Dick DeVos: The Man Behind The Windquest Group And $139 Million In Generosity

Dick DeVos has been featured in several news primetime shows and business outlets and he found his way into the national spotlight again when his wife Betsy became the 11th US Secretary of Education. This time DeVos made headlines by revealing the answer to the question of just how much he’s given to philanthropy over the years. Just prior to Betsy’s confirmation hearings, Dick DeVos released a statement of $139 million that the couple had given to charity over their lifetimes. The $139 million has funded all kinds of non-profits ranging from politically conservative activists, healthcare initiatives, education and civic centers. Dick DeVos has also funded several groups through his company The Windquest Group.


Dick DeVos founded The Windquest Group in 1989 though he started taking it bigger after 2002 when he stepped down from Amway Corporation. The Windquest Group was founded as an investment company for alternative but powerful energy initiatives and is the holding company for Electratherm Energy. But it’s also the holding company for several other companies in home storage, restaurants and even now a brewery. Dick got his business training from working at Amway, a company his father Richard DeVos Sr. who owns the NBA’s Orlando Magic founded. DeVos learned the ins and outs of business management during his time at Amway. He was vice president there from 1984 to 1989 and then became CEO in 1993. But most importantly he’s brought his business skills to philanthropic leadership.


His first efforts to assist private schools began in 1990 as a member of the Michigan State Board of Education. Later after starting the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, he and Betsy began assisting families and private schools through scholarship funds generated through Education Freedom Fund, Children’s Scholarship Fund and Children First America. The DeVos’s later formed the Great Lakes Education Association which connected the state’s various charter schools, and then later opened an aviation-based charter school known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Dick DeVos has given to and sat on the board of Grand Rapids development groups including Grand Action formerly known as Grand Vision. This group has transformed downtown Grand Rapids through building arts and sports venues and bringing more commerce to needy areas. Dick DeVos also has funded several conservative agendas through Hudson Institute and Heritage Foundation. In 2006 he ran for governor against incumbent Jennifer Granholm but lost by 14 points. But in the years after this race he began prompting Michigan lawmakers to pursue a right-to-work bill, and in 2012 after following the example of Governor Walker in Wisconsin, Governor Rick Snyder signed the new bill into law in Michigan. Dick and Betsy are also two donors to the Kennedy Center‘s Institute of Art’s Management in Washington D.C.


Norman Pattiz Makes an Announcement

PodcastOne released its findings from its research of pre- and post-campaign brand lift this February. The study took place late last year for podcast advisers and was the first of its kind. Multiple well known brands spanning a number of various product and service categories participated in the comprehensive studies.


PodcastOne founder Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster, VP of Strategy for Edison Research were eager to announce the results as they prove the positive impact of podcast advertising on brand recall. The results show a significant rise in tendency to purchase, as well as, product awareness.


Edison Research did PodcastOne a favor and conducted three studies in conjunction with PodcastOne’s research in the last half of 2016. Some of the brands were nationally recognized and some weren’t. Regardless of the brands’ recognition Edison’s research showed the same findings.


PodcastOne reports that there was a 7% incline of listeners mentioning a specific grocery brand post-campaign. Another key finding from the studies was the fact that product awareness pertaining to financial services products was up close to 50%.


According to PodcastOne Founder and Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz the goal of the studies was to show the potential impact the podcast format could have on brand advertising. Both believe that podcast formats will soon surpass traditional advertising formats.


About Norman J. Pattiz


Norman J. Pattiz is most known today as the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. He also served as CEO until 2016. In 1974 he founded legendary Broadcast company Westwood One. With Pattiz at the helm it became the largest provider of news, sports, entertainment, talk and traffic programming in the nation.


In 2009, Pattiz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and received the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting. He currently resides in Beverly Hills with his longtime wife.


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Sam Boraie: New Brunswick Real Estate Tycoon

Have you ever heard of a person named Sam Boraie from New Brunswick? He is an amazing and persistent real estate businessman and philanthropist and Vice President of Boraie Development. The whole purpose of Boraie Development is to offer services with a concentration in real estate development, property management, sales and marketing.

In an article on WSJ, Sam and Boraie Development have implemented many exclusive residential projects in New Brunswick. Sam’s first project was his old and rusted eight-floor building on Albany Street. He renovated the entire building making it look luxurious and people started to notice his magnificent building. People knew that there was going to be a huge change in New Brunswick. Sam realized for a town to grow, it needed some top-notch residential units, and so he started constructing and renovating many residential buildings in the New Brunswick area.

One of his projects is the New York City style One Street condominium building. This amazing building has twenty-five stories, 121 residential units, 40,000 square-feet of office space, a 400-space car garage, and around 10,000 square feet of retail. It was completed in 2007 and it sold out in less than two months. His latest project is a deluxe luxury glamorous residential building on Somerset Street which will be ready for tenants to live there and be astonished by the building itself. Sam Boraie will not stop until he makes New Brunswick the very best city with the greatest residential and office buildings.

Besides putting real estate in New Brunswick, Sam is on the advisory board for non-profit Elijah’s Promise. Sam joined the advisory board because he believes in making a change in the community. Mainly provide delicious food to people in the community and surrounding areas. They believe food can be a tool that can spark a change in the community. Elijah’s Promise will do what it takes to bring an end to hunger, as well as providing education and job training so that people in the community can live a better life. Education and job training is very important and it is what makes a person become successful and Elijah’s Promise is determined thrive in that aspect.

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How Don Ressler has thrived in the E-Commerce Field

Don Ressler is recognized as a leading entrepreneur who has established a couple of successful startups, which include Intelligent Beauty and its branches. The first enterprise that he founded was known as FitnessHeaven.com, and Intermix Media acquired it in 2001. Ressler then worked together with Adam Goldenberg to establish Alena Media. Goldenberg was 19 years old at that time and was the COO of Intermix. Their performance advertising and e-commerce venture made hundreds of million, and it was the primary income earner for Intermix on apparelnews.net. In 2005, Intermix was acquired by the News Corp, which is a top media conglomerate. The company later ignored it, and its profits reduced significantly.

The two entrepreneurs believed that they had sufficient skills in the online performance advertising field, and therefore, they decided to establish a business that they could execute independently. They worked with their former Alena Media staff, and after two weeks, they founded Brand Ideas. The firm was later renamed Intelligent Beauty. According to perezhilton.com, the enterprise was a direct-to-consumer brand. It established a subsidiary that was known as DERMSTORE, and it was dedicated to online retail of cosmetics and skincare products. Two years later Intermix developed SENSA, which majored in weight loss. Its CEO was Brett Brewer, and Dr. Alan Hirsch dealt with the development of its products. The two subsidiaries are highly profitable. In 2008, Intelligence beauty was offered a funding of about $43 million by Technology Crossover Ventures.

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Intelligence Beauty then established JustFab in 2010 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The firm is an e-commerce fashion retailer that offers subscription services to its clients. Matrix Partners funded JustFab in 2011 by providing it with $33 million. The enterprise grew rapidly and gained over 4 million subscribers by December. In April 2012, it announced that it had more than six million members. The company received a total funding of $76 million from Intelligent Beauty, Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, and Crossover Ventures.

JustFab later started FabKids, which offered children’s fashion. In Many 2013, it acquired a thriving European e-commerce business that is known as The Fab Shoes. The enterprise assisted in gaining over 3 million subscribers from the UK, Germany, France, and Spain. JustFab secured a series C funding of $40 million in October 2013 and used it in establishing Fabletics. The company worked with Kate Hudson in building the business. It also acquired a top rival that was known as ShoeDazzle. JustFab got an additional fund of $85 million in 2014, and this brought its total invest to $250 million.

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Financial Prowess in the World of Business

Financial Advice From A Name You Can Trust.

When it comes to knowing who is who in the financial world, a name anyone should be aware of is Brian Bonar, CEO of Dalrada Financial and winner of 2010’s Executive of the Year in Finance. With over 30 years of expertise in the field, Mr. Bonar has assisted countless clients with their finances, sharing his knowledge of a subject with which he is passionate.

He has been a part of Dalrada since 1994, giving clients advice on insurance, business, and finance to protect their assets and grow their business ventures. Through Dalrada Financial, he is also able to provide employers and clients a means to balance their finances through various employee programs to increase the efficiency of their business.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde, as well as both a graduate degree and a doctorate that he received at Stafford University. His qualifications in the field only add to his extensively vast knowledge about his work, leading him to quickly rising the corporate ladder to an administrative position within Dalrada.

His involvement in the financial industry does not stay with one company; he also holds a respectable position at Amanda Co., wherein he is the CEO and Chief Financial Officer.

Brian Bonar is also the head of the Trucept Inc., where he has been the CEO since 2010. His career has chosen many other roles that add to his repertoire, in varying capacities and different positions.

The experience he has gained over his illustrious career serves as an inspiration for the financial business and will inspire many like him for years to come.

Professional Finance from a Finance Professional

With 30 years of financial experience and company leadership, Brian Bonar has rightfully earned the prestigious Executive of the Year award, an honor given to only two men and two women in the field who exemplify the core values of being a CEO.

These values include leadership, academic achievement, and the ability to create a strong client bond, all of which Bonar has exhibited in his career. All of his businesses play an integral part in the corporate world and many of which are designed to help smaller companies profit more from their ventures.

Besides heading Dalrada and Trucept, Brian Bonar also holds the position of CEO at Imaging Technologies, as well as being the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service.

Bonar is also a part of the Source One Group, an organization which is devoted to assisting small and medium businesses with internal processes such as payroll and benefits for employees. This addition adds to the growing list of his associated enterprises, and will greatly benefit the firms that choose to participate in his programs.

NantHealth and Allscripts Partner with Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Clinical Pathways for Better-Customized Oncology Treatment

The NantHealth, Allscripts Partner, and the Cancer Treatment Centers of Americal have come together to ease the access of health records, thus facilitating better treatment. The clinical pathway program that is being introduced helps in keeping victims and physicians aware of the cancer treatment progress. This is often without interfering with the physicians’ workflow. The Nantos was built with substantial input from oncologists around the country in order to provide relevant and sufficient information as well as keep track of the evolution of the data.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers all treatment options and possibilities. This way clinicians can make their diagnosis accurately, and as a result, eliminate the chances of guesswork. According to Dr. George Daneker, the creation of an ecosystem of treatment alternatives is meant to customize standard care for every patient to review and select the one that they are most comfortable with. The idea is to offer safe and efficient treatment options to all patients.

Clinical Pathway is designed with the patient in mind. It integrates the attest research on cancer available, treatment regimens, and complementary therapies. Different offers come up when the platform is engaged. These include the following:
– Patient-specific custom treatment regimens, the specific state of disease, and their overall health.
– An analysis and comparison of treatment options inclusive of the average market delivery cost.
– Computer order entry is a simple screen tap which is safe and convenient for patients.
– Updated references and guidelines on different things such as toxicity, adverse reactions to drug as well as response rates
– Supportive clinical data
– supporting clinical data
– Functionality that is based on real-time
Clinical Pathways brings out transparency in offering care and delivery of quality service to patients. It is easier and possible to offer excellent service.

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WEN Has Just The Right Ingredients

Emily McClure from the Bustle is a woman who realizes the importance of a good haircare product. McClure has very fine hair, and she is always looking for hair care products that will give her hair body and shine. McClure heard a lot about WEN conditioning cleanser, and she wanted to see if all the rumors about the cleanser were true.

McClure decided to try WEN conditioning cleanser on her thin hair for a total of seven days. She chronicled her week in an article for The Bustle, and she was very honest about the results that she had. McClure found that WEN hair conditioning cleanser left her hair feeling thick and full of body when she originally used it. The results on her hair varied over the seven-day period, and at the end of her test, she realized that WEN conditioning cleanser worked best when it was washed out and used again every day. McClure believes that she will add WEN conditioning to cleanser to her haircare regimen, because it did give her hair the look and feel that she loved.

Chaz Dean is the creator of WEN conditioning cleanser, and when he decided that he was going to make a hair care product, he wanted something that was going to be unique. Dean wanted to create a haircare product that could be used on any type of hair, and he wanted his hair care product to be natural and free of dyes. Dean was able to get together with other individuals in the haircare industry, and he created WEN conditioning cleanser. Wen hair care products are available on the Chaz Dean store and QVC online.

Chaz Dean is an individual who has worked in haircare for many years, and he found that the majority of haircare products did not give hair the nutrients that it needed to maintain its beauty and shine. WEN is a product that gives hair its needed nutrients, and the ingredients found in WEN help a woman’s hair to maintain its luster and shine. WEN conditioning cleanser is an international success, and Dean continues to improve his already famous product. http://www.sephora.com/healthy-hair-care-kit-P374589

Whitney Wolfe Changes The Way Dating Is Done With The Bumble Date App

The combination of hardware and software developments in recent years have allowed the Internet to mature into a multi media platform where people can literally go into a virtual world that provides them with almost the same capabilities that they have in real life. Aspects of the Internet such as social media have made the Internet a place where family and friends go to keep in touch on a regular basis.

People can communicate in ways that were thought impossible a generation ago using the Internet. Also, other technology has been developed that works in conjunction with the Internet or uses some of its capabilities to provide people with new ways of communicating and completing tasks. One of these are apps. Commonly used on smartphones, apps provide people with many different ways to do a large scope of activities.

One of the areas where apps have become frequently used is in the area of dating. There are numerous date apps on the market that give people options regarding dating that they did not have in prior generations. With date apps, people can get the opportunity to meet people based on specific desires or needs. Whitney Wolfe who is the founder of the Bumble date app has made a huge impact on dating technology over the past decade. She has help to bring two date apps to the market.

The Bumble date app is Whitney Wolfe’s most sensational app that she has presented to the public. The Bumble date app gives people many advantageous concerning the dating scene. With the Bumble date app, people are able to use the features of the app to design a personality trait that sets a defined scope of traits that people are interested in finding in other people. With a set of personality traits set using the dating app, people are provided with a list of people that meet these traits.

At this point, people just contact the people they are interested in meeting and moving forward getting to know. However, Whitney Wolfe made the Bumble date app more concise and quicker in providing the list. Whitney Wolfe realizes that in society today people want things fast.

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The New Way Of Selling Fashionable Apparel – Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is an online shopping platform that has taken Amazon head-on. It is a new concept of doing online shopping that has seen other web-based clothing companies lose their large number of customers over the years. In discipline, Hudson’s Fabletics is a corporation that mainly deals with women’s sportswear.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics success is the product of a working model that this company uses to market its products, a methodology unique to its operations. Unlike other online stores, Fabletics values business and customer relations. To this end, Hudson’s Fabletics uses a method commonly referred to as the reverse showroom technique. The reverse showroom technique is a marketing procedure that allows clients to become active members of the online Fabletics store by making one time subscriptions.


Also, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has many physical stores that happen to be strategically built. Hence, one can either become a member by subscribing to a personal account either at a physical shop or through the digital platform. When one is an affiliate member, she automatically becomes eligible for discounts on any purchases she makes through the Fabletics brand.


Besides, this company also gives its loyal customers free gifts in the form of attire every once in a while. By using the reverse showroom technique, the corporation enters any product chosen by a client to her cart, regardless of whether she will purchase the item at that particular moment or not. Retaining items in one’s cart is Fabletics way of booking various commodities for specific clients mainly for future purchases. Also, the above move acts as a reminder to customers whenever they visit Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, so that they can make the extra effort and complete their purchases.


Fabletics uses a model that always keeps this company in touch with its customers. Whenever a client raises an issue through customer support, the problem is taken care of in only a matter of minutes. In modern times, people prefer to do online shopping as compared to physical shopping escapades that rocked previous civilizations. For this reason, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics makes sure that items purchased are delivered safely right to your doorstep.


Due to its exemplary work, Fabletics has earned itself many positive reviews from clients who have rubbed shoulders with this great institution at one point in time. For instance, the Fabletics Company is known to provide its customers with quality wear at a reasonable price. Items sold thus end up serving a client for a long time to come. Besides, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics provides for its customer base with products that match with the current fashion trends. For this reason, recipients of these commodities take pride in what they receive from Fabletics.


Finally, Fabletics makes use of a website that is not only friendly but also readily usable by anyone irrespective of them possessing little or no familiarity with the use of computers. Also, it is very simple for one to order and checkout items from her personal cart. Thus, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is the new black in digital shopping.

Stars of the NBA: 2017 is Stacking Up Nice


Today’s NBA game is full of stars, but who is the best player in the NBA? The game and the way players get to the pros has changed somewhat, but stars are still everywhere to be found. Surprisingly the center position may finally be on it’s way to become an important part of the game again. Despite more and more teams taking the ‘positionless’ approach, a number of big men are prime to take the league by storm.


In terms of the over all stars or best players in the league their are three key names that must be mentioned. Steph Curry, Lebron James and Russell Westbrook seem to be the leagues primary superstars. Perhaps the next tier of stars would include the likes of Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving. These players have collectively become the face of the league.


It’s been a few years since the center position was of much relevance in the NBA. This is however slowly changing. When speaking of the league’s best centers the conversation has to start with DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins is a star in the making. If he can only find a way to stay away from controversy, he should be huge. After Cousins, up and comers like Karl-Anthony Towns, Andre Drummond and Al Horford are making the center position important once again. These guys are not quite the big men of yesterday, like Shaquille O’Neal or Hakeem Olajuwon, but they are a step in the right direction.