and UC campuses in the last ten years. Other students have transferred to private universities and colleges all over California.

Orange Coast College is a member of the Coast Community College District. They offers classes throughout the year and have received full accreditations from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


White Shark Media was endowed as the Google SMB Partnership AdWords™ Premier in 2014, July. Very few agencies have this fortunate credit, since Google hand-picks group of intentional partners that convene the strictest eligibility and exercise requirements. Similarly, Microsoft documented White Shark Media’s proven success and small businesses marketing campaign track record.


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The company’s success formula component is also attributed is its successful and detailed tracking of all client marketing needs. The company ensures full monthly client accountability through its proprietary reporting, Google Analytics integration, software and competitive intelligence. The company shares all the things it has cultured over the years with most valued clients. Clients benefit from White Shark Media’s verified concepts, rather than clients examining them from scrape.


White Shark Media is dedicated to sustained client accomplishment. This is why White Shark Media proposed to increase innovation with its flat fee marketing solutions, cost-effectiveness, no contracts and full transparency.


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The company now offers Google Adwords campaigns reports that provide detailed client reviews, so that clients comprehend exact strategies the company uses to increase customer base. The company also improved its communication, since clients had expressed their complaints about the lack of adequate communication channels. The company now offers new access phone systems with direct extensions and monthly Go meeting calls allows effective communication and client satisfaction.

Sawyer Howitt: A Young Man with Unmatched Entrepreneurship Skills

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur and a player at the Oregon Racquetball Club. Currently, Sawyer Howitt serves as project manager at his father’s Meriwether Group. At his role, he is responsible for changing the structure of commerce through small and large scale business development. Currently, Sawyer is working on a project aiming to design ways through which business can adapt to technological changes. From 2015 to 2016, Sawyer Howitt served as a corporate strategy analyst at RFID Checkout. During that time, he worked alongside a team of executives in redesigning the brick and mortar retail experience through the use of modern, innovative technologies.

Sawyer Howitt is a Portland, Oregon resident and has unmatched abilities to understand operational and financial needs of an enterprise. He also has great character and excellent customer care skills. Sawyer was born in 2000. At his young age, he has incredible expertise in nuanced presentations, complex spreadsheets, minute taking, among many other tasks. In a typical day, Sawyer spends his time working with his father, David Howitt. He also likes photography and listening to music.

Charitable Causes

Sawyer Howitt has been involved in various charitable causes. He has consistently participated in activities fighting for women rights and mentoring the youth. He is also a leader of an international ethnic study group.


In his quest to further his entrepreneurial career, the senior student at Lincoln High School is planning to pursue a degree in entrepreneurial finance at the University of California, Berkeley from the fall of 2017. The 17-year-old natural entrepreneur dreams of leading Meriwether Group executives to higher levels after graduating from college in 2021.

Role Model

Sawyer Howitt is lucky to have his father as his business mentor. His peers have recognized David Howitt’s efforts in guiding young Sawyer into present day entrepreneurship. Portland Business Journal honored David as one of the Business Leaders to Watch in 2017, an award honoring most influential business leaders in Portland.

About Meriwether Group

Meriwether Group is a trusted advisor and business acceleration company specializing in serving entrepreneurs with unique, disruptive consumer brands. Meriwether Group was founded in 2008, and it is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Whether in need of growth strategies, succession plan, fresh capital, or launching startups, Meriwether Group has a solution for you.



Interesting Facts about the Brown Agency

Modeling is an exciting career. However, apart from the necessary physical attributes, hopeful models require the right network in the already competitive industry. Brown Modelling Agency provides the ideal platform for any aspiring model to thrive, network, and compete at the big-market level. Of course, it requires patience and determination as stated by Justin Brown (the founder of Brown Modelling Agency).

About Brown Modelling Agency

Launched in 2010 as Wilhelmina Austin, Brown Agency is today a renowned modeling and commercial talent company. The firm’s operations officially kicked off in 2008 after obtaining a license from the Wilhelmina National Agency, which gave it a significant boost at a time when there was a boom in local fashion shows and commercials. At this time, Justin Brown had obtained considerable experience in the industry after working in different agencies in Los Angeles and New York. The company has not looked back since as it continually strives to establish enviable market standards in Austin. The firm has also expanded to Dallas. Of course, the market in Austin was rather exciting with the audience looking for modern styles such as tattoos, fancy hair, and piercings. The firm trains models and actors in fields such as commercials, fashion runways, and corporate and promotional events. As for the cut, the agency takes 20 percent for modeling gigs, 10 percent for union jobs, and 15 percent for film, non-union commercial, and video jobs.

The firm’s models and other talents have worked with big brands like Toyota, Loreal, Dell, and Louis Vuitton. It has also graced significant Fashion Weeks in Austin, Dallas, New York, and Miami; the most notable being:

  • Manos de Cristo

The center is best known for its low-cost dental services, provision of education, food, and clothing to the less privileged.

  • Salonniere 100

The occasion saw Brown Agency hosting up to twenty-three cities, not to mention big metropolises like Washington, New York, and Los Angeles.

About Justin Brown

His career kicked off as soon as he turned 18 after moving to California. Having worked his way through college by working in a modeling agency, Justin’s career in modeling began at an early age. Here, he hopped from one agency to another, learning the tricks of the already exciting trade. He started by designing skinny jeans that saw him making $ 100 per hour. While he studied business management, Justin was rather drawn to the modeling industry. He landed a job in development and placement where he trained models and helped them find gigs in big markets. In 2005, Brown moved to Austin where he looked to start his development business. His experience in Los Angeles and New York paid off when he launched JB Models and Talents in 2008, a full-service company after obtaining a license from Wilhelmina National Agency. It wasn’t until the year 2015 that Wilhelmina Austin re-launched as The Brown Agency after acquiring its rival Heyman Talent-South.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Technological Innovation Bringing a Great Relief to Cancer Patients

According to the Norcal News published on 23rd May 2017, Eric Lefkofsky has launched another company, Tempus. This Company will be assembling a genomic database for cancer. Doctors will be using the database to compare DNA of patients so as to know the best therapies for each. This will help cancer patients to live longer and even cure some cancer cases.The Zeal behind the founding of Tempus was trend in medical physicians collecting a lot of medical data, but lack an efficient method for analyzing it for future use. Tempus brings a big technological innovation in the medical field. Its work will even be more possible with the reduced costs of screening genes and storing data.

According to Eric, Tempus Company has advantages in this technological innovation since it has partnered with prominent hospitals with which they can collect huge and reliable data that acts as a sufficient sample size. Also, Tempus has got a spacious and equipped laboratory that will be used for screening and testing the genes. Eric has come up with software that can compare cancer patients DNA profiles. These comparisons will help in finding treatments for patients with the same genetic profiles.Since 2015, Eric Lefkofsky stepped down as the CEO of Groupon so that he can fully concentrate on building Tempus. He then hired Kevin White who is a renowned Geneticist for his work at Genomics and Systems Biology Institute at the University of Chicago. Eric joined Tempus together with his business partner, Brad Key well.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus Company. He also founded the Lightbank fund that invests in disruptive technologies. Eric co-founded Groupon where he was the CEO before he stepped down to concentrate on Tempus in 2015. Other companies that were co-founded by Eric are Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics and InnerWorkings.Together with his wife, Liz, Eric established ta charitable organization by the name Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Eric holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan. He also has a doctorate from the Law School at the University of Michigan.

Wengie is Pleased with a New Hair Treatment

With an enthusiastic demeanor Wengie, Youtube beauty blogger, reveals her dark blonde hair with new blue tips, also known as dip- dye ombre, in her video, “ New Hair Color and Hair Therapy Treatment Experience”. Wengie also provide an explanation for her desire for blonde hair which includes a love for Britney Spears music.

As an aside, Wengie informs her audience that colored hair requires more maintenance than natural hair. She also provides an example of ways to conceal colorful ends if a more natural hair color is needed in a professional environment.

She then goes to discuss the purpose of the video which is information about hair treatment. She informs that she was selected as a test subject for a hair treatment for damaged hair; as one will see on the bottles in the video the treatment brand is labelled Evox. According to Wengie, this treatment contains a protein used by physicians to heal individuals in a burn unit. Wengie records the treatment process in the salon and ends the video with a pleasing before and after, and her hair does appear to have a much smoother and healthier look after the treatment.

Highland Capital Starts Its First Healthcare Fund in South Korea

Everyone needs health care. Around the world, the fight for universal health care has been a long one. South Korea reached that plateau in 1989. Now, Highland Capital’s $147 million South Korean healthcare investment fund hopes to improve options in both North America and Asia.


“Pay to Play Healthcare”


Every citizen would like to have his healthcare paid for by the government, but usually only the industrialized nations can afford this. South Korea has built up a solid capital base in its National Public Service (NPS), which is partnering with Highland Capital to run an investment fund. Some estimate the NPS to be worth $499.8 billion.


The truth is that both the United States and South Korea are seeing more of their citizens require more extensive medical services. The United States is aging and South Korea is adding more citizens to the middle class. Previously, manufacturing jobs went from West to East; now, investment can flow from East to West.


The South Korean Stonebridge Capital will be the co-manager of the aforementioned healthcare fund. The beauty of this healthcare fund is the timing and profit potential. The United States hopes to fill some much-needed funding problems after the revocation of ObamaCare. Highland Capital’s Matt Jameson has explained:


“The healthcare industry in the U.S. faces a number of disruptive forces that acutely affect companies in the middle market.”


Some of the top healthcare companies in the United States feel that President Donald Trump has pulled the rug out from under them. With South Korean funding, these medical businesses can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


“Multiplier Effect”


Dallas based Highland Capital may also hope that some of these investments could pay off in possible mergers. The United States has a ripe, mature health care industry. There are some South Korean firms, which could learn a thing or two from them.


Furthermore, in order to cut costs, more American medical device makers could move their manufacturing facilities to South Korea. This would be a win-win situation for all parties involved. Highland Capital’s fund has great potential.

Eric Pulier: Changing the World We Live In

I first learned about Eric Pulier, when I received a book for my son. “The Painted Turtle“. The concept of the book and the children’s summer camp, of which Mr. Pulier is on the board of directors both possess an exemplary mission. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, Eric set out to become an entrepreneur, philanthropist and an innovator. He is the founder of many companies, including but not limited to, Akana and Digital Evolution. Mr. Pulier has dedicated much of his time to charitable organizations and having four children of his own, he has focus on programs or organizations for children with special needs.


The mission of The Painted Turtle summer camp states, “…to provide a year-round, life-changing environment and authentic camp experience for children…”


Much like their mission, I can see how Eric Pulier lives his own life in a such a way. Providing a life changing environment in the organizations he has founded, the technological industry, the charities he supports and also right at home with his own family. He is certainly a noble and well-respected man from all points of interest.


His accomplishments have inspired me to continue to strive for the goals I once had. I will continue to follow his work and be interested in his endeavors. A continuing thought I have, what will Eric Pulier do next?

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