Efforts to Incorporate Olympic Valley Suspended As New Season Begins

An Invigorating Season

Andy Wirth, the Chief Executive Officer of scenic Squaw Valley Ski, this year contemplates an exciting time at the lovely California ski resort near Lake Tahoe. Long a magnet for lovers of outdoor sports, the communities along the northern banks of Lake Tahoe recently celebrated the return to an early winter ski season, following four difficult years of droughts.

The renewal of ski slope activity recently accompanied the end of another potentially difficult time in the lives of many residents of this beautiful area. Blessed with outstanding scenery, some residents considered the efforts to incorporate the Olympic Valley very divisive. They feared the movement would jeopardize local business and community ventures in the region. The group endeavoring to incorporate the valley reportedly officially withdrew from that undertaking just recently.

Opposing Incorporation

Many of the local communities clustered along the California side of northern Lake Tahoe share extensive resources with one another. Some local people had expressed concern that efforts to incorporate Olympic Valley might imperil that high level of responsiveness. Andy Wirth had termed the effort a “recipe” for financial calamity. He noted that the incorporation might have suppressed long term business viability on the part of some firms.

Not all residents of the local area opposed the effort to incorporate. For instance, some asserted that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings opposed the incorporation effort in part because the creation of a new incorporated entity might have posed a barrier to development projects contemplated for some commercial real estate in the area. The ski resort presently plans to create a gondola to link the Alpine Meadows Ski areas with those in Squaw Valley.

Andy Wirth: On Moving Forward

Andy Wirth, who appeared on Undercover Boss, indicated that he hoped the local community would soon address issues of importance to everyone, such as transportation. He has demonstrated a personal interest in the local area, contributing extensively to community service groups and environmental organizations.

His dedication to charitable and philanthropic efforts stems from deep personal commitment. At one time in his life, Andy Wirth sustained a sky diving accident that almost proved terminal. He rebounded and established the “Wounded Warrior Support” Ironman Team, a group that strives to honor Navy SEALs and raise money to assist the Navy SEAL Foundation. It contributes to many service people involved in elite military operations after their return to civilian life.

Inspiring Cohesiveness

Regardless of past difference, greater community cohesion appears likely in the future for the people residing near northern Lake Tahoe. Most of the source material for this article first appeared in the article “Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on divisive fight” in the online Reno Gazette Journal.

2016 Is Set To Be a Record Year For Hedge Fund M&A Transactions

Madison Street Capital recently released their 4th edition hedge fund industry M&A overview. The report made mention of the 42 hedge fund deals that were either closed or announced in 2015. Keep in mind these are deals from around the world.

The 42 deals was a pretty decent increase from 2014 when the number of hedge fund deals was 32. Additionally, transaction volume for 2015, which is measured by AUM, was just under 30% higher than it was in 2014. Based on the volume of transactions that took place in 2015, and several other factors that are driving deal momentum, it looks like 2016 is going to be a record year for hedge fund M&A transactions.

Here is a brief summary of the report:

Though most hedge fund strategies had a mediocre performance in 2015, hedge fund industry assets are currently at an all time high. Due to hedge funds not performing as expected, many institutional investors started assigning more funds to the alternative asset management sector.

The hope is they will be able to achieve higher returns and match rising liabilities. Smaller hedge fund managers aren’t having great success as attracting new capital has not been easy. Higher operational costs and downward pressure on fees is forcing managers to seek out alternative strategies.

Karl D’Cunha, the Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, was quoted as saying, “The deal environment for the hedge fund industry was strong in 2015 and will be even stronger in 2016.”

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is one of the largest international investment banking firms in the world. They are an integrated, full-service advisory company with clients all over the globe. They help hedge fund managers with Portfolio Valuation, Financial Sponsor Coverage, Capital Introduction, Financial Restructuring and M&A Advisory.

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Dog Food Trends

Every year new trends come out for our beloved pets. Sometimes it’s new types of clothing or new ways to train. Owners pick and choose what trends like they and don’t like for their pets and sometimes they don’t pay attention at all to what is popular for their furry friends. However, there is one trend out there that dog owners everywhere, even the skeptical ones, are sitting up and paying attention to. This trend is health food. It makes sense. The healthier we eat, the longer, happier, and healthier our lives are. Why should this be any different for the pets we love so much?

With this new trend by Purina, dog food companies all over the world are having to take notice. Their customers are screaming for less preservatives, less artificial flavoring, and more fresh ingredients. They want their pets to be healthy. They want to be able to make the choice to get their pet a delicious food that has all the nutrients that they need, a taste they love, and has the freshest ingredients for them.

Beneful has listened pet owners! They have released a line of dog food that will meet everything that you want for your pets and even more. Their dog food blends have an amazing array of fresh ingredients that sound just like they have come off your dinner table! Chicken, peas, carrots, and wild rice sounds like a great meal doesn’t it? Your dog can now enjoy this meal right along side you! He will love the taste and you will love knowing that he is getting everything he needs.

Beneful’s fresh ingredients don’t stop at just those few either. You will find real meats like beef, lamb, salmon, and pork in every food they produce. Vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, sweet potatoes, and brown rice fill up each and every dish that you serve to your pets. They are getting so much good stuff in there, no wonder they love the way it tastes! You can rest assured that they are getting 100% of the nutrition they need. It’s no wonder owners love Beneful as much as their dogs do!

Sanjay Shah: Founder Of Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah’s parents moved to London before he was born. They had emigrated from Kenya and were starting a new life and wanted to provide lots of opportunities for their family. Sanjay Shah took advantage of these opportunities and got an excellent education in accounting from King’s College.

Shah then went on to a successful string of jobs in the financial world for over a decade. He worked for institutions like KPMG, ING, Credit Suisse, Rabobank, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley in various capacities. However, in 2009, when the recession hit, Shah was among the countless individuals who were let go due to redundancy. Shah knew he did not have a desire for another job. He was tired of the long commute from his house to his office. He also wanted to be able to have some control over how and where he spent his time. Due to this, Shah decided to start his own investment firm, Solo Capital.

Sanjay Shah incorporated Solo Capital in 2011 with himself and a handful of other traders and graduates. It took off and has grown to have a staff of over 100 employees, with 35 traders. The firm 30 million dollars in cash flow, 67 million dollars in assets and is worth 15 million dollars. Its headquarters are in London and it is regulated by the United Kingdom. There is now an office in Dubai, where Shah and his family reside.

The firm offers services and products in the proprietary trading, boutique investment and consulting areas. Within each of these areas, the firm specializes further. Under consulting, the firm offers performance, investment and human capital. Under proprietary trading, the firm offers FX, commodities and derivatives. Under investment, the firm offers talent acquisition, commercial advisory and representation and asset and performance management in the professional sports arena.

Due to the firm’s significant success, Shah has stepped back from his role. He is still the Chief Executive Officer but he no longer oversees the firm all day every day. Instead, Shah is getting to pursue some of his passions.

Shah has always enjoy the music industry, ever since he was DJing in clubs around London during his college days. Shah took this passion and turned it into both a way to make money and a way to raise money for charity. To make money, Shah partnered with Done Events and organizes an annual jazz festival. In the charity realm, Shah decided to establish his own charity. The charity concentrates on raising money for autism research. It does this by hosting private concerts with a small audience. At the first concert hosted, they raised over 200,000 dollars.

Raising A Healthy Puppy With Beneful Premium Food

My wife and I got our first puppy from the pound the other day. We have been talking about getting a dog to bring home into our little circle for a few months, so it was a well planned decision. We wanted a puppy so that we could teach it while it is young, but we didn’t want to go to a pet store, so we waited until there was a puppy that we got along with at the pound. The puppy we picked out is adorable, and he’s smart. We talked to the veterinarian about which foods to feed him, and the vet recommended that we look into premium dog food brands before any other.

My wife likes to do research on everything before making her decisions, which is a great thing, and it balances out my usual impulsive nature that I have when it comes to making these types of decisions. She found an article from the Daily Herald that she showed to me about premium dog food companies like Beneful. The article does a great job at showing what life is like in a premium dog food manufacturing facility, and it makes me respect foods that come out of the premium dog food warehouses.

The dog food that we decided to go with is from a company called Beneful. You probably heard of Beneful before, and I’m sure that you have heard of their parent company, Purinastore. Purina is a well known company in the pet food world, so it is easy to trust them when they make quality foods. The ingredients in Beneful are high quality, so it makes me and my wife feel better about what we are doing to raise our little puppy. We want to keep making these well informed decisions on his behalf the whole time we have him.

Beneful makes a puppy food that has real chicken in it. It also has other natural ingredients, so you know it is good for your dog. They make dry food for adult dogs that have real chicken as well. Here is the Daily Herald’s article.



Premium Dog Foods take the Market by Storm

If you’re a dog lover, you know that nothing is too good for your four-legged pal. Many pet owners spend more on their pets than do on themselves. Freshpet, owned by Richard Thompson, only uses fresh ingredients, restricts preservative and limits the time meals sit on shelves in pet food stores, to make sure they are eaten while they still have great flavor. The company is just one of a large number of companies reinventing dog food, so that is healthy, nutritious and delicious. This is a $23,7 billion industry that is growing every day. Colgate-Palmolive promotes a nutritious food for digs on a diet. Nestlé’s Purina has an online location where you can choose your own blends of dog food, many with protein from turkey, salmon or lamb. Mars Petcare, the leader in pet food sales, is promoting their farm-to-table brand, Nutro Farm’s Harvest line, that includes freeze dried blueberries and cranberries. Beneful, from PurinaStore  gives your dog a variety of flavors and sources of protein. They use real meats and vitamin-rich vegetables in all their recipes. They offer a diversity of beef, turkey, chicken, salmon and even bacon flavors in their most popular foods. They offer 100% complete and balanced meals for your dog. One of Beneful’s popular wet foods includes chopped blends made from beef, carrots, tomatoes and wild rice. Another favorite chopped blend is chicken, carrots, tomatoes and wild rice. A third version is made with salmon as the meat base. Other recipes include salmon, sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach. The list goes on. You can see that where there used to be just a few healthy prepared dog foods, the marketplace is growing every day, as companies realize how important our furry friends are to us. Our animals are being catered to in a very important way.

Autism Rocks Solo Capital

Solo Capital is one of the leading financials firms in Dubai and London. With over 39 offices operating at a highly successful rate, the CEO and owner, Sanjay Shah, was able to take a break from the business. It was a great feeling for him to be able to sit back and let the business take off with his hired business professionals while he decided to pursue other areas of interest. His time and energy has been invested in his charity called Autism Rocks. It’s a charity to raise money for the research and causes of Autism.

Sanjay Shah’s son was diagnosed with Autism in 2011, and after rigorous sessions of therapy and the best professional doctors available, he wanted to do more. He met with his friend Snoop Dogg, who urged him to get back into the music business and tie in his charity, Autism Rocks. Sanjay Shah soon began to stage gigs all over country with some of the most famous music artists like Lenny Kravitz and Prince. His goal is to stage even more concerts and convince some of his artists friends to donate a soundtrack from their album in efforts to raise more money for the charity.

With a background in accounting and financial investing, Sanjay Shah’s charity is definitely different than what he’s used to. He started Solo Capital after his accounting career. He decided that he wanted to start his own business because he was tired of the hustle and bustle plus the commute back and forth from home to work. That’s when Solo Capital was born. He decided to hire a few people to help him in the start up of the business and he would give it a year of his hard earned efforts and knowledge. Five years later Solo Capital had a net worth of $280 million. This has allowed Sanjay Shah to relax a bit, and sit back and relax as the business continues to thrive.

Shah’s efforts are solely focused on his charity, and raising money for awareness and hoping to someday find the cause for this unfortunate disorder that affects so many people.

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Thor Halvorsen and the Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is an impartial profitless structure that advocates and safeguards human rights pandemic ally with direct emphasis on closed societies, and merges people in the prevailing cause, of guarding human rights and advancing liberal democracy.
Their undying aim is to safeguard the fact that basic freedom is precious,conserved and defended throughout the universe.
Their embedded commitment to individual liberty strives to raise consciousness about the susceptibility of freedom, their focal point is on the founding ideals of the human rights evolution,especially those most vividly embodied in the 1976 International Covenant on Civil Rights (ICCPR)
Their agenda supplies education about what establishes a free culture,why freedom is of the utmost importance,how freedom is cultivated and preserved,and to continue the efforts for liberty in those regions that are the most perilous.
They do not excuse or agree with violence.
The Human Rights Foundation was integrated in 2005, and opened its offices in New York in 2006.
The president of HRF is Thor Halvorssen, a human rights crusader and film producer.
He was born Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza in 1976, in Venezuela, whose mother Hilda Mendoza is the ancestor of Venezuela’s first two presidents, Cristobal Mendoza and Simon Bolivar.
His father Thor Halvorssen,served as Venezuelan Ambassador of Anti-Narcotics-Affairs in the governing body of Carlos Andres Perez.
Thor Halvorssen has made substantial contributions in the realm of public policy interest, protagonism,respective human rights, civil liberties and affirmative democratic ideology.
In August 2007, the New York Times has classified him as a “maverick” who inspires the underdog and the low powered.
Thor Halvorssen possesses a burning, thriving desire to correct the injustices in this world and has totally committed himself to this endeavor, with relentless intensity to equal that of the dictatorship he embedded in his sights, furthermore he does not concern himself if those injustices are being formulated by “right or left wing” extremists.
On December 18, 2015 the HRH requested that Nicki Minaj cancel her appearance at the Christmas festival in Angola, sponsored by Unitel,because Unitel is a communications enterprise controlled by the family of Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who is considered to be a political tyrant by the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization.
HRH further acknowledges that the money that she received from her Angolian constituents, is the effect of government corruption and human rights violations.
Despite critical appraisal, Nicki Minaj performed anyway.