Sanjay Shah Funds Autism Research

Sanjay Shah is the proud owner of Solo Capital, a unique investment firm that provides excellent and unique advice to each and every client of the firm. The headquarters of this international firm is located in London and was officially founded in 2011, three years after the 2008 financial crisis. Though Sanjay Shah Denmark has always wanted to help people, his initial method of helping people was through becoming a doctor. Though he started out in medical school, Sanjay Shah realized that his true passion was in a more analytical field. Up until the 2008 financial crisis, Mr. Shah was learning from the best as to how to speculate for the the best financial investment options. After 2008, when Mr. Shah lost his job, Sanjay Shah proved his passion for finance to be strong when he built his own firm that encouraged transparency and integrity.

As a well respected member in the finance industry, Sanjay Shah has donated much of his fortune to other causes and has even created an organization of his own that is close to his heart. This organization is known as Autism Rocks and was created when he found out that his son was autistic. This knowledge encouraged him to start a foundation that would raise money in order to continue the research of autism. Though Mr. Shah wants to raise as much money as possible, his intention is not to cure autism. His only intention with research is to understand what this development disorder does to the brain.

The goal of Sanjay Shah and his family is to help other parents and other educators understand how to best communicate with those who have been diagnosed with autism. Autism Rocks was officially founded in 2014 and was founded as a way to bring his family even closer together than ever through their love for music. Sanjay Shah has hosted many events based in London that has showcased a variety of international celebrities.

As of 2014, Sanjay Shah has contributed generous amounts to this endeavor of researching autism. Though autism is a development disorder, it is actually quite common among children. Autism is even a common diagnosis among boys. As a father of a diagnosed autistic child, Sanjay Shah wants to ensure that he is doing all that he can to create a strong bond between him and his son. Autism Rocks is here to stay as it hopes to help millions.


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GLT Integrity Breach Highlighted By Securus

Integrity should be one of the core values for any company. This is important if customers are to be kept satisfied. It is also influences the perceptions that people have on the industry in general. Therefore, if a company cannot uphold integrity in their business, they are not the only party affected; rather, they affect other companies operating in the same industry. That said, I can understand the reason why Securus decided to out GTL on their integrity breach.


GTL has shown a lot of hard-headedness in failing to change their ways, even after being accused, investigated and charged with several wrongdoings in their service delivery processes. This was more than a decade ago. However, even after being given a warning and being penalized, they go on, portraying a high level of impunity, which will not only affect them but the whole industry as a whole, if the trend continues.


When Securus outed GTL, the question on the minds of many was, is Securus in the right position to do so? I say yes. First, they would of course have been affected by the behavior of GTL. If GTL did not change, customers would totally lose trust in the industry. This would lead to loss of business for Securus and other companies providing technological solutions to security and correctional facilities.


No one can say that this was a double-standard incidence on the part of Securus. First, they are the stewards of integrity in the industry. Of course, every company gets its fair share of complaints. However, the way they respond to the complaints is what sets apart companies that uphold integrity and those that do not. Their stewardship can be proved by the recent A+ grading awarded by the BBB rating.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Dr. Rod Rohrich in New York Times article

The New York Times had an article on July 6, 2016, about a new platform called Zwivel. It was written by Janet Morrissey The article also featured Dr. Rod Rohrich a prominent plastic surgeon in the Dallas, Texas area.

Zwivel is unique in that it matches plastic surgeons and patients prior to their ever meeting. Prospective patients can read physicians biographies, learn about their specialties, and ask specific questions as well as get price quotes. Starting with an on-line visit saves a great deal of time for the physician and the patient.

Dr. Rod Rohrich has been voted best doctor in Dallas, Texas and has seen the benefits of using Zwivel. He states that the demand has increased 20-30% since 2008. While using Zwivel may not be for everyone, consider an especially complicated case and that individual may live thousands of miles away. An excellent way to start the conversation with Dr. Rohrich would be through Zwivel.

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The general public does not have realistic ideas about the cost of plastic surgery. By getting an initial quote on-line, it helps individuals understand if plastic surgery is within their budget.

Being able to acquire more information on-line in a question and answer format also helps patients make a well-informed decision about whether surgery is the right decision for them. If they choose to take the next step in an office visit, then they are much better prepared. If they choose not to have surgery, then it has saved time for both the patient and the surgeon.

Well known for his research and talents, Dr. Rohrich is well respected among both his peers and his patients.

Dr. Rohrich’s web-site if very comprehensive on Including before and after photos of procedures he has completed. Most remarkable is a long list of the patient letters where people have written to thank him for his expertise, kindness, and compassion. You are able to hear in their own words how grateful they are and how much respect they have for Dr. Rohrich.

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon who has done research, has the respect of both his patients and peers and has been a leader in some very complicated cases, you will know you have found the right person with Dr. Rohrich. Committed to his patients, his profession and his career, you will not find anyone more qualified or compassionate physician than Dr. Rohrich.

Online Reputation Management So Important Even Forbes Talks About It

We are living in the digital age where every fact, figure and opinion is available at the touch of a fingertip. We have so many technological advances that our computers, cell phones and even our cars are ready to provide us any and all kinds of information. This same technology is used to meake or break a reputation too. Today people can read reviews on places they want to eat at, or places they want to do business with or check out the reputation of someone they are thinking about dating. Yes, we live in the information age and even Forbes is telling us to make our online reputation the best it can be.

There are some things that need to be done if you want to make the most of your reputation. You need to occupy the first page or two of search results. Many people think just one or two search results is enough, it’s not. If you are a new company you need to start to manage your reputation before you launch your brand. Online reputation management happens way before a brand is brought to the public. A great way to do that is to engage the service of an online reputation management company. They can help clean up your online reputation at this website:

Managing your online reputation has become such an important part of business that everyone from fortune five hundred companies to small Mom and Pop stores are starting to use online reputation management companies. These companies make it easy to keep the reputation that you have worked so hard for intact and untarnished. In today’s world it is easy for someone to harm your reputation quicker than it was built.

Search Clean Up is a company who can help you manage your reputation, create new and exciting content, have customers and clients leave you amazing reviews and more. They understand the needs and wants of online business people and customers. When you go to their site you can more information. Just go visit them at

Engage the service of an online reputation management service while it is fresh in your mind. You will be happy that you did because your reputation is something that needs to be shown in a positive light.

Chef Patrick Ponsar Hands Riegns of Bellamy to Brian Bonar

With plans of opening a new restraunt in Esconido at The Ranch at Bandy Canyon, Chef Patrick Ponsar has handed the reigns of his old restraunt Bellany to entrepreneur Brian Bonar.

The Scottish entrepreneur helped start the restaurant, and was chief in its design and execution. He planned the restaurant and helped find the talent that would make it a sucess. That is why Chef Ponsar feels confident leaving the day to day operations to Brian Bonar, as reported in Modern Luxury San Diego.

This remarkable restraunt has been compared to finding the Beatles playing in your local dive, because it is so unexpected to find so a great chef and such great food in such an unusual location.

The cusine has been favorably reviewed by a number of publications since the restraunt first opened and has since gained a dedicated following of customers.

The menu includes some incredibly crafted luxuries, including Suzie’s Farm beet sorbet with watercress and goat cheese, and candles from Bourdox, among other things. The menu is classically French, a rare find in Southern California, where the cusine is more health conscious and Mexican inspired.

The restraunt is housed in a beautiful piece of 1880’s architecture that has been called an oasis of molecular gastronomy. The building features an adobe style structure and old world charm. Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

The cusine helped Ponsar win the prestigious Melelsiur de France in 2012. He and Bellamy are one of 2 restraunts in San Diego to win the prestigious award, and only one of ten in all of California.

Brian Bonar is uniquely qualified to take over the reigns of the restraunt that he helped to create. He has years of experince as an expert financier, and has led many successful campaigns during his career.

Currently he is also the leader of Trucept, Incorporated and has also been a leader of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Bellamy is a side project for Bonar, but he puts the same passion and dedication in his restaurant as he does all of his other projects.

Brian Bonar has a strong technical and financial background, having recieved his degree from James Watt Technical College. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering, he went on to get his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University. Read more: Board of Directors – Dalrada Financial

Since then his has built up an impressive resume, starting with his days at IBM as a procurment manager, up until today where he works as a leader at Trucept, Incorporated.

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