OSI Food Solutions Keeps The World supplied With Chicken

The United States is well known for its fried chicken industry. Millions of pieces of chicken are sold daily by fast food stores, in restaurants, and in retail stores. People are just fond of chicken, and probably never gives a second thought to where it all comes from, or who provides these businesses with so much chicken. But, America never runs out of the popular food. Food suppliers like OSI Solutions have been keeping people world wide supplied with this most precious commodity. Headquartered in Chicago, OSI is one of the largest food suppliers in the United States, and in more that fifteen other countries.

OSI not only supplies chicken, but many other meat products. In a recent announcement, OSI bought the former Tyson food plant in Chicago. This venture would double the chicken production from the Chicago facilities. Tyson closed their doors in October of last year, and OSI became the legal owners, buying the property for more than $7 million dollars. With more than four hundred jobs on the line from the Tyson product distribution, it is not yet known when OSI will resume the production of food products. The newly purchased plant is in close proximity to OSIs other Chicago facilities.

Top OSI officials deem that this facility will provide the infrastructure that will support the business’s continued growth. The needs of their customers are rapidly evolving, and acquiring this facility will enhance the capability to meet these needs. OSI makes many different products like breakfast sausage, bacon, as well as chicken. They provide services for hospitality venues, schools, and many other retail brands that utilize food services. OSI currently operated over sixty facilities globally. In the vast food industry, this company is the premier, leading food service, and retail foods brand. It is a privately owned company that offers resources that are unparalleled.

OSI Solutions has in its employ more than twenty thousand people world wide. Their focus in on high quality food products that that will meet the needs of the expanding global economy. Knowing that there is a reputable company capable of providing the country with more than enough chicken to go around is very gratifying. With the many facilities of OSI, and their own resourcing for their custom food, there is no foreseen probability that the United States will run out of chicken. It will continue to be enjoyed by millions every day of the week.

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Daniel Taub Speaks About Alliances in the Middle East

Daniel Taub has always been a professional who wears so many hats. Taub was born decades ago in the Great Britain, a country he has transformed in so many ways.

Taub went to some of the leading universities and colleges in the country for his education, and this has been one of the reasons he enjoys a great career. Daniel Taub went for his degree in international law from the University College in Oxford.

After living in the UK for several years, the businessman and his family felt that they would be happier when they settled in Israel. In 1989, Taub relocated to Israel, and this remains to be one of the great things he has ever done for his career life. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://frenchtribune.com/avis/25611-ambassador-daniel-taub-unravels-balfour-declaration and https://www.thejc.com/lifestyle/features/farewell-mr-ambassador-interview-with-daniel-taub-1.67939

When Daniel Taub arrived in Israel, there were so many opportunities that were waiting for him. The country knew that they had a professional who was going to bring a great impact in the Israeli society, and this is why they gave him prestigious positions in the country.

At first, the international lawyer was offered an opportunity to work in the Israel Defense Forces. When she joined the powerful force, Daniel Taub was offered an opportunity to serve as one of the combat medic. The lawyer was also allowed to work in the international law division as a reserve officer.

When the top officials in the country realized that Daniel Taub was experienced in all his activities in the defense forces, they chose to promote him and acquire a position in the foreign affairs ministry. The lawyer was highly experienced in international matters, and he was given top roles in this complicated ministry because he could handle the matters from all countries.

Since the year 1991, Taub has been fortunate to work in several diplomatic posts. Working with different countries of the world has exposed him to so many challenges, but he has proven to be a highly skilled professional who can bring peace to communities that have conflicts.

The businessman has also been writing numerous publications concerning peace and reconciliation in the community. Taub has also shared a lot of knowledge concerning the activities that have been taking place in Iran.

This nation has declared that it is in the process of making nuclear weapons. Other nations of the world know the damage that can be caused by the dangerous weapons.

Daniel Taub has realized that countries in the Middle East are forming alliances so that they can stop the plans that are being made by Iran. Taub has, however, stated that these alliances will not stop Iran from making the nuclear weapons.

The ClassDojo App Goes Above and Beyond What Educators Want for Edtech

Apps have become a popular format for use with electronic devices equipped with Internet access. An online article highlighted some of the desirable features found in apps specifically designed for educators. One of the more important features needed for a successful edtech app was its ability to address a need or provide a useful service in the classroom. The people behind the ClassDojo app were able to provide these features by listening to the concerns educators had in regard to their students and their student’s parents.

One concern among today’s educators was communication. The ClassDojo app allows teachers to go beyond the traditional scheduled parent-teacher conferences by providing them a means through which they could communicate with each other throughout the course of a day. This application also preserves a parent’s right to privacy by allowing them to access any classroom related information through the application on their phone rather than through the phone system itself. The app also allows parents to view activities their children are currently involved in within the classroom.

Two other features that educators wanted to see in the edtech that was being developed for classroom use, included having been proven to be successful through actual testing and the ability of the app to progress with future plans for implementation. The ClassDojo app hit the target on both of these aspects by having proven itself to be successful enough after its initial launch that it received the Education Innovation Award for 2011. The team behind this app has also continued to expand its capabilities to where it is now available in 35 different languages.

Not only can parents and teachers use the app to connect on a daily basis, but students also have the ability to share their own classroom stories through the use of the app’s digital portfolio feature. Designed to empower teachers, parents and students with the ability to create a more positive culture within the classroom, ClassDojo is now used in more than 180 countries around the world. This fact speaks volumes about how well the team behind this app achieved their objective of creating happier classroom environments.

3 Plastic Surgery Symposiums to be Attended by Dr. Rod Rohrich

Educational Symposiums are a vital part of keeping those in the medical field informed and up-to-date with the latest medical technology and developments. Dallas based board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich has dedicated much of his career to organizing and participating in such symposiums and educational events and has chaired upwards of 100 symposiums. 2018 will see this number rise even more with a schedule in February and March that includes 3 plastic surgery symposiums; 2 of said symposiums will be organized and chaired by Dr. Rod Rohrich himself.

The three symposiums Rohrich will be participating in are the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium, the Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting, and the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting; the 2 latter of the 3 are the events that he will be involved in on an administrative level. All three of these events will feature Dr. Rod Rohrich participating in panels, giving presentations, and other duties.

Rohrich has a medical education from the Baylor College of Medicine and completed his residency program at the University of Michigan Health System where he also served as Chief Administrative Plastic Surgery Resident. Additionally, Rohrich received specialized training in pediatric, craniofacial, hand, and microvascular surgeries during his time as a Fellow at both Oxford University in England and Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. Rohrich has been with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center as a professor and board-certified plastic surgeon since 1986. He has also been practicing with the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute from 1986 as well as affiliations from many different area medical facilities.

Despite being busy with education and practicing both reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. Rod Rohrich frequently engages in humanitarian efforts. Each year he provides support for a medical student planning on entering Family Medicine in his home state of North Dakota. Rodrich has also been involved in efforts in Dallas to provide immunizations for impoverished and homeless children in and around the area. Abroad he has not only performed surgery on children with extensive burns and deformities, he has also taught surgeons in third world countries these procedures so they can help additional children with these medical problems. Altruistically he may be most known for volunteering his time to provide reconstructive surgery to women who have had mastectomies due to breast cancer.

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Jason Hope and the SENS Foundation are Finding the Perfect Anti-aging Therapy

The medical profession has been going through so many changes in the recent times. Professionals in this area have done their best to come up with therapies that can treat some of the many ailments that are giving people sleepless nights. Some of the most successful medical experts have conducted research and at the end of the day impressed consumers with the results they came out with.

Diseases such as cancer can now be dealt with without a lot of hardships. Governments have invested heavily in this industry, making things easier for the doctors and other stakeholders in the medical profession. There is a special area that has remained unaddressed over the years. Many companies in the past have manufactured Anti-aging remedies, but most of them are not offering the kind of results the modern consumer is interested in.

The SENS Research Foundation was established several years ago. The successful company has managed to perform so well in the market, and it has made a lot of progress, especially in the anti-aging research field. Although there are many companies that are doing their best to come up with the right therapy for consumers, the SENS Foundation has managed to capture the attention of people from all over the country for several reasons. First of all, the management has laid everything in the eyes of the public, meaning that all the company operations are open for the society to see. The company management has been honest about the research it is carrying out, and this has attracted many people in the society to come and be part of the process. Some of the most successful people in the country have shown their support for the Arizona based company.

One of the people who have shown their support for the large company includes Jason Hope, a successful investor who is based in the United States. The businessman is very popular in the international platform because of his contribution to the technology world. Jason Hope has announced that he will be giving a huge donation to the medical professionals who are running the operations of SENS Foundation. The Arizona based businessman says that he chose to make this donation so that the foundation can forge ahead with their great plans. Jason Hope has been watching how people in the society have been spending money when purchasing products that do not show any results. This is why he has decided to use his money and make an impact in the lives of people in the international community.

For More info: international.uky.edu/ihss/staff/jason-hope

Jim Larkin: Irish Labor Hero

He was born in England in 1876 to Irish parents, but he spent most of his life in Ireland. Jim Larkin started life in modest circumstances; however, he earned a huge reputation in his lifetime–one that lasts even eight decades after his death in 1947.

Due to his family’s poverty, Jim Larkin began his working life while still in elementary school. By his 20s, he was working on the docks and, in 1903, he was a dock foreman.

It was this position that led to his rise to prominence within the labor movement. He became involved in a strike in 1905, which cost him his job but led to another–temporary organizer for the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL).

Larkin’s involvement in the labor union movement was anything but temporary, however. He worked with NUDL for a while. When he parted ways with the group, he created the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU). Within a few years of its founding in 1908, it had grown into the largest trade union in Ireland. Read more: James Larkin | Ireland Calling and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

After the Dublin Lockout in 1913, Larkin was forced to scramble to raise more money for ITGWU. This led to him traveling to the U.S. However, due to his political views, he soon found himself caught up in the First Red Scare. He spent some time in prison due to this, but he was later pardoned and deported back to Ireland.

Larkin spent the rest of his life active in labor and politics. His passion for politics was inherited by his sons. Sons James Larkin Jr. and Denis Larkin both spent significant portions of their adult lives as Irish Labour Party politicians and trade union officials.

How OSI Industries Supports Fast Food Worldwide

OSI Industries has managed to reach the level of success that it has because the company continues to grow and expand what it offers. The fast food industry absolutely needs many different products in order to survive and reach its best potential. One way to make sure that things go the way they need to is by helping fast food chains receive what they need in order to help give their customers what they order. This has meant providing the meat necessary for fast food but it is expanding to include so much more. They have expanded to include frozen vegetables and dough as well.

The addition of frozen vegetables is part of how OSI manages to give companies the ability to stop going to their competitors. You won’t many other food processors who are providing the same amount of ingredients and you will usually find that they don’t have the same range as OSI Industries. We know that this is a company focused on its consumers and it does what it needs to. It’s going to give people everything that they want and it’s expanding to include parts of the world that it has never been in before now.

OSI Industries has managed to generate a specific interest because it is the world’s largest provider of protein. No other food processor is as active and no other food processor has the same level of quality. We can all agree that the work of OSI is needed to keep the fast food chains expanding their overseas territory in tact. It’s only a question of how to best go about doing it. Now that OSI has managed to reach far into the world with its efforts to spread fast food, it’s going to need to think about things from an entirely different perspective.

The most important issue in the world of food processing is making sure that people have what they want. The fast food industry has so much going for it and has delivered so much to people, but there’s much more to be done. They are now focused on sustainability and finding ways to keep things going for years to come. We have gotten so far with the way things are done now but we can do much better than we are doing today. We have the ability to make food processing much better than its past has been.

Their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OSI-Group-106191179472361/

Todd Lubar on what makes him successful in business

Todd Lubar has worked at more than a few financial institutions in his vast career. He understands what money means and what it can do for people especially when it comes to buying a home. At Legacy Financial group he helped their Maryland office location do over $100 million dollars in loan volume. It’s not surprising because the successful businessman’s best skill is mortgage banking. For more details visit Inspirery.

He got started in the finance field because he loved working with ambitious people who just needed the finances to kick start their plan. Mr. Lubar also wanted to help people move forward and get the relief they so desperately needed. He first started seeing profits when he worked to help dedicated individuals succeed in their plans. It was also very satisfying to see them flourish. This doesn’t mean Todd did not have any challenges himself. Any good entrepreneur or businessperson struggles and has setbacks at some point in their career. One business deal he had going did not turn out like he anticipated and went sour. He had to completely reset and start again. As an entrepreneur you have to jump back on the horse if you want to be successful. That separates the successful from the people who don’t succeed. Todd Lubar kept his head up and persevered.

With over 20 years experience in the real estate industry Todd Lubar is an expert and takes a lot of pride helping people achieve their dream of being a homeowner. With every level of business covered Todd is on top of it and has worked in many different industries. He is the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and is helping folks overcome the challenges they often face to get the loan they need. Check out about.me page.

Todd Lubar is also the Senior Vice President at Charter Funding. He received a Speech Communications Bachelor’s degree at Syracuse University in the mid 1990’s. Before his college education he attended Sidwell Friends School and The Peddie School. Todd Lubar has worked in the demolition, nightclub, finance, real estate, and the recycling industry giving him a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Doe Deere Uses Color to Express Life

Doe Deere takes her makeup and fashion seriously. When she couldn’t find what she wanted, she just created her own and her company is now well-known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime offers something never before seen in the makeup isles and is in high demand. It turns out that Deere wasn’t the only one looking for fun alternatives when it comes to makeup options.


Deere is known as the “unicorn queen” thanks, to her love of fun colors and outside-the-box palettes. Deere was never much for pale and bland nude hues but would much rather run with bright reds, oranges, and even greens. She recently branched out into the hair market and is always adding new and exciting makeup options to her already established collections.


Deere was not always set on becoming a successful makeup and fashion designer, but she has always followed her dreams and is passionate about what she does. She believes that that is very important to keep your own unique identity. She believes that you should do what makes you happy and to embrace your differences. She also believes that it is important to follow your passions.


Once Deere became successful in her company she did not hesitate to spread the love, and she supports many charities. Some of the charities that she supports include Girls Inc., Hola for kids, Adopt NY, and the Red Cross.


Deere has recently spoken at Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour as well as at PHAMExpo. Deere loves to share her secrets and to meet like-minded people. Deere has made it, and she feels as if she is really living the American dream. She followed her dreams and never looked back, and now she is the queen of her very own empire. Thanks to her drive and passion, there is now a way for countless fans to follow their dreams and to express themselves in the way that they truly want to with color, personality and, originality. Learn more:  http://norcal.news/news/23849-doe-deere-helping-cats-need-through-makeup


Deere’s newest color scheme creations include shiny coppers, deep purples, and envious-causing greens. She definitely does not shy away when it comes to color, and she loves showing the world her true colors. Deere has always dreamed big, and it shows. She finds inspiration almost everywhere. She loves her fans and always has an open ear to what they have to say. She believes that it is always important to listen to your biggest fans and customers. They will tell you exactly what you need to hear and even the criticism can be useful and insightful.


Deere is a big fan of the author, Karl Lagerfeld, and she loves to read about the business strategies and personal lives of other entrepreneurs as well. The idea for the name Lime Crime came about as the result of playing with words and a little creativity. Deere thought that it would be a fun name and it stuck. Today, the name is associated with fun colors that will make any personality pop and fuse excitement into any day.


Desiree Perez Speaks Out on Grammy’s

One of the most influential women in the music industry today is Desiree Perez. Desiree Perez is best known for being the COO of Roc Nation, which is one of the top music firms in the industry today. While Desiree Perez has been responsible for helping to develop many of the top musicians in the world today, she has also been outspoken about issues that are occurring inside and outside of the music world.After the 2018 Grammy’s presentation, Desiree Perez was outspoken about some issues that are impacting the world today.

While many people seem to believe that it is hard for a woman to get into the industry as a musician, Desiree Perez has continued to state that there is a lot of support and opportunity for talented female musicians. However, there are still many challenges that musicians and other people in the industry face. In particular, those that are looking to go into the industry on the business side will have a very hard tim getting into the industry. Desiree Perez has stated that the majority of top positions that are available today are eventually filled by men and that the time as come for their to me more equality in the industry.

Overall, Desiree Perez has continued to be a very important member of the industry. She has been heavily involved in the development of the Roc Nation company, which has quickly become one of the most successful brands in the industry. She is also well known for being a great negotiator that has helped to put together some very successful deals for her company. This includes a $200 million deal that she recently completed with Sprint, which will provide the company with a lot of capital that will be used to help grow and develop great music.

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