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The issues of our health deserve to be taken very seriously. There is no need to take all our time doing other businesses while our bodies are neglected. It is good to note that our bodies are the reason we can manage to do our daily tasks. If our bodies are frail, then there is nothing else that can happen. It is therefore sad that we take no time to ensure that our bodies are safe and that all the body organs rare operating optimally. It is sad that many of us do not take health issues serious up until when we find ourselves in tricky situations of having to deal with a health issue that is already advanced. Our health is a priority that should not be ignored at all.

When it comes to our health, there is one area that is very important. Cardiovascular disease. There are many deaths that are occurring every year due to issues of cardiovascular diseases. These are diseases that have a high probability of taking anyone to the grave faster than they can expect. People who do not take precautionary measures to live a healthy life are at risk of having to deal with emergency cases that may happen to their life.

Cardiovascular diseases are normally fatal and they can take the life of a person very fast. It is good for every person to make sure that they are tested for cardiovascular diseases regularly. This is the only way to ensure that no one is affected by emergency health issues. Already diseases related to cardio are killing a large number of people in the country. Although the cause of these diseases is normally poor eating habits, there are other reasons that could cause them. If even if one is observing proper eating habits, there a risk that one will develop such conditions due to other reasons. It is therefore clear that no one should ignore testing for these diseases simply because they are feeling that they are okay. Only a doctor can determine if one is safe or not.

Lifeline Screening is a company that is found in the United States. Life Line Screening has the best screening technology that will ensure everyone in the country have access to a facility that will test them for underlying health problems. Lifeline screening has very good services that will see everyone who visits their facilities tested for all underlying health problems especially those related to cardio system.

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Organo Gold: Leaders In Network Marketing and Global Success

Revolutionizing the beverage industry and becoming the leading company in global network marketing, Organo Gold is creating a legacy and rewriting the history books on what a successful network marketing company looks like.

Founded in 2008 in British Columbia by President and CEO, Bernardo Chua, Mr. Chua saw the potential in one product that is being consumed daily, on multiple occasions, by billions of people across the globe, that being coffee. Although coffee, one of the world’s most consumed beverages, and second to only tea and water, is a billion dollar industry, Mr. Chua understood that in order for Organo Gold to be successful, their product would have to stand out and improve upon the average coffee beverage. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

As it would turn out, Mr. Chua came up with the brilliant idea of blending a special, organic ingredient known as “Ganoderma Lucidum”, or commonly referred to as “King of Herbs”, into coffee. Ganoderma is an ancient healing herb, dating back hundreds of years ago in China, as a prized medicine, reserved only for the king and the royal family. Organo Gold infuses Ganoderma into coffee without changing the look, aroma and taste. The healthy elements included in Ganoderma, possess natural energetic properties, along with naturally enhanced flavors, making coffee taste and feel even better than before.

Now the whole world agrees just how enjoyable and delicious Organo Gold coffee is, with over a million sales per day and 100’s of thousands of distributors and operations in over 50 countries worldwide. Along with coffee, Organo Gold has added more healthy beverages and products to their line, with teas, hot chocolate, mocha lattes, nutraceuticals, and personal care products that are available exclusively through their Organo Independent Distributors. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

The success of Organo Gold has always been rooted in their visionary and innovative approach. As a minority owned and operated business, Organo Gold leveraged the playing field in network marketing, by offering generous compensation packages for anyone looking to become a part of their success story, or just interested in earning extra income monthly. This business model strategy, no doubt, has set Organo Gold apart from their competitors, as they not only strive to provide premium products, but also to change the lives of people through business opportunity.

Even with their astounding success, championing as a billion dollar brand in a billion dollar industry, Organo Gold’s mission is not just to become the wealthiest company, but the most significant company in network marketing. Not only ethically and health conscious in all business matters, Organo Gold proudly sponsors the OG Cares Foundation; a non-profit organization that supports youth movements by providing them with programs and opportunities that will generate positive change for current and future generations.


Jason Hope’s Great Contribution to Humanity

Jason Hope is a technology entrepreneur, philanthropist and futurist who has had a lot of success in his ventures. He believes that technology is the future and that is why he supports organizations such as the SENS Research Foundation, which are using technology to find ways to slow down the aging process. The main reasons why he supports the SENS Foundation is the fact that it seeks to find ways to prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, which cause people to age faster. This is unlike the available treatment options which do nothing to prevent the occurrence of these diseases but only try to treat and manage them. Jason made a donation of $500,000 to the foundation in 2010. The donation was used to build the Cambridge SENS laboratory and equip it with all the things needed for its operation. Through his donation, he also contributed to a research program on slowing down the aging process in humans.

Jason is an alumnus of the Arizona State University, where he studied business and finance. His passion for technology has earned him a reputation as a futurist, and many people look to him for advice on various things to do with technology in their businesses as well as in their day-to-day lives. Jason Hope also has a heart for philanthropy and supports a number of organizations that use technology to make advancements in various fields of science. Jason uses his skills to help entrepreneurs with great business ideas. He provides them with financial support as well as guidance on how they can take advantage of technology to make their businesses more efficient and profitable. He has created a number of technology companies that are doing very well, and has the experience and skills to mentor young technology entrepreneurs.


Jason Hope’s passion for technology is what keeps him focused on his goals. Even in his philanthropic work, he is very particular about the organizations he chooses to support and he forms long-term relationships with them. Jason believes that everyone deserves to live a good life and this can be achieved by curbing the aging process, hence his support for organizations that are involved in anti-aging research.

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Clay Siegall on Creating a Legacy in Biotechnology

Clay Siegall is a co-founder and the president of one of the fast rising clinical trials companies, Seattle Genetics. He has been working with the company since 1998 and has seen it rise from a small enterprise to the force that it is slowly becoming in the field. He has a PhD in genetics from the Washington State University. Clay Siegall states that he was inspired to start a Biotechnology company after watching his father go through a very tough battle with cancer, and realizing that chemotherapy was more harmful to the patient’s body than even the cancer itself.

Clay Siegall started the company hoping to create alternative therapies to deal with cancer. The first of these drugs that he has been developing for the past 20 years, ADCETRIS got approval from the FDA in 2015. This was an instrumental step in the journey of the company. However, there are tens of other patents which are linked to his name. He has championed the development of his company through public and private fundraising efforts and partnerships. In 2001 for instance, he agreed to have the company listed on NASDAQ and the shares have been trading with the name SGEN for the past 16 years.

Clay Siegall is an expert when it comes to networking for the success of his business. As mentioned, he had fostered partnerships which have greatly improved the future of the company. For instance, he has fostered ADC partnerships with GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer among other big pharmaceutical companies. These partnerships have in turn helped the company achieve a lot in the process of raising money to develop and funding their marketing campaigns.

The next frontier for Seattle Genetics is getting 11 other drugs that they have been working on approval from the FDA. To make this happen, the company has been hiring more technicians and expanding the capacity of their labs. They hope that within a year, they will have these drugs in hospitals. All these are achievements that have been made as a result of among other things, the leadership of Clay Siegall. As he states, with resilience, everything is possible.


Although depression is a common mental illness around the world, depressed people fail to reach out for help because they are misinformed. The reason behind not seeking help is mainly because of the stigma surrounding the illness. Also, most people do not know or take the effects of depression lightly. Below are some of the overlooked facts on the effects of depression:

Depressive disorders are diverse

Apart from Major Depressive Disorder which is as a result of low self-esteem, Persistent Depressive disorder and Postpartum Depression are also common. Additionally, Seasonal Affective Disorder that often happens on winters and periods of less sunshine is another type of depressive disorder.

Physical effects

The most apparent symptoms of depression include stomach disorders, headache, short breath and general tension. A depressed brain also different from a typical healthy, too, the functioning of the two is different. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Depression is treatable, irrespective of how severe

The effectiveness of the treatment of any depression case, however, depends on how early the same is reported. Treatment is in the form of both therapy and medicine and may take longer depending on how severe the illness is. The most severe cases always call for additional treatment ways such as neurofeedback therapy.

Depression majorly contributes to suicide

Since depression bears a high risk of suicide, any person experiencing suicidal thoughts should not be ignored but given the right help. The top way to lessen the menace of suicide is to know the risk influences and to acknowledge the cautionary signs of the same.

Depression requires on time and appropriate treatment, the kind provided by Neurocore Brain Performance center. Neurocore takes pride in providing brain examinations as well as training programs to assist both adults and children better their sleep and concentration. Neurocore also provides a noninvasive opportunity for ADHD, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and more for kids and adults.


Since all depression cases are not the same, Neurocore has a customized program for patience for personalization purposes. The repeated sessions improve not only the functionality of the brain but also its efficiency. Furthermore, brain diagnostics are done through a variety of methods such as Behavioral Checklist, Heart Rate Variability and Electroencephalogram among others in building a patient’s profile. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Practical Tips for Successful Forex Trading By Greg Secker

Greg Secker, the leading forex trader, has so far demonstrated that becoming one boss, being able to set one’s hours and earning unlimited income is not that difficult. However, Secker argues that prospective forex traders must be prepared to handle the associated share of challenges. Successful preparations entail acquiring the relevant knowledge and skills. It goes a long way in helping them absorb the overwhelming complexity associated with this type of trade.

According to Greg Secker, once a person learns the basics, particularly fundamental forex indicators and efficient management of risk, combined with a little determination, he or she can expect to reap healthy profits from the forex market. He, however, warns that it is not a simple thing and one must invest sufficient time learning nearly all the ropes of forex market trading. Nevertheless, it does not take years for one to figure out the ins and outs finally.

Besides having a firm grasp of forex trading, below are several useful tips for successful trading provided by Greg Secker;

1.Look for a successful mentor whom you can confidently emulate. Apart from helping you eliminate guesswork, having a mentor keeps you several steps ahead of other newbies.

2.Resist the temptation to shift your strategies constantly. Choose one trading strategy and give it all the attention in the world. As a newbie, you would not want to introduce confusion which could steal away possible profits from you.

3.Do not make decisions when you are emotional,especially when it comes to losses or setbacks.

4.After learning the ropes of the business, ensure to set expectations that are as realistic as possible when it comes to the desired profit levels.

5.Clarify your goals from the very beginning. It is impossible to reach a destination in the absence of a detailed plan of how to get there. As stated in number four above, stay as real as possible.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a renowned entrepreneur with good mastery of the forex trade. In 2003, he founded Action Group which has offices all over the world. The group is made up of a couple of companies that offer the latest updates as far as trading software and technology is concerned. He is the owner of The Greg Secker Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that provides several youth programs aimed at delivering better education opportunities and leadership skills to disadvantaged youths.

Born in England, Greg Secker studied Agricultural and Food Sciences at the University of Nottingham. He kickstarted his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services where he worked as a trading technologist, and he was instrumental in the devising of the systems that are currently in use in foreign exchange trade. He had the opportunity to learn from the best in matters regarding financial trading while working as the VP of Mellon Financial Corporation at the tender age of 25. Secker has mentored many people who admire him as a successful forex trader.

The sneak peak into the Life of Shiraz Bongani

Shiraz Boghani, who is the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, was able to receive an award in the Asian Business Awards 2016. The award was due to his for his excellent work in Hospitality Business. Currently, he is a manager in about 19 Hotels in the United Kingdom. Mr. Shiraz Boghani dealt with several departments in different capacities as a vibrant entrepreneur. Mr. Boghani was one of the founders of the Limited Facility branded Hotels in London. His latest project located in London specifically in London’s Vibrant Bankside and other Hotels which included New Ellington in Leeds among others. Shiraz Boghani is also a chief sponsor of the Aga Khan Improvement Network Internationally.

Upon receiving the Award, Mr. Shiraz Boghani highly appreciated and said that his success was not only contributed to by his efforts but also his Family. The executive and the management teams who worked together with him even contributed towards his success.

The Splendid Hospitality Group became one of the fast growing Personal Hotel groups under the excellent leadership of Shiraz Boghani. His outstanding performance and significant achievements are due to his exceptional hard work which he showed and his inspirational devotion. The Chief Executive Officer went on to say that the group was growing from one step to another and nobody else deserved the award except Shiraz Boghani.

Initially, Shiraz Boghani came from Kenya and went to the United Kingdom whereby he was able to start his training as an accountant in a small firm of Chartered Accountants. Sometime later he was ready to move to Thompson McClintock. Due to his high passion for business, he was able to identify significant investment opportunities. It is this ability to recognize investment opportunities that he was able to found Joint Partner of Sussex Health Care which in the year 1985 and has dramatically developed such that it has 18 care homes with a lot of beds.

Mr. Shiraz Boghani is a great man who has used his resources in helping the poor and donating to many charitable organizations and voluntary services. He not only gives resources but also spends his quality time in the optional services. Shiraz was able to provide the development strategies of the vision and always had a clear and useful idea about the growth of the organization. Due to his high concern about his Ismaili community he was able to hold some senior positions hence ensuring excellent service in the city.

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Incredible Entrepreneurial Traits of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is an Emirati entrepreneur who was born 1952 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Hussain is well known for his skills in the real estate field for he has taken the Emirati property developer industry to another level. He is the founder and chairman of DAMAC Properties. At the beginning of 2017, he was listed by Forbes among the top 10 billionaires in the World’s Richest Arabs list. Learn more:


Due to his hard work and education excellence, he received a scholarship which made him be one of the scholars from UAE to be sent by the government to the US. He attended the University of Washington where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics.


He began his career journey at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries serving in the finance department. After two years, he opened an eatery supplying food to many services including Bechtel and the U.S. military. The catering is still operating up to date under the name Global Logistics Services. In 2002, Mr. Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties, one of the leading property developers in the Middle East.


DAMAC Properties has established about 19,000 apartments and has more than 44,000 units being developed. In 2015, DAMAC Properties was ranked among companies which have shares traded on the Dubai Financial Market. Examples of well-known projects developed by DAMAC Properties are the Trump International Golf Club which makes sales averaging to $ 2 billion, Trump World golf course which is designed by Tiger Woods and will start its operations in 2018, paramount hotels and resorts and luxury villas designed by Bugatti among others.


Hussain Sajwani Family and that of the US President, Donald Trump, have a productive relationship. In addition to the partnership of the development of golf courses, they also have a partnership in the real estate industry where they are partnering to help each other enhance trades. Moreover, they also have a family friendship for example the two families celebrated the New Year’s Eve together. The DAMAC owner is also a philanthropist who is passionate about helping the society, for example, he donated AED 1 Million for the refugees in Lebanon and Jordan during the UAE compassion campaign among others, Hussain Sajwani is passionate about providing people with their dream homes. Learn more:

Mighty Fortress and Other Beautiful Churches in Minnesota

Worship is aimed at growing spiritual wellness of Christians. There are magnificent worship places structured with unique architectural designs that maybe historic or modern designs to give ample and quality atmosphere for worshipers in Minnesota. Here are some of the most breath-taking churches in Minnesota.

Church of St. Mary, Melrose

This elegant historical structure was constructed in 1899. Church of St. Mary Melrose is endowed with rich and classical outer and inner beauty. It has a pair of twin steeples fashioned in Romanesque design while the inside is more spectacular with blue-painted ceilings and a sanctuary dome created to depict the stars. It is ornately completed with exquisite features like an imported altar and detailed stained glass. The church is strategically located for ease of access and has good transport network. Visit to know more.

St. John Abbey Church, Collegeville

This church is situated in Stearns County is especially unique with architectural designs that stand out in the world. It has honey combed stained windows and a 118 ft tall bell tower. It houses an expansive colorful interior complete with elaborate art of preceding Catholic churches in the area.

Hopperstad Stave Church, Moorhead

It is rich with heritage and dynamic features. It mimics the Stave church in Vik, Norway, that has detailed wooden Viking ship feature in the central interiors. It is surrounded by nature’s most serene features of green vegetation growing along Red River of the North.


Mighty Fortress Church

Mighty Fortress, another beautiful house of the Lord, is a life altering and spiritual place of worship for Christians in Minnesota. It is a holy place which offers a unique style of worship in which people reflect on the things God has accomplished for them. Services are beautifully planned to be engaging and lively.

Mighty Fortress Church ministries was founded by Bishop Thomas Williams with the sole purpose of delivering biblical virtues and values to worshippers. At Mighty Fortress, Christians get to wholly embrace Christ’s teachings that strengthen their relationship with Him. Bishop Thomas, who is an anointed evangelist, presents powerful practical biblical teachings with utmost passion and discernment. The carefully detailed services are well thought of offering inclusive worship activities that revitalize the soul for all. Watch this video on Youtube.

Mighty Fortress is an outstanding epitome of virtuous and nourishing Christian society that helps believers attract blessings and inspiration.It’s strategically located and open to all people.

The 18 Billion Dollar News

A Standing Ovation For George Soros

It’s best to give credit where credit is due.

When the media is going crazy over an $18 billion donation, then it’s likely because George Soros is in a charitable mood. We don’t just applaud Goerge Soros for giving the Open Society Foundation more than we’ll ever see ourselves.

The standing ovation we have is for the complete life of George Soros. This financial expert got a jumpstart on success in the most unlikely places. World War II brought a climate to humanity that wasn’t experienced before. The stresses of Nazi occupation and its ideology placed George’s family in bondage.

The only escape was further into Europe where the United Kingdom had open borders. The standing ovation of George Soros’ life comes from a simple fact. The investor became a billionaire in the eyes of the public but never forgot about where he came from.

Being a refugee taught George Soros about what it meant to be a part of the world identity. We see a similar factor in play when Mr. Soros donates and aides in the building of our most effective nonprofits.

Let His Achievements Tell The Story

We don’t want to be the sole bearer of this news.

History teaches us that money is connected to numerous aspects of society and world governments. It’s no surprise that we learn this lesson from George Soros. As a renowned investor, George is known for “breaking the bank of England.” What he made himself was a billionaire.

The world was also watching. There’s no doubt about the substantiation in the Soros name. Giants exist in every generation, and here, we see a giant in the financial world. It took George’s insight to change society indefinitely. That indefinite change occurred the British economy.

The value of the pound plummeted, and the only one with the timing to profit was George Soros. It’s true, he made billions in the process.

How It All Came From Nothing

The value in paper currencies comes from the worth of the nation’s issuing fiat to the public. Knowing this intricate science gives us a glimpse into the understanding George Soros has. Few people can put themselves in this man’s shoes without first knowing about his skill and trade.

Like children obsessed with collecting foreign currencies, George mastered the money market by literarily trading the fiat of the world’s nations. and more information click here