Different Ways to Achieve YouTube Fame

There are many ways that YouTubers could achieve fame. However, it is not as easy as one would think. The most common way that people achieve fame on YouTube is by marketing and networking with others in order to get subscribers. There is another way of achieving fame through YouTube and that is through releasing viral YouTube videos. However, that is even harder. In order for something to go viral, it would have to be way off the wall or unique. Also, someone would have to do something that would actually be humiliating in most cases for it to go viral.

One person who has achieved fame on YouTube is Wendy Huang, also known as Wengie. She has worked hard to get the subscribers that she needed. Her channel deals with beauty. She has worked hard to bring about the right image in order to achieve the fame that she needs. She has taken the time in order to network and get the subscribers needed in order to run a business that is profitable. At the same time, she takes the time to provide something to the viewers that is going to bring some value to them.

In order to actually become famous, it is important for one to provide something to people that they want. People need a reason to visit someone’s channel before they visit. Wengie provides this reason to people who are looking for ways to enhance their beauty. One thing that she shows is that she is willing to experiment with different looks in order to show different aspects of her beauty. She also includes other people’s styles when it comes to beauty. This allows other people to feel beautiful as they are .

Achieving fame is no easy feat. A YouTube personality has to provide what people want in order to achieve fame. Even when she provides what others want, she has to deal with competition from others that provide similar products. It is very important for one to stand out in a way that feels very natural to them. If one tries too hard, then it will backfire against her.

BMG Bank Director Marcio Alaor Knows American Automobile Makers Love The Brazilian Market


The U.S. automobile manufacturers are facing a number of issues that impact their bottom lines, especially in the United States. Business in China is soft thanks to the economic changes that are in progress there, and the European market has been in an automotive price war for the last couple of years. General Motors and Ford are selling more cars this year, but those sales don’t have the profits margins of years past.

But Brazil, South America’s largest consumer market, still has the potential to produce better profits and more customers for car companies even the country is going through an economic downturn that has changed the people’ attitude toward their political leaders. But when it comes to buying vehicles, Brazil is still a good market, according to Marcio Alaor, the Director of BMG Bank. Alaor said only 14 percent of the roads in Brazil are paved, but car manufacturers are still focused on the potential increase in business once the political and economic issues are resolved.

Marcio Alaor knows how important the automobile industry is in Brazil. Brazilians love cars, and some Brazilians are major investors in automobile manufacturers. The auto industry trade group in Brazil is still forecasting a decent year in 2016 in terms of automobile sales even though there could be a government tax increase and spending cuts. Alaor thinks Brazil could take over as the third largest car market in the world in 2016. Ford, General Motors, Fiat and Volkswagen have dominated the auto industry in Brazil for years, but Alaor thinks Kia, Honda, Hyundai and Nissan are eating into the 84 percent market share that those car companies once had in Brazil.

Mr. Alaor is well versed in automobile investments. He knows the history of the big America car companies and he believes those companies helped establish the stock market when they offered initial public offering years ago.

Being the Vice-President of BMG Bank and a major influence in the lives of thousands of Brazilians that need loans is what Marcio Alaor does now, but he experienced poverty in the small town of Santo Antonio do Monte when he was a boy. Alaor worked so he could go to school and get an education, but he never forgot where he came from. According to an article published by Exame.com, Alaor is now an expert when it comes to understanding the auto industry in Brazil and how it impacts the economy and investors.

Increase in Designer Vagina Surgeries — Why?

It seems as if women around the world become more self-conscious as time goes on. Also, women (and men) have worn more revealing clothing as time has progressed. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have collectively contributed to increased ability of people to easily post pictures of themselves. Vaginoplasty, a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that helps tighten up loose skin around the labia, has been increasingly demanded by women in the United States. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has indicated that there has been a more than forty percent increase of the vaginoplasties performed from 2013 to 2014.

Dr. Jennifer Walden, a leading cosmetic plastic surgeon, has agreed that vaginoplasties have been increasingly demanded, especially at her private practice in Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden has been featured on a number of TV shows because she has been regarded as one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States. Jennifer Walden is also known as a spokesperson of the ASAPS and has earned this position because of her expertise, knowledge, and popularity.

Vaginoplasties have changed many women’s life. Not only do these procedures make women feel much better about themselves, but when someone has a better body, other people are going to take notice, even when it is in a private area such as the genitals. Many people want to get vaginoplasties because yoga pants are so popular. It may seem overkill, but some women will go great distances to look better because of the profound effects of looking better.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is originally from Austin, Texas, where she lives today. Dr. Walden attended the University of Texas for both her undergraduate and doctorate degrees. Many women and men have chosen Dr. Walden over other cosmetic plastic surgeons because of the great quality work she is known to perform. Many celebrities, important people, and other people of prominence have practically pledged allegience to Dr. Jennifer Walden’s practice because few other surgeons are as good as she is.

Running With The Tennessee Multifamily Housing Boom

Nashville, Tennessee is leading the way in a real estate boom with sales, investment acquisition of multifamily housing. Growth in the area is set to topple $1 billion in 2015, which could lead to a higher overall total, than the previous year. The 2014 sales also tipped the $1 billion mark and while exact figures won’t be released until early January; market tracking analyst, Steve Massey of CBRE Capital Markets remarked, We’re going to be consistent with last year or we may pass it.”

As the figures indicate, growth of multifamily real estate in the Nashville, Tennessee is clearly on an upward swing. And if the recently completed deal for Crescent Cool Springs Apartments is a guide towards the future, the market isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Located at 200 Resource Parkway in Franklin, Nashville, the property, which opened in 2014, consists of 252 units, sold for a record-breaking $60 million dollars. This breakdowns to a value of $238,095 per unit. The deal was initiated by joint sellers; real estate investment trust (REIT), CNL Growth Properties Inc. and Crescent Communities.

Other recently completed real estate sales of multifamily units included, the Covenant Capital Group’s Riverview Grande Apartments, located in West Nashville, at 7388 Cabot Drive. The deal consisted of 200 units, which were purchased by well-known Nashville investor, Jack May for $24 million dollars.

No stranger to brokering million dollar real estate transactions is Scott Lumley of Resolve Financials. Resolve Financials is one of the most prominent real estate investing and development companies in Nashville. Lumley is a serial entrepreneur, who initially built a successful electronic resale boutique on eBay. He sought additional avenues to grow his entrepreneurial legs by extending into other industries, these included investing in a professional basketball league and building a wholesale distributor business.

The former rodeo star and Nashville native is use to hard work, having performed all the business operations and upper level management initiatives for his American Basketball Association team, the Nashville Broncs. Following the earlier success on his online electronics business, Lumley is continuing to build his investment acquisitions by seeking commercial entities for Resolve Financials. One thing for sure Scott Lumley isn’t afraid to go all out and put in the necessary dollars to grow his business. As he stated, during the early days of striving to build an ABA team, “Money is only money and it can be replaced.”

Restructure in a positive direction with Madison Street Capital

Getting any business off the ground successfully an be quite a challenge; having it remain fiscally strong during hard economic times can seem impossible. With the latest economic downturn many businesses seem to be hanging on by only a thread, while many others are in the midst of filing for bankruptcy. Madison Street Capital, a leader in business advisory services, can help any company restructure from the inside-out and can direct it toward a more profitable direction.

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that specializes in delivering corporate financial advisory services to businesses, both publically and privately held. Established in 2011 this firm is headquartered in Chicago, although they have offices throughout North America as well as in Asia and Africa. Some the services this firm provides include the following: corporate advisory, business valuation, deliver financial opinions, valuation for financial reporting, and asset management.

Assisting in ways such as organization realignment and crisis management, Madison Capital can help just about any struggling company to be more effective immediately. Utilizing concepts from Lean Management, they can evaluate every aspect of the business’s process to make sure it is in line with directly achieving the business’s goals. Madison Street Capital’s financial experts can also help a drowning company stay afloat. From restructuring loans to building stronger relationships with vendors and lenders, this firm can pave a positive pathway companies can travel on, even during the worst of times.

This firm has been very successful in helping many businesses to operate more effectively and efficiently. In the fall of this year they acted as the exclusive financial advisor in arranging a $7.0 million mezzanine facility for its client, Hatch Chile Co. Additionally this year, Madison Street Capital was announced as a finalist for the 14th Annual M&A Advisor Awards, a prestigious award that recognizes achievements of leading firms and professionals throughout the world.

To learn more about how Madison Street Capital can help your business restructure, you can view their Capital Restructuring video on YouTube.


Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes Speaks Out

Sergio Cortes is a native of Madrid. In the following article, R7 talks to Cortes about his own life and what inspired him to follow this much beloved musical legend. In the article, he talks about his career as tells his fans how they can get in touch with him by following him on Facebook as well as on Twitter.

Cortes is one of the most notable of all of today’s fans. His work has led him to study all aspects of Jackson’s life and career. As a result of his devotion to the work of Michael Jackson, Cortes started to realize just how much he emulate his favorite singer and become just like him. It was this talent that has helped him attract legions of fans who also love and adore Jackson’s work.

At present, Cortes is considered one of the very best of the Michael Jackson impersonators on the contemporary music scene. The 43 year old Spaniard was born on July 30th in the heart of Spain’s largest city. As a child, Cortes was attracted to Jackson’s singing career when he was part of the Jackson 5. At the time, Jackson was starting to attract attention in Europe. He and his brothers quickly became popular and Cortes quickly noticed his work when he was a child. He became a huge fan of Cortes even he was a young man, realizing that he liked his work and wanted to sing just like Jackson did.

As a teenager, Cortes started to realize that he could dance and sing just like Jackson. As he began to perfect his moves, he started to perform for friends and family. This quickly led others to notice him. he also started to dress like Jackson, a resemblance that was quickly noted by others. It also quickly led to invitations for him to appear on American Idol in several countries. His work quickly led to notice and allowed him to attract legions of fans who really enjoy his work and the work of Jackson. Since the singer’s death, he has been working with fans all over the world who really enjoy watching his performances as he makes Jackson come alive for them right in front of their eyes. More than sixteen thousand people have chosen to follow Cortes on various forms of social media, enabling him to let them know about his planned future solo performances.

You can follow Sergio Cortes on Facebook or Twitter.

Communities By Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright, who LinkedIn lists as the CFO and Vice President of Newark CEDC, has worked with many different communities to ensure that the community is able to have what they need and the people of the community have been able to be exposed to opportunities in the different areas of study as well as careers. Seawright began his career at a young age, but was introduced to finance even younger than the beginning of the career. His parents began submerging him in the world of finances at the age of 12 and this helped to make him one of the top people in the financial community assessment sector. He used this to ensure that he was able complete his education and propel his career.

He currently operates as the CFO for Newark CEDC. This is the company that has created the success for him to live by and the company has worked with the community of Newark. He has been able to provide the community not only with opportunity for improvement, but also with advancement. The people of the community have been able to be provided with help that was created by Kevin Seawright. This is a community that would not have had the opportunity of the Newark CEDC had not stepped in. Seawright was able to help them more than other agencies had been able to do.

Seawright also worked with a company that was based out of Baltimore. This company was one that was run by governmental bodies and was not something that he felt fit with the style he had originally set out to do concerning financial help for communities. There were many things that the government body was not able to do and Seawright was concerned that he was not going to be able to help as many people as he had previously had with his private sector help of communities. This opportunity proved to be something that Seawright needed to move on from.

Before he began the government work, CrunchBase actually shows that he started his career in Philadelphia. At this time, he helped many smaller communities around the city. These communities were made up of lower income families and he worked to help them get opportunities they may not have had otherwise. At this time, he was able to improve the lives of the people that he could help. He worked with many people in the communities and gave them opportunities not only in the way of jobs, money and housing, but also in education. He is a strong supporter of continuing education and is able to provide people with opportunities to better what they are doing through the use of education. This is one of the easiest ways that communities are held by Seawright.

Spirit Of Michael Jackson Reborn Through Sergio Cortes

The clothes are similar, the voice very similar and often, even the way you walk, look and behave with others. So does the life counterparts around the world who embrace the identity of music artists, stage and film and make this likeness his career.

In his Facebook profile, Sergio Cortes reported to be an artist with great talent for singing, composing, dancing and acting is not for everyone. And, similarly, to look like a big famous artist is not easy. Therefore, the look-alikes that are really talented sharpen the eyes of fans and curiosity of many. According to Sergio Cortes, it looks like Michael Jackson is not only his career, but it’s a privilege.

The similarity is such that it’s hard to believe that the pop star was reborn from the ashes. Sergio Cortes is now considered one of the best American late singer doubles in 2009. The Spanish 43 year old was born on July 30, but was soon as a child that his mother told him as he thought like Michael Jackson. At that time, Michael was part of the Jackson 5 group and had just started his brilliant career in American territory but of international concern. That was the turning point of his career, according to Sergio Cortes. “I started to pay attention to detail to me as Michael sang, danced, and carried himself before the media and their fans. That was a different vision I had about what was on television about it, which gave me enough information to begin to interpret it in the best way, “confirms Sergio Cortes.

As a teenager, he was invited to dress like Michael Jackson and the photos were taken that day had enormous repercussions. It was then that the passion of Sergio Cortes for Michael’s music started to become a double career. He went on to receive invitations to perform as American Idol in several countries.

Today, the resemblance to the pop idol earned Sergio Cortes various shows, performances and more than 16,000 followers on his Facebook page. It is the social networks that the double disclose their work, talk to the fans and receive many proposals for new shows. Sergio Cortes admits she was very upset after the death of Michael Jackson in 2009 while sleeping in his mansion in Los Angeles, USA. “It’s even harder when you have incorporated the foibles of his idol, you know all about his life and interpret it part of your everyday life. It was a big impact on my life, “says Sergio Cortes. According to the look-alike, help him perform and fans of the late singer to overcome the pain of loss.

Other famous artists are also commonly imitated and have lookalikes as Sergio Cortes. Some are called even twins of celebrities due to similarity so great. Among the list are singers, actors, politicians and other celebrities of television. Roberto Carlos , Raul Seixas, Renato Russo and Ronaldinho are among the most imitated in Brazil.

Follow him on Twitter.

Source: R7