Addressing the Texas Bankers Association in their annual strategic opportunities conference

Every year, the association of bankers in Texas meets for their conference on strategic opportunities. The conference was held in New Orleans Louisiana this year and many of the stakeholders attended. Among the business leaders who attended the conference is the current NexBank CEO, John Holt. He had a lot of information and experiences to share with the rest of the community at the conference whose agenda was to look into the challenges facing community banking and possible solutions.
The theme of the conference was reinvention of community banking and existing perspectives in competition through innovation. The role of technology in community banking and how changes in IT are affecting banking were discussed in detail. Nexbank CEO stated that as an entity that had been offering their services for more than a century, their biggest value was their adaptability to changes in technology. He assured the present members that they were doing their best to improve community banking for everyone.
He talked about the various projects that Nexbank was taking part in. These include the merger with the Dallas College Savings Bank. He stated that they had come up with the merger to help the community have a variety of options and also safety in the investments they were making for the future of their children. Another initiative that he discussed was that of offering affordable mortgages to the lower income earners of Dallas. He stated that the aim of the provision of housing was to make sure the people owned home as this would stabilize their families and give their children a chance to go to school. The organic growth of the sector was also discussed in depth.
The services offered by Nexbank include commercial, institutional and mortgage lending. The bank is a market leader when it comes to finding solutions for the financial problems of their clients.
Nexbank offers services such as commercial banking, institutional banking, and offering mortgages to their clients. They are the leading financial institution in creation of innovative solutions to their problems.

Devco: The Construction Of The Heldrich Hotel

In the mid-1970s a development company was created to initiate the redevelopment of public and private buildings in the city of New Brunswick. Devco, a company known for its economic revitalization, has handled more than one billion in investments.

Devco was founded by Richard Sellars, a former executive of Johnson&Johnson. The organization’s mission centered around new developments and assisting local establishments like Rutgers University.

Last month was a day of concern, the Press of Atlantic City wrote an article explaining how the Middlesex County Improvement failed to pay the million dollar principal on a loan it received from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

The loan was originally made in the year of 2005 and in 2007 it was used to fund the construction of The Heldrich Hotel. The Heldrich is a hotel and conference center located in the New Brunswick area. Devco, also known as the New Brunswick Development Corporation, assisted with the construction and revitalization of the hotel.

After many years of struggle, the hotel finally hit a small economic boost. The 235-room building gained an occupancy of 63.5 percent and gained one of it largest accounts Johnson&Johnson.

The hotel is still struggling with cash, and in some cases have to use its own money to fund capital expenses. Chris Paladino, the attorney handling the arrangement of the loan, stated that CRDA will be paid back, but it’s going to take a few more years before they can successfully pay off their debt.



What Makes White Shark Media the Best Choice for AdWords and More

If you are looking for help with Google AdWords then White Shark Media is your best choice. Building an AdWords campaign can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time using it but it’s best to outsource that to someone that knows just what to do. There are two reasons that White Shark Media has become such a household name when it comes to using Google AdWords. This is not only because of their vast knowledge about how to use AdWords and build a viable campaign, but this is also about good customer service as well.


One of the best things about working with White Shark Media is that they are handpicked by Google to be a part of the small-business campaign as a premier partner. This is great news! Google has very high standards for what becomes a part of their marketing campaigns, but they also hold very high standards for those agencies that wish to be a part of their channeled marketing campaigns like AdWords. Training requirements have to remain stringent in order to maintain the reputation of being a top-level agency when it comes to using keywords and targeting specific words for marketing campaigns.


Driving traffic is just one of the many things that White Shark Media is great at. A few areas of expertise for White Shark Media include AdWords evaluation, management for ads in Bing, management for ads that are designed to serve local marketing needs and much more. They can also offer you a service that many businesses often put last, like SEM, or search engine marketing. While many companies focus on SEO and how to implement it they are training their clients how to use a marketing tool that is multi-facted.


Small and medium-sized businesses can both benefit from working with White Shark, and it’s imperative that you seal the deal before it’s too late to get a spot working with them. It almost didn’t happen for our business!


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How became an authority in the lip balm industry

The idea of EOS lip balm came up when Mehra who specialized in consumer packaged goods and Teller with experience in start-up incubators, decided to come together and think of a way to revamp the world of beauty in the drug store. They were motivated to take this challenge after an extensive research and found out that most of the products in the industry still looked very much like those made close to 100 years ago.

According to their research, a majority of the brands in the lip balm industry focused mainly on reducing the cost of the products to have an advantage regarding price competition. They saw the product being immensely used by women as part of their daily makeup and yet producers weren’t paying much attention to making it more valuable and appealing. This was a clear indication of laziness on the side of these brands, and so they thought it was a big opportunity.

Before setting out to produce the lip balm, they thought of how it will capture all the 5 human senses. This would help to connect with the users emotionally and not just be another ordinary beauty product.

The Challenge they faced in the industry.

Coming up with a new and interesting product is one thing and getting to be known to start making those dream sales is a different story. For a start up to compete with big brands like chapstick was certainly not going to be easy.

Most of the consumers at drug stores had their doubts about this new product and some tend to continuously remain loyal to their existing brand until they get positive testimonies of the product from those who have used it.

Mehra and Teller decided to hire a sales representative since he already had some experience in the process. Their team was fortunate to meet with a female buyer and given that the product was designed for females, the woman just loved it and so they made their first sale. The product was then launched successfully, after which eBay, Target and Walmart decided to sell EOS in their stores.

To cope quickly with the competition, they created a production facility that is automated to meet up with the demands of new accounts.

Mehra and Teller targeted women between the ages of 25 and 35 who are very conscious of style. They also contacted bloggers who make reviews and talk bout it on social media. For more information, visit the website and view the company profile on Linked In (