Why Writing a Wikipedia Page By Yourself is Not a Good Idea

A Wikipedia page is a great way to learn information about a person, place, or thing. Because anyone is able to edit or create these pages some individual’s think that it would be a great idea to create a page about his or herself. If you are pondering about creating a Wikipedia page on the subject of yourself then think again. Your page could go against the policies and principles of the website while possibly damaging your reputation.

One of the main policies associated with writing an article on Wikipedia is to write from a neutral point of view (NPOV). If you are writing an article about yourself, then adhering to this policy may be impossible or very difficult. This is because when we talk or write about ourselves, we are prone to only providing the positive occurrences or happenings in our life. We fail to reveal the part that is not so positive, this type of writing causes us to be biased. Wikipedia also has a conflict of interest policy that prohibits the removal of negative material from any article written, this includes the ones written that we write about ourselves. In the event that you post an article about yourself on Wikipedia, that article cannot be recalled but it can be edited and seen by anyone. A person can easily edit your article to include not so positive details about your life. When this occurs you are not able to delete then information.

If you still are determined to pull a GetYourWiki and create a Wikipedia page on the site then you should listen up because there are some facts that you will need to be aware of.

In the event that you post an article about yourself on the site and someone posts negative information about you, there is no real way to defend yourself. There is not an option for you to post your side of the story or to retract the negative remarks. If the negative information was added to your page within the guideline of Wikipedia then defending yourself is almost next to impossible without verifiable sources.

If someone is searching for you on Google then it is more than likely that your Wikipedia page will be revealed, especially if your name is uncommon. Any negative information added to your page will be viewable by the searcher.

It is possible that the article about you will be duplicated by other sites. This cloning of your article can have consequences especially if negative information has been added to it. More people reading your article are able to see the negative information about you.

Ski Slang: Don’t get your Yard Sale confused with your Champagne

With all sports their is slang that can confuse the average person not apart of the sport. With ski slang their can be definite confusion because they slang usage is everyday terms. The article from Powder Mag titled “Powder 8s: Ski Slang with Double Meanings” divulges into some of the most popular slang you can find on the slopes. From descriptions of the type of snow on the slope i.e. chowder or that one skier that shows off a bit too much, a hot dog. While the top eight words are posted for your viewing pleasure it is noted that skiers have their own culture and language that is distinctive and goes beyond these terms.
While ski culture is exclusive and sacred, CEO of Squaw Valley, a ski resort company, Andy Wirth’s mission is to expand this familial culture for more to enjoy. Andy Wirth has been apart of the ski resort business for over 20 years and has always enjoyed the connection between his guests and the slopes. Recently this connection has expanded into the merger of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Resort with the goal of allowing visitors to have the option of going between resorts without any additional cost. With this merger continues Wirth’s goal of creating a community environment around the Squaw Valley Ski Resort as the go to destination for a vacation.

Knicks Make First Free Agent Move

The Knicks have made their first free agent move signing Aaron Affalo from the Orlando Magic.

Aaron is a shooting guard who had a rough season last year as he stepped into a starting role after Wesley Matthews was injured. Two years ago Aaron played for the Denver Nuggets and scored 18 points per game from a six man role and was in consideration for sixth man of the year. In addition, TheVueNJ reports Aaron shot 43% from three point land two years ago.

The signing by the Knicks is for two years and $16 million with a player opt out possible after the first year if Aaron were to have a bounce back season. Overall, the move appears reasonable for the Knicks who retains some of the cap flexibility needed to sign another star player to pair with Carmelo Anthony. In the meantime, Aaron will give the Knick some flexibility to show that they are on the right path to build on their worst record in their franchise’s existence.

Before the move, Carmelo seemed anxious regarding the lack of signings on day 1 of free agency. Melo indicated that he was healthy but looking for the Knicks to spend some of the free agency money they freed up after a number of moves to relieve their cap space issues in the last year.

This move for Aaron Affalo is just the start in several free agency signings, Melo and Knick fans hope.

Atlanta Hawks Make Chess Move in Free Agency

The NBA in real life isn’t so much like the video game versions. In the video games you can make as many trades as you want until you get to the players that you need in order to build up your roster. The Atlanta Hawks, who have already lost Demarre Carrol to Toronto, had to move quick in order not to see more of their 50+ win roster leave. Paul Millsap decided to rejoin the Hawks on a three year contract that is worth close to $60 million dollars. The move to return to Atlanta was a true surprise in light of the strong interest Millsap had been getting.

The Orlando Magic had made a big move to sign Paul Millsap to their team by offering the player a four year deal worth $80 million — max level money. The Hawks gave their star forward a shorter deal with less money in order to give him another chance to enter free agency, this time after the salary cap raises. This move is financially sound for both parties. For one, Atlanta gets a discount and secondly Millsap gets another crack at a huge contract.

Atlanta also acquired Tiago Splitter from the San Antonio Spurs. Sergio Cortes says that the two players will probably spend a lot of time on the court together as they complement nicely. Atlanta still isn’t likely done dealing as now they need to find a new starting forward.

Draymond Green Gets Mega Deal

It is and isn’t a big surprise that The Golden State Warriors signed Draymond Green to a big contract on Wednesday. It isn’t surprising because Green was a vital part of the team that just won the NBA Championship. It was however surprising that it happened so quickly. Reports came out earlier in the week stating that negotiations between Green and the Warriors had stalled. Apparently, Keith Mann found this was not the case because they signed him to an $85 million dollar deal Wednesday.

Green, who is from Saginaw Michigan, played his college ball at Michigan State University. He entered the draft in 2012 and was selected by the Warriors in the second round. During the first three years of his NBA career, Green made roughly $2.6 million dollars. Once he became a free agent at the end of the season this year, many projected that he would get a max deal from some team. The Warriors were well aware of the value Green has and did not want to let him get away so they got the deal done.

Green was recently back home in Saginaw Michigan for a celebration put on by the city and was asked if he feels any pressure to come back home and play for the Detroit Pistons. Green stated that he is going to look at all offers and do what makes the most sense financially and Green did just exactly that by landing a huge deal.

Haidar Barbouti Newest Venture is Finest Up Restaurant in Houston, Texas

Tycoon real estate developer, Haidar Barbouti is the owner of Up Restaurant in Houston, Texas. For 24 years, he has managed and leased commercial properties in the historical Highland Village Shopping Center. The history of the shopping center extends back to the early 1940’s and was acquired by Barbouti in 1991, after completing his degree at Columbia University. He renovated the complex building into a classy and spacious shopping area, which now contains exclusive shops, including the Quality Life Fitness, Starbucks, Pottery Barn, William-Sonoma, and more.

One of the newest additions to Highland Village is the exclusive fine establishment, Up Restaurant. The astonishing interior design is suited for fine dining on the third floor in a relaxed atmosphere, overlooking downtown Houston and the Galleria. The restaurant is receiving spectacular reviews and becoming a great success in Houston because of the chef’s culinary skills. The menu presents selections of American, Scottish, and Portuguese cuisines.

Visionary entrepreneur, Haidar Barbouti, accomplished his mission to provide reputable broker and commercial property management services in Houston and New York. He worked diligently to become a strategic developer and recently became the proud owner of Up Restaurant. Since the early 1990’s, Barbouti’s commercial property management skills has attracted trendy businesses and restaurants to occupy space in Highland Village Shopping Center.

Houston, Texas is a tourist attraction and appeal to people over the world. Tourists are always looking for quality and fine dining restaurants that serve a diversity of cultural cuisines. It was a brilliant idea to acquire the historical property that will attract many visitors and locals. The taste of Texas, Scotland, and Portugal can be found amongst the menu items. Up Restaurant also offers the finest wine selections from Argentina, Spain, France, and Italy.

Haidar Barbouti has established a reputation as one of the chief property managers, brokers, and entrepreneurs in Texas. He is currently in charge of leasing and marketing Highland Village Shopping Center’s commercial properties and its economic growth. The development of the Up Restaurant entailed creative design for elegance, luxury and scenic view. Local residences and tourist can enjoy a relaxing meal for lunch and dinner in an upscale restaurant and shop at upscale retail stores all in one location.

Barbouti has a love for children and animals, which inspired him to donate to a local Houston charitable organization and to donate space for Highland Village Adoption Center for animals. His expertise and charitable giving is the reason for such success.