An Insight on Andrew Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski  

Mr. Andy since August 2, 2010, has served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Alpine Meadows Ski Resort. Mr. Andy since June 2009, also served as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation. Mr. Andy co-founded Wounded Warrior Support in honor of the Navy Seals. The formation of Wounded Warrior Support was after he was involved in a near fatal skydiving accident.

Andy is responsible for all marketing and sales issues related to the company. Since June 1, 2006, Mr. Andy has served as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing officer to Steamboat of Intrawest ULC. He has 24 years worth of experience in sales and marketing.

Andy Wirth was appointed to serve as the Chairman and President of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation(RASC). RASC responsibility is to promote air services into Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Also, it is charged with identifying emerging prospects for additional flights.

RASC was formed in 2001 with an aim to bring together public and private organizations to contribute towards marketing the region and creating both local and international markets. Reno-Tahoe International Airport relies on RASC to provide additional incentives to maintaining and growing air services and its promotion in general.

About Squaw Valley Ski

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort located in the US is one of the largest Ski areas around. It falls second after Heavenly regarding size in Lake Tahoe. The area hosted the whole of 1960 winter Olympics. Squaw Valley in 2012 joined hands with Alpine Meadows. The union ensured that the area attracts an approximate of 600,000 skiers annually.

The area hosts several annual summer events. During the month of July, the resort hosts established yoga teachers and famous musical performers. During summer, the resort also hosts various events such as concerts, beer, and wine events.


Andy Wirth, as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, has worked without seizing to seeing the success of the company. His aim is to put the company on top of the list of the best tourist destinations. Andy Wirth also contributes towards bettering the environment through active environmental and community service organizations.

Eric Pulier: Using Technology to Solve Humanity’s Grand Challenges

Mr. Pulier is a renowned entrepreneur who has founded over 15 companies. The astonishing thing is that Mr. Pulier has managed to raise millions of dollars for all the businesses that he has either founded or co-founded. Besides that, he is a skilled public speaker, author, and a philanthropist. He occasionally gives talks during premier technology conferences, all over the globe. Besides business, he takes care of his four children, and together they live in Los Angeles, CA.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Mr. Pulier incepted his first company in 1991, and it focused on addressing education and healthcare challenges using technology. Three years down the line, he set up Interactive Agency Digital Evolution Digital. His star continued shining as he went ahead and incepted Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. Additionally, he has also invested in organizations such as eCompanies, Monitor Ventures, and Trident Capital. To protect his innovations, Mr. Pulier has filed for several patents, and the federal government has already granted many of them.

Educational Background

Mr. Eric Pulier attended Teaneck High school, and successfully graduated in 1984. Afterward, he enrolled at Harvard University and studied English and American literature. During his college life, he served as an author for the Harvard Crimson Weekly, a weekly column known as PulierLeg. He displayed his writing skills using this platform and received numerous accolades and high ratings from the readers.

Philanthropic Initiatives

Mr. Pulier’s presence is hugely felt in works of charity. He has developed innovative technological solutions structured to solve social and economic problems for disadvantaged individuals globally. He pocketed awards and recognition for his efforts of using technology to address health care needs among African communities.

Mr. Pulier played a significant role in the Clinton Global Initiative – he took part in providing cheap computing resources to under-served communities. Mr. Pulier is an active donor of the XPRIZE Foundation. This foundation specializes in designing and managing public competitions for the purpose of encouraging technological development to benefit humanity. The organization orchestrates competitions in which companies and corporations from all niches participate in the development of innovative ideas to help solve common problems that humanity encounters.


Would you like to know of a great company with fantastic employees and services around many corners of the globe? Yes friend, you did ask already. I will tell you: the name is IAP Worldwide Services. Let me tell you just a bit more.

“At IAP, doing things right means more than solving our customers’ problems in the smartest, most efficient way. It’s making sure our actions align with the highest standards of moral and professional conduct on Our three core values – respect, responsibility, and integrity….”

By the way, for those of you whose curiosity is quite a bit piqued already….and it should be….allow me to add a bit more. Did you know this? IAP WORLDWIDE stands for none other than INGENUITY AND PURPOSE WORLDWIDE. What a great title and a statement are combined in one power packed punch: ingenuity and purpose. In other words, the company is there with a purpose, not by purpose, and fulfilling its purpose. How neat is that?

IAP Worldwide itself has come a long way, working itself hard since its early roots back in the good old year of 1953. Boy, was it a good year. Why was it a good year, you may be asking and wondering? Well, my friend, among many remarkable accomplishments astronomical to the time frame era, it was, after all, when this good old global leader company got founded and launched…..since then IAP Worldwide Services offering numerous services and jobs around the world.

Allow me to list the guidelines which members and employees of IAP WORLDWIDE Services are asked and required to live by on a regular, day to day routine. This is not only inspiring, but is exceptional. IAP WORLDWIDE affiliates must:

Practice Intellectual Curiosity and Rigor
Act with Integrity and Humility
Provide Inspirational leadership and followership, enabled by empathy
Act nicely, responsibly and swiftly
Act with resolve, adapting to and embracing change
Allow ourselves and others to be happy and successful
Pursue growth and learning
Partner with colleagues, customers, and community for our mutual success

If that alone does not get your corporate and competitive, quality & excellence minded juices flowing, my friend, then I do not honestly know what else on God’s good, green old earth will. Yet there is hope. For with the mere knowledge of the purpose and existence of this wonderful company body, you have many a good thing to keep you pondering for more.

Feel The Cool With EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm

EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm is completely natural and up to 95% organic, giving it a shelf life of up to 2 years. It is also chemical-free and contains no petroleum, which is known to not be fit for human consumption.

Because it lacks greasy petroleum, EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm is less oily than competitors, It is especially designed to keep blemishes from forming in the delicate skin around the lips. It never leaves a film because it absorbs immediately into lips leaving them feeling smooth and soft. It has a creamy texture that rivals other major lip balms, and it has the same degree of healing power, but it smells much more pleasant and less medicinal.

The scent is actually reminiscent of winter or the Christmas holiday, and EOS Lip Balm has been known to make a great stocking stuffer. It comes in a sealed, tamper-proof package that is opened to reveal a larger than average container, so you know right away that you are getting a decent amount. The container that EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm comes in is colored a light mint-green hue that cutely indicates the flavor within.

The smell is unmistakably minty, which is both sweet and tantalizing. It has just the right amount of scent to avoid becoming sickening. It hits the nose quickly then dissipates slowly. The smell is actually very similar to the taste of sweet mint gum.

The refreshing peppermint actually tingles on the lips and feels cool and crisp. It provides a fresh-smelling breath to those that wear it, but, surprisingly, there is no annoying aftertaste. It tastes sweet on contact which turns to a fresh and clean feel after absorption into the lips.

As a matter of fact, EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm soothes dried, cracked, and damaged lips and can even be used for overnight conditioning in severe cases. The product is especially moisturizing when compared to other mint-flavored products. It carefully coats dehydrated lips without tugging or pulling. Get these products via eBay or the website:

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Why Is Gooee Smart Lighting An Energy Saver?

Gooee smart lighting is an energy saver because it was designed with energy savings in mind. Gooee created lights that anyone can use, and they have them all attached to keypads that someone can program. The programs that are in the keypads are used for the normal work day, the weekend, for vacations and other options. The lights might need to change during the day, and the third shift might need to have different lights then the first and second shifts. Every business that wants to be sure that it can adjust to the lighting of the day should be sure they have invested in Gooee smart lighting.

Smart lighting is very nice because it is no different then using a thermostat. The keypad gives people a choice of a lot of different programs, and then they just use the programs as they see fit. It is a lot simpler than using a more complicated system that might be attached to a computer, and this is how people will save money. They set the Gooee smart lighting to do what they need it to do. They can change it if they want, but they need to do something to make sure that the lights are still functional.

Anyone who has been thinking of using something that is much different from their normal lighting setup needs to be sure that they have used Gooee smart lighthing to simplify everything. The lights will turn on and off with the click of just one button.

Brown Modelling Agency Teams With Wilhelmina for Austin Fashion Event

In a recent YouTube video, it was announced that the Wilhemina Models Agency was opening an affiliate office in Austin, Texas. The local community was represented by the Brown Modeling Agency, local fashion designers, and city and community leaders. A fashion show and runway presentation were put on by Linda Asaf and favorably reviewed by those in attendance.
Wilhelmina Models has become one of the most successful modeling agencies in the world and announced that Austin would be its next location in the United States of America.
The Brown Modeling Agency welcomed Wilhelmina to the Austin area, and their partnership is a sign of future success for the now-named Wihlemina Brown Agency.
The Brown Agency located in Austin, Texas had brought big time modeling opportunities to central Texas. Since opening, they have supplied models for photo shoots and runway shows as well as advertising gigs with Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal, Toyota cars and Dell computers.
Now professional models and those wanting to learn the trade can come to the Wilhemina Brown Agency in Austin for the assemblage of their portfolio, modeling opportunities and training as required.

The president of the Brown Agency is Justin Brown who was committed to providing the finest models for fashion shows during the Austin Fashion Week, the Dallas Fashion Week, the Miami Swim Week and even in the “Big Apple” during the New York Fashion Week. The Brown Agency took aspiring models and helped to form them into professional models.
In Central Texas, there is a multitude of beautiful residents and some wish to use their physical beauty as a way to began a modeling career. But to succeed at a professional level, a modeling agency must be used. That is now within reach of the many aspiring models in Texas by contacting the Wilhelmina Brown Agency, an affiliate of Wilhelmina Models. They are now the premiere Austin modeling and talent agency representing male, female and child models in runway, print, film, television and fashion. The company takes pride in discovering, developing and finally placing new models in professional positions. The Wilhelmina Brown Agency can provide Central Texas with the finest professional and amateur models in everything from working as local brand ambassadors to being featured in national commercials and global fashion and runway campaigns.
Watch the YouTube video of the Launch Party in Austin, Texas, here:Your text to link…

How Uncontrolled Wikipedia Edits Can Damage Your Brand

One thing online users must learn is that the internet has savages. A case in point is when the news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce broke. The internet was awash with tweets and comments. Many of them though it was funny used the information as a punch line to mock others including Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston.

Marion Cotillard Wiki Savage

Marion Cotillard is a victim of internet savaging. Someone changed altered her page to suit the drama surrounding her name. Sadly the rumor was that Marion is having an affair with Brad Pitt leading to the divorce rumors. Although the rumors are yet to be confirmed, that hasn’t, in any way stopped the internet from hacking her profile.

The page was edited two times with the first Wikipedia edits changing Marion’s profile to say the reasons behind the power couple’s breakup. It got worse in the second vandalism; the hacker changed her job title to indicate that other than being an actress and singer, Marion was also a cheater. Thankfully Wikipedia editors caught the malicious edits in time to change it back before too much damage was done to your reputation. Marion and Brad Pitt are starring in the movie ‘Allied’ which is set to hit the cinema halls in come November. However, with such rumors all over the internet, the film might just assume a whole new meaning.

About Wikipedia

Having a good profile on Wikipedia is a great way to boost your brand, image, or business. It gives you a chance to form a healthy relationship with your clients, audience, and even contributors to the site. Wikipedia is an online platform established in 2001 and stands as the world’s most popular site. Wiki offers readers with information about subjects and has millions of articles in English. It has been edited by thousands of contributors and editors with a guest presence of five hundred million ever month.

The Benefits You Get When You Make a Wikipedia Page

Your brand or business must have attracted an enormous amount of popularity and accomplishment to feature on Wikipedia. Such comes from having significant media exposure and coverage. Some of the benefits of having a wiki page include:

Building trust and confidence in your brand and people tend to take you more seriously. It shows you have a higher level of experience in your field.

Likewise, it attracts more traffic to your site as people search for information daily. It boosts your sales and brand name especially if you are new in the field.

With more leads, your ranking in the search engines also increases which translates to more sales and exposure.

Richard Blair Much More Than An Investment Advisor

Richard Blair is an investment advisor. His company Wealth Solutions Inc. is an investment advisory firm that is fully registered and advertises the fact that it provides comprehensive and personalized financial planning services to individuals, families, and small business owners based in the Austin Texas area. They also offer their services to other areas of south Texas including Marble falls, Houston, Bastrop, New Braunfels, and Georgetown.

Wealth Solutions was founded by Richard in 1994 on the premise of providing completely objective and unbiased competent advise to clients without any conflicts of interest. To give the most up to date comprehensive advice he obtained the following certifications.

He holds the designations of a Retirement Income Certified Professional or RICP, a Certified Annuity Specialist or CAS, a Certified Fund Specialist or CFS, and a Certified Estate Specialist or CES. Richard also has over 20 years of relevant experience in the financial services industry which includes the field of estate planning.

As a consequence of the constantly changing financial markets,strongly Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions strongly believe that the available financial strategies clients utilize should also broaden and change. Because of this, Wealth Solutions is always on the lookout for new and dynamic yet conservative investment solutions to show to clients.

These new solutions always have a common goal to help a client gain access to the upside in an investment opportunity while minimizing risk. We do this because we are well aware of the main goals of the majority of our clients and that is preserving that wealth and using it ti develop am income that is steady and if practical leave a legacy for their heirs.

Because of this, Wealth Solution’s main goal is to assist clients in devising all inclusive safe financial plan that will help them pursue their individual retirement goals.

Richard Blair has always been drawn to the world of education. This explains his need in qualifying for the many designations and specialty education courses he took as a financial professional.

He also was at one time in his life a teacher. In fact, his mother, wife, and grandmother were all teachers and it’s from this family history that Richard witnessed how teaching grows a person’s knowledge and self-confidence.

Later, Richard Blair Wealth Solutons combined his teaching experience with his natural gift for finance and recognized he could help many people with their investments but also help them plan for the future and their retirement. Since he started Wealth Solutions, Richard has continued to sharpen his knowledge and skills in retirement planning, especially the skills involved in avoiding the common pitfalls and mistakes in investing.

White Shark Media Has A Lot To Say About Keywords

Millions of websites have been published on the internet. People surfing the internet are rarely bouncing around in a random manner. They likely have a target in mind. A person interested in health food in Baltimore is going to look for “Baltimore health stores“, “health shops Baltimore”, and the like. Such terms are dubbed keywords. The right selection and usage of keywords does play a major role in whether or not visitors are able to locate a site.

The basic idea of keywords seems simple. To a degree, keywords are not complicated in theory. There are rules associated with keywords. After reading an outstanding post on the blog of White Shark Media, anyone with serious questions about keywords will have those questions answered.

When used correctly, keywords are able to bring the most desirable traffic to a website. Commercial websites want people most likely to purchase. Websites produced for fun are going to want traffic that helps the site go viral or contribute to the site in some way. Even a mild change in the context of a keyword is going to have an effect on traffic. Making the right change has the potential to reap beneficial rewards.

The blog article goes into depth about how to research keywords, a process that might be simpler than some realize. Tools exist to help with the task.

The effective use of keywords cannot be duplicated with a programming tool. A bit of knowledge about the right placement and volume of keywords is necessary. Conferring with those in the know about how to avoid keyword stuffing and other barred techniques is strongly advised. The idea of using keywords is to get noticed online. Keywords are the backbone of search engine optimization. Ineffectually using keywords can be fixed. Using keywords inappropriately or illegally might create a mess with the search engines that leads to a catastrophic result.

The search engine marketing specialists at White Shark Media could help those with questions about keywords. Those seeking extensive AdWords marketing help are definitely advised to speak with a representative from the company. Numerous testimonials have been published about how White Shark Media kept PPC costs down while boosting revenue. The company is not currently offering SEO work though, but will provide advice and consultation on SEO tasks.

Sam Tabar’s Unique Investing Endeavors


A lot of people don’t know what kind of person to turn to when searching for someone to guide and manage their funds. It’s often a risky situation and when you don’t have the time to really look into it, you may not be happy with what you find. There are trusted options out there. Sam Tabar has been an investment manager throughout the majority of his career. He worked for Bank of America where he was the Head of Capital Strategy working under Merrill Lynch. His basic duties were to give asset managers an opening to the institutional investors. This meant that he bridged connections to endowments, pensions, and funds of funds.

If we look further back into his career we can find that that’s not the only thing he managed. As the Co-Head of Marketing for Sparx Group, he managed all sections of the global marketing spectrum. Sparx Group was the biggest independent fund in Asia Pacific. Sam Tabar’s exquisite resume continues on with his experience working for attorney Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate and Flom. He also has experience with attorney Shulte, Roth, and Zabel. And not only does he have a substantial resume, he also has a superior education. He attended Columbia Law School and received a Masters in Law. And it doesn’t stop there. Sam Tabar also attended Oxford University and earned a Bachelor of Arts and graduated with honors. He extended his realm of experience when he was editor of Columbia Business Law Journal. And he is still active in being a part of a contributable community. Today, he is still a member of the New York State Bar.

Sam Tabar has done his own private investing as well, documented on He got his foot in the door early with Tribute. And also was an early part of SheThinx, a company of which that has reborn the feminine hygiene product industries missions. SheThinx is empowering women all over, and it’s thanks to investors like Sam Tabar. So, in all reality he has really outdone himself in expressing his concern for individual assets and showing interest in empowering companies.  As the COO of Full Cycle Fund, Sam Victor Tabar is definitely determined to make things happen.