Maggie Gill Brings Award Success To Memorial Health

The end of 2016 and the start of 2017 may prove to be one of the busiest and most successful periods in the career of Maggie Gill, who has acted as the President and CEO of the Memorial University Medical University after spending much of the previous decade working in various roles within the health system. A successful medical industry executive, Maggie Gill has recently been exploring the many different opportunities available to Memorial as she seeks new partnerships to continue developing the Memorial reputation across the southeast of the U.S.


The reputation of Maggie Gill and her team is currently at an all time high after the starring role the management group from memorial took at the George Medical Society’s 16th Annual Healthcare heroes Awards in November 2016. Seven awards were won by executives from Memorial as a range of programs and individuals were honored for their roles at the hospital and in the community; an award was provided for the Teen Driver’s program that has been developed at Memorial in a bid to keep all teens safe during their first years of driving. The overall reputation of Memorial and Maggie Gill’s leadership were improved when a Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Memorial’s former trauma expert Dr. Carl Boyd.


The awards came at a time when Maggie Gill was preparing to reveal the details of a new Medicare program to be offered through a partnership between Memorial and Eon Health that will aid Medicare patients in South Carolina and Georgia. The aim of the partnership and development of the Medicare plan has been to create an inexpensive plan that includes low cost prescription payments and free transportation to and from treatment sites in a bid to increase the health of patients across the southeast.

EOS is Changing the Lip Balm Industry

The lip balm and lip care industry have been the same for over one hundred years. Seven years ago, a new company came onto the scene and made everyone rethink lip balm. EOS, Evolution of Smooth, showed up out of nowhere and completely changed the entire lip balm industry for the better.

According to, before EOS, anyone who thought of lip balm thought of Chapstick and the cylinder tube. There were very few flavors to choose from and were almost thought of as boring. EOS decided to change all of that. Research told them that their made buyers were women and they wanted something exciting.

The flavors were not the only thing that was changing. With the help of a clay artist, the orb shape would be the new shape for EOS lip balm, This shape was easy to hold and allowed for the maximum application.

In recent years, it has been a hot trend to use more and more organic ingredients in products. EOS decided to continue this trend. While they were using organic ingredients in their lip balm, they were able to keep their prices in line with the rest of the competition. They are now offering a better product for the same price.

Marketing proved to be a hassle but a Walgreens sales representative told them yes. She placed them on their shelves and had excellent results. Other stores soon followed and now EOS lip orbs are being used by famous celebrities.

In just seven years, EOS was able to completely revamp the classic lip balm and move into the number two slot. They are constantly working on new products and how to make the company even better. The future looks very bright for EOS. For more information, visit

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Chris Burch explores the past, present, future of Technology and Fashion

The fashion and technology industry has undergone major changes. According to Chris Burch, technology has become more fashionable over the years. A review of the past and the present culture should give one insight into future trends in fashion and technology. At the present day, consumer goods indicate that technology is growing and becoming popular. The popularity of products lies in what people think is fashionable.


In the fashion industry, many designers concentrate on delivering appealing products through the use of technology. The technology employs high stands of functionality and innovation. Chris Burch wrote an article expounding the relationship between fashion and technology. He stated that technology is like an experimentation or playground. People that dig deeper always find endless possibilities.


Looking to the future, we find advancements in technology that are set to protect us. Most of these advancements are already in use today. Take for example the Airbag for Cyclists. The protective gear is a fashionable equipment worn around the neck. It has a protective function of safeguarding the head and neck in case of an impact. Firefighters have benefited too from Frontline technological gloves. The gloves have assisted them to pass critical information to their partners.


Christopher Burch has used his eye to discern services and products that are likely to be available in future. He started and invested in different business areas. Today Burch owns the Burch Creative Capital brand. The company avails its services to other international brands in the world. The company has collaborated with TV shows to bring the most relevant technology videos. Burch has been noted to state that it is not technology always that helps fashion. Technology too does benefit in the fashion world. One example is the case of the Google Glass. At the start, the device received stigma and many people disliked the product. However, once it became a fashionable trend, many people went to purchase it.


About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an investor, entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of the Burch Creative Capital. He can traverse through several industries. He has worked with many companies that are highly successful today.


Mr. Burch started his business ventures as an undergraduate at Ithaca College. He and his brother founded Eagle Eye Apparel Company and sold it for about $150 million years later. From that time, he has never looked back as far as technology in any industry is concerned. He has built an industry in real estate and fashion that borrow a lot from technology.

Kabbalah Centres Teach Spirtuality and Sharing

The Kabbalah Centre was founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922. It is the study of spiritual wisdom and there are over 40 Kabbalah Centres around the world. The centres teach Kabbalah as way to change and make lives better. They teach it to make it applicable to every day living.

The teachers teache several principles to their students. The teachers stress sharing is the purpose of life, how to balance the ego, about spiritual laws, that we are all one, and leaving our comfort zone produces miracles. The centres offer online classes, regular classes, and events where students meditate, share meals, and listen to lectures.

Students volunteer and organize projects that benefit the community like feeding the hungry, cleaning parks, and visiting patients in hospitals and nursing homes. These centres have participated in helping with many natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the Hati earthquake. Recently they participated in Super Storm Sandy and providing relief to victims.

Some of the charitable organizations they support are Spirituality for Kids, Kids Creating Peace, and the Kabbalah Children’s Academy. An unusual center they have been hosting spiritual pilgrimages for 30 years. They take students to remote locations with their teachers. Many of these locations are unique in nature. They are called Energy Tours.

Each adventure combines spiritual learning, energy connections at the sacred sites, and meditations. All trips are different and never repeated in the same way. Their travel guides speak many languages to accommodate the international students they attract.

Some of the types of classes the Kabbalah Centre teaches online are Meditations for the Month of Capricorn, Reincarnation, Refocusing our Work, The Path to Spirituality or Chaos and others. Beginner courses are Tools for Change, and Introduction to Kabbalah. To learn more about the classes at the Kabbalah Centre visit the website at or call Customer Care at 866 821-9299.

Saving Your Reputation With Domain Names

One of the disadvantages of the internet is people can hijack your name, personal or business, and smear you without repercussions. There are ways to fight back and Chris Silver Smith of wrote an excellent article about ten things yo can do to build and save your reputation online. I highly recommend you consider each of these tips, they could make the difference when it comes to the online perception of you or your company.

  1. The most powerful action is to buy your name registered under the “.com” domain. If that’s not possible, then alter your name with dashes or extra letters and purchase that .com domain.
  1. If is taken, then purchase it with one of the other major domain extensions, like
  1. Purchase, this is an extension from the country of Montenegro but it’s available worldwide.
  1. See if you can register your name with a geographic domain. Something like yourname.yourcity or .yourstate. This works best in larger geographic areas.
  1. If your name is already registered, try and combine a subdomain with a domain name. So your URL would look like,
  1. Try to include a keyword within your URL. For instance, a doctor could use a name with .doctor or .physician in the address.
  1. You can also make a deliberate misspelling of a word in your name. So, if is taken, try
  1. Consider purchasing a .tel domain. This is administered by Telnic as a marketing tool. It’s an internet directory service, so your contact information and a biography are part of the domain name.
  1. It is possible to split your name with a domain hack. For instance, if is taken, you could purchase instead.

10.  If you are the CEO of a company, or want to be known as one, consider purchasing a .CEO domain. These domains are expensive, starting at $99, but they do add a sense of exclusivity to your name.


Fabletics Unique Approach

Kate Hudson has something going here. Fabletics has taken the online shopping experience by storm as the numbers don’t lie. Fabletics has grown a business of $250 million in just short three years. This is behind Kate Hudson’s brand and the ability to bring people into a shopping experience that represents high quality and fashionable active wear. Women dig it.


The reverse showroom technique is critical to Fabletics success. Typically customers go to a store to browse and see what they may want. They may even try some of the clothes on but ultimately won’t buy them yet. Later they start to look online for similar types of outfits for lower costs. In the past, customers were loyal to a store but now other services are driving purchases. Fabeltics is working on a different method to bring customers into their mix. As customers learn of this brand they are brought into a subscription based system which allows them to stay on top of a trend. This requires active participation on the customer’s part. Most of Fabletics customers are gained online and then possibly come into a store for further evaluation. A few visit the stores and leave as online subscribers but that is a low number. This concept is similar to Amazon and the Prime method. This keeps you coming back for more, essentially leading you to be a loyal customer.


Fabeltics, as mentioned earlier, sells activewear through an online subscription based program. When you subscribe your first outfit is deeply discounted to get in the door. If you watch online this fluctuates some so be sure to get the best deal you can. Following this your subscription is active and every month a new outfit is released. Between the first and fifth of every month, you need to make a decision to either shop or skip. If you shop you will order the outfit. This is normally $49.95 after the first month. If you skip, you don’t purchase anything. If you remember on the sixth of the month, its too late, your credit card has been charged and you will have credit to order an outfit. This takes active participation or you will all the yoga pants and leggings you will need.


Fabeltics created this service at a great time where active wear can be used for working out or just comfortable clothes relaxing around the house. Giving the customer good prices, comfortable clothing and the ability to choose every month something new is a win-win situation. People come to Fabletics for a specific reason and know they can find something that will fit their needs. The marketing is genius and will continue to grow as more and more women find out about it.


Reviewing IAP Worldwide And Contribution To Government Institutions

The government has for many years been working with different companies to enhance the performance of entities. IAP is among companies that have developed a strong and long standing relationship with the government for working on solutions that have helped to elevate the status of different units. As a company that has been operational for more than 50 years, IAP Worldwide has helped other entities to manage their services and to achieve their goals by ensuring they have all the needed supplies in time.

The logistics supply team at IAP Worldwide works around the clock to ensure that all the goods and property that is requested for by clients is transported in time and arrives in the best form. Most importantly, IAP Worldwide has invested in buying over other businesses that are structured in different ways all in a bid to improve its service coverage. The company currently offers more than 20 types of services that include technological integration and modern setup of components.

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Expeditionary services
The government and other security agencies have been using the support that is given by IAP Worldwide to handle operations in austere environments. The reason they chose IAP is because the company offers the most reliable support that is suitable for harsh environments. A good example is the support IAP Worldwide has been offering to the security agencies that are based in overseas locations. The company offers great support that ensures the troops get all the essentials in time and they also help in maintaining important equipment used by the army.

Communication and IT
Departments in any business need support to manage different problems and processes. If communication is not constructed well, it becomes challenging to handle vital processes. IAP Worldwide inspects existing networks to ensure all the configuration used is installed to match with the needs of the network and that the users have easy time connecting different units. The company also offers the installation and design of new systems that serve to enhance the speed and security of connections between individuals.

Aviation support
Aviation is another industry where IAP Worldwide has invested in. IAP offers maintenance services and supplies that are needed in the aviation industry to simplify processes and enhance the execution of roles. With a team of professionals who are highly trained engineers, IAP Worldwide boasts of the bets services in the industry. They even acquired several entities in the same industry to expand service base.

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Online Reputation News for Businesses and Startups

Savoring a positive online reputation is key for businesses today, especially with access to Facebook review pages, Yelp!, and even private social media profiles of those involved with the business in question. Understanding the importance of keeping a clean and positive online presence with social media is not simply recommended, it is required in order to avoid backlash from critics or even major news outlets today.

Working With an Online Reputation Management Company

Working together with an online reputation management company is not solely for business owners, although it is becoming more of a necessity today with billions of users gaining access to your personal thoughts, feelings, and opinions and issues that matter most to them. An online reputation management service is ideal for anyone who has a business or professional nature to protect, even if you work on your own.

Review and Nurture Your Social Media and Online Posts

Any time you are scrolling through your social media feeds or any posts you have made public within magazines, blogs, or even on your own website it is highly advisable to correct, edit, or delete the content altogether to avoid becoming a scapegoat (which has happened to many large corporations in the past few years). Keep personal opinions which may be offensive to yourself, or create a private profile only for those you know and have access to in order to avoid individuals from finding the content you share to be innappropriate in any way.

Remove Content That May Be Deemed “Inappropriate” or “Offensive”

Whether you are working on your own or if you have hired an online reputation management company to help, it’s important to remove all content that is offensive, hateful, or simply inappropriate. This is especially warranted for business professionals and employees of a company that specifically warns against this type of rhetoric.

The more you know about keeping a positive online presence, the easier it becomes to ward off potential backlash and critical articles that may ultimately become the demise of your business or professional life. Think before you post, as everything you share is likely archived and can be found with just a few clicks and searching the web.


Opening up to Light with Help from Kabbalah Centre

Light is one of the defining factors of the entire world. Light is something that allows people everywhere to see the world. While people are aware of the light, they may feel they are trapped in darkness and cannot always find a way home. This is where working with those the Kabbalah Centre can be of great help. At this place, the ideal is about learning to find the light that is both inside of any given person as well as working with the light that is on the outside for all of them to see. When people are able to see the light that is front of them, they are able to find ways to use that light and bring it inside of their own lives.


The Way To The Light

Locating the light that is within anyone is one that anyone can find. Light is found in many places including a person’s soul. When people know how to tap into the light inside of them, they are often astonished at how much greatness they can develop. Greatness and wisdom can be found within as light is shined in places that might have been dark before. The new light is one way that people can move past any issues they might have confronted including death and disappointment. Working with officials at the Kabbalah Centre is the ideal way to locate the light and discover just how much power it has.


Spiritual Power

Developing the light also means developing the spiritual power inside. When people learn how to use their own light, they also learn how best to use their own light and their own innate spirituality. The spirit can be willing and can lead to a sense of mastery over a person’s life. When they can take this understanding in their lives, they can learn to apply this in other areas of their lives. This means that they can use the light they know is within them now to do things like make friends with others and be more caring and compassionate to all those they meet each day.

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Highlights Of The 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference

Held every year over the past five years is the prestigious “Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. This conference is any and all things about community banking. This division of banking has come along way throughout the decades as community/regional banking is gained tremendous amounts of popularity from their innovative services. Hosted this year in “The Crescent City” of New Orleans and the event went off without a hitch. Bank Leaders, consultants, advisors, etc. met to discuss future plans of the industry. This year President and CEO of NexBank Capital, John Holt attended the service and was one of it’s guest speakers. Holt also joined in on the banker panel discussion for reinventing community banking. With so much high tech innovation in this sector of banking, insiders discussed and gathered different perspectives of what’s trending and what’s to be expected in the future. Community banking has become a major player and in today’s current society, it rivals the much larger national and international financial institutions.

NexBank was well represented by John Holt as this premier Dallas, Texas bank has become a stand out among it’s contemporaries. As of June 2016, the financial institution reported having over $3.5 Billion in assets. NexBank Capital specializes in mortgage, investment, and commercial banking, but also offer services such as real estate advisory, investment management, warehouse lending, treasury management, commercial lending, agency services, and more.

Staying competitive in an ever changing environment is the goal for all regional banking institutions as they continue to grow along with their rival financial centers. John Holt, participants and other panelists shared perspectives on a variety of things such as challenges facing community banking, branching, and networking. The event went off as planned and community banking seems to have a good understanding of where they stand and how to improve on things in the future.